Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunny Sunday

We have all had a very good day indeed. It has been sunny and warm which meant we have all been outside for most of the day just doing whatever we want and it has been just brilliant.

I had to help my DH in our greenhouse and I had to have a wee look at all our tomato plants. I was delighted to see that mine are still better than his, but I never mentioned that to him 'cos I don't want to hurt his feelings but I am sure that if he talked to them the way I purr to mine, he would see a big difference. Maybe I will have a word with my MH and she can tell him 'cos she talks to her plants and they are all brilliant.

I was in the field today lots of times playing with the little lambs and then me and the old dear just sat and watched them chasing one another round and round the fields and doing silly jumps. It is brilliant to watch them and we both love it. The mummy sheeps don't mind me going into the field now 'cos nearly all the lambs are bigger then me and I think they all know I just want to play. I have told them I am a good puss and I think they believe me.

I am having lots of good fun just now and I am outside nearly all day because it is just so lovely out there and I am hoping my little weather man friend will send me more good weather so that I can be out some more. I just love it when I can be outside listening to the birdies and watching everything that is happening on my little island.

Or being a sheep!

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