Monday, 11 June 2018

More Sunshine...

... but my little weather man friend told me tonight that it might rain later on in the week AND there might be gales on Thursday, so I have decided that I need to get as much sunshine as possible before all this lovely weather disappears.

I didn't find that bit out until after dinner time, but I must have known something like that was coming 'cos I have been outside all day just loving all this warm weather. I did have my breakfast first this morning and then I went out to check on all the little lambs and I was away for so long that my MH was getting quite worried about me. She likes when I go out and she is happy when I am enjoying myself, but she gets worried if I am away too long and sometimes she comes looking for me. But so far I have always been safe except for the time I got locked in the big shed for hours and hours and hours! Between you and me, I still have nightmares about that dreadful day, but I am getting stronger all the time.

I have spent the day outside and just nipped in whenever I needed a cuddle or a wee feed and of course both of these things were there when I needed them. The sun is still shining and it is still warm, but I am a wee bit tired so I am having a snooze and then I shall be nipping outside again before bedtime, but I better not stay out too long 'cos I don't want to worry the old dear again.

I am a very considerate little Squeak, am I not?

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