Friday, 5 January 2018

A Very Quiet Day

There's not much excitement in my little life just now but I am still very happy. Today has been another very good day in the life of this adorable little puss although it has been a bit too cold and my little weather man friend told me that it has to be very freezing later on tonight and again tomorrow, so I am making a plan just to cuddle up beside my MH and we can keep one another warm. A good plan, eh?

We all had a long lie this morning and then I had a wander round my garden for a little while before heading back to have a snooze or two. My MH asked me to go to the gym with her but I told her that I was a bit busy sleeping so she understood and went away out all by herself. I was a wee bit worried but soon she was back with me again and giving me lots of cuddles which made me very happy.

I am resting now and I might go out later but it is beginning to be a bit windy so I might just stay where I am 'cos I am very cosy and comfortable.

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