Tuesday, 12 June 2018

More Outside Times

It has been another brilliant day for this little puss. I had a very good sleep and a very leisurely breakfast before heading outside to see what was happening on my little island. It wasn't as sunny as the other days, but it was still warm and there were lots of sheeps and birdies for me to watch so I was very happy indeed.

I wandered through the fields and the long grass tickled my adorable little tummy which made me feel happy and I even think I smiled a wee bit 'cos it was a funny feeling---but a good one and I liked it lots. Sometimes I wish I could tell all these things to my MH--but if she reads my blog she will know, sure she will?

I stayed out for a long time but remembered not to be away long enough to worry the old dear, so I wandered home just before lunch time for a rest beside her 'cos I knew all her housework would be finished by then---and it was!

After we had some rest and special time together, I went back outside again and this time I wandered into the big shed down the path for me. This is the same shed I had my traumatic experience in but I listened very carefully in case anyone came near me and shut me in again, but nobody did so I was safe.

I had lots of fun exploring and then I decided it was time to go back home again and I shall probably be wandering out again before bedtime and who knows where I will go this time.

I will tell you tomorrow.

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