Saturday, 9 June 2018

Good Fun

I have been half pussy cat and half sheep today and that has been great fun. This morning was a wee bit grey and cool but I headed outside as soon as I got up and had a very leisurely stroll around my estate before heading home for a light breakfast which I gobbled up very quickly. Well, I was hungry after all that fresh air!

By this time, my MH was settled on my couch starting her very lazy day, so we sat together for a while and had one of our girlie chats which we both love. She had little bits of odds and ends to do and this is when I cleverly magicked myself into a sheeps and went to play in the field with the baby lambs.

If you have read the Harry Potter books, you will know about the magic wall in the train station that the Hogwarts Academy pupils have to run through, well me and my MH have decided that our fence in front of my house is magic too ‘cos when I nip through it from my garden into the field I become a sheeps and then when I nip through the other way, I am back to Squeak again. See? Magic!

I have done a lot of nipping today and it did make me just a little bit sleepy so I had to jump up onto my MH’s knee for a cuddle and a snooze and now we are all resting and watching my television but I shall be going to see all my little fleecy friends again before bedtime.

I am liking this summer time, thank you very much.

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