Friday, 8 June 2018

More of the Same

It wasn't such a good day for weather 'cos it was a wee bit cool and there wasn't a lot of sunshine, but it was still OK for me and I got out to play lots of times, so I am not complaining. I was out even before I had eaten my breakfast and I just sat and listened to the birdies.

Later on in the morning we were all outside 'cos my humans had lots of work to do and while they were busy, I nipped through the fence into the field where all the sheeps and baby lambs were and I had great fun. While I was playing, I found a wee bit of a sheeps coat just lying on the ground---maybe the sheep was too hot and tooked it off-- but I decided to have a roll on it and I loved it 'cos it was so very, very soft. I will have another wee roll when I go out later on.

I don't have very much news for you but I am having lots of fun and I am a very contented little Squeak. You can see me in the field pretending that I am a little sheeps. Hee hee

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