Friday, 12 January 2018

A Much Quieter Day

I have had a very good day but it has been much quieter than yesterday and the weather hasn't been as good which means I have been inside more that outside although I did have a couple of trips to see what was happening on my little island.

Actually, I wasn't too upset at not getting out because I went out late last night before bedtime and I stayed out for a very long time. My DH had to come and whistle for me two times before I decided to be a good puss and go home, so I was a teeny bit sleepy today and was quite happy having lots of snoozes. My humans didn't have much to do today so they had plenty of time for me so me and my MH played my favourite games lots of times which made me a very happy puss.

My little weather man friend told me that there is going to be another naughty wind coming to my little island tonight and all over the weekend so I might be staying inside for a long time, but I know I will get plenty of attention if that is the case, so I will be a happy puss no matter what happens.

Lucky me, eh?

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