Thursday, 14 June 2018

He was right!

Sigh. My little weather man friend was oh, so right when he told me it was going to be very windy on my little island. Oh dear I have not been the happiest of puss cats ‘cos I have been trying to get outside since lunch time but I just keep getting blowed back into my house!

That is a wee bit of a fib ‘cos I didn’t really get blowed inside, it is just that I couldn’t force myself to fight the wind and go out so I have been in since just after breakfast time and I am so anxious to get out, but not brave enough. Huge sigh!

Now, although I am a tad frustrated, I am not unhappy ‘cos I have been sitting with my MH and she told me that the wind has to get switched off in a wee while and she thinks I will be able to get out to play before bedtime and that wee bit of news has cheered me up.

I have been watching the little sheeps and although they are not too happy, they are safe and are still running round the field and I think the wind is helping them to run lots faster. Hee hee

I hope I will get out to see them later and of course I will let you know tomorrow.

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