Monday, 30 August 2010

Well ........

..........the bags are packed, so I guess they will be going away soon.

All the clothes and things had been left out on the spare bed that I don't sleep on anyway---I like to curl up at my MH's feet at night and have a snooze----but today, they have disappeared into two great big cases, so it looks as though this 'holiday' thing is about to happen.

I am a wee bit nervous 'cos I have always had my humans here for company, but I am sure I will be OK. If the weather is good, I can play outside all day and nip in the window when I need a wee feed or a little nap, and if it is wet and windy, I shall just stay in and play on my climbing frame, and my MH's friends have promised to visit me every day, and I can even send my humans a text and let them know how I am doing. And the won't be away for too long and I am sure I will get a lovely present when they get back. I would like an elephant, but not a lion!

I won't be able to put any post on my blog every day until they come back, so I shall speak to you at the end of September and let you know how we are all getting on.

I hope you won't miss me too much, and I hope you will come back again.

Well ........

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Busy, busy, busy

It's not me being busy, it is my humans and I can hardly get peace to sleep in my own house!

They are going away a very far place on Wednesday and so all the packing is being done and all my food and biscuits are being bought and everybody is being given instructions on how to look after me. My friend A. is coming to stay with me so he came over yesterday with his brother J. who is going to help him, so I told them exactly what I wanted, and I am sure that once the humans are away, we shall all get on fine.

It is wet and windy again today, so apart from a wee trip down to put water in the bath for the cows, I have stayed indoors and curled up on my couch, so I don't have anything to tell you, but I hope you are all well.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


My warm, sunny weather is back and I have been outside all day. I helped my MH put the water out for the cows, but I stayed right in behind her 'cos the baby bull wasn't there, but his daddy was and he is GI-NOR-MOUS! I didn't want to get eaten up, so I hid behind my MH until he had had his big drink and had gone away again.

I talked to the nice farmer with the big barn and he gave me a wee pat on the back. Unfortunately, he had been cleaning out the cow trailer, so I didn't smell very good for a minute or two, but then I rolled in the grass and was soon back to being adorable again.

I had a good night last night and fell asleep on my MH's knee when she was playing on her lap top. I slept on my back and at one point my two front paws were up above my head and my DH tried to take a picture of me, but by the time he had got the camera ready, I had wakened up and moved, so I don't have the most adorable picture of me to show you, but my humans thought I was beautiful. How right they are!

I found a sweety paper and I played with that for a long time and that is today's picture. It was good fun so I hope my humans keep eating sweeties!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Not So Hot

I had hoped for another warm day, and it started off quite well, but then it cooled down and began to rain, so it has been kind of mixed for me.

I played outside and found a lovely wee secret place where I had a napette in the long grass and it was good. I watched my MH putting water out for the cows and I had a wee talk to the little white bull---honestly, there is one and he is lovely! The cows get very thirsty and we have to fill up the bath lots of times so it keeps my humans out of mischief for a wee while.

Friday is the day when my MH gets all her groceries from Stromness and they come over on the boat at 12 o'clock to my wee island and so my DH has to go to the pier and pick them up and then when he comes home, they both unpack all the boxes with their food and my food. Then they play with me with the long bits of string that the shops use to tie the boxes together. Isn't it amazing what keeps our humans amused? Just a wee bit of string and they are happy.

After all that excitement,I had another wee sleep but this time it was on my couch and you can see I am really comfortable.

Happy dreaming everybody!

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Here is my latest hiding place. I am resting in the wee clump of mint at the front of my house and I am smelling beautiful!

It has been a glorious day today with warm sunshine and we have all been in the garden all day just playing and resting and I have just loved it. When I got a wee bit too hot, I just found a shaded corner and had a wee cool down, and the best place I found was in the mint, so that's where I stayed and of course, I had to have my picture taken.

I got lots of pictures taken as I was chasing flies and my humans were laughing at the shapes I got into 'cos I was running on my back legs and trying to catch flies with my front paws and my humans said it did look funny. Perhaps it did.

I hope it is warm tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I have finally worked out how to stop the dreaded lawn mower. Sit in the grass box when the boss isn't looking! It worked a treat.

It hasn't been a great day weather-wise, but the humans are going on holiday soon and they decided to cut the grass as it was quite dry. So I went out to supervise as usual, and also to complain. I still do not like that mower, but I came up with a cunning plan which was to sit inside the grass box when my DH had taken it off for a minute, and it worked perfectly until my MH rattled my dinner dish and then I was inside like a flash and my DH finished cutting the grass. But I have learned a lesson for the future.

My humans are going away for a few weeks and I am being left at home, but my friend A. is coming to stay with me and my MH's two friends are appointed as tummy-ticklers so I shall not be neglected. I just hope A. is a quick learner. The humans were just beginning to get things right and I am afraid that their training will need to begin again when they come back, but I need to work on A. first. Ho hum!

I shall let you know how I get on.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Still Snoozing

I went out late last night and I played in the dark and I just LOVED it. I think I am going to be a night time puss-cat 'cos I didn't come home till two o'clock in the morning.

Although my MH goes to bed early, my DH does not and so he stayed up and waited for me to come home 'cos if he leaves the window open when the light is on, then my house gets filled with moths and daddy-long-legs and other stuff that my MH does not like, so he had to open the window for me. I had a wee feed and then nipped into bed and had a sleep.

However, my MH had to go away on the boat this morning, so I wakened quite early to help her with the breakfast and I was still a wee bit sleepy, so I just went outside for a wee while, and when she came back at dinner time, we both had a wee snooze and now we are both fine again.

I think I might go outside again tonight, but maybe I will come home a wee bit earlier. I shall see how I feel!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday Blues

I have had quite a varied weekend between one thing and another and now I am a wee bit tired and as it is raining outside, I have decided to have a lazy day.

I had a wee while out in my garden and my MH took my picture through the glass, so that is today's picture for you,

Then I did a wee bit of farm work with my DH. When I say farm work, I just went with him to see that he did everything right. The nice farmer next door---the one with the big shed with the open door and lots of places for kittens to explore---has put his mummy cows and baby cows in the field opposite my house and when he does that, my humans keep them supplied with water and so I have to go with them. After I did that, I curled up on my favourite chair and snoozed.

If it dries up tonight I might go out exploring. I shall see how I feel later.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

At One With Nature

I have been out taking in all the fresh air today and some of my little people friends came over to see me.

I watched them from a distance 'cos I am not used to children yet so I watched them from under my bed---just in case!

But when they went away again, I went outside and played on my grass with the flies and the daisies and it was good fun. I don't have many pictures to choose from today but I am sure you will like this one---I think I look rather lovely in it!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nothin' Doing

I am not doing very much at all today 'cos it is very windy and quite wet. I nipped outside for a wee while, but have decided that I will just curl up in my favourite chair and dream of hunting and stuff.

I had my fish last night and it was DE-LIC-IOUS! I just got a wee bit but I am sure I could have eaten a whole lot more, but the humans did that, and they enjoyed it too. There is more in the freezer so roll on the next fish day.

I think fish is going to be my favourite meal. Maybe I could go down to the beach and catch my own?

Now there's a thought!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Another Fishy Tale

Remember I told you that I had tasted REAL fish? Well, I hadn't seen it till it was on my dinner plate and I just know that it tasted wonderful, but yesterday night I got a BIG surprise 'cos I saw it!!

My daddy human's friend had been out fishing in his little boat and he brought me back some fish. It was all for me, he said, although I will give my humans some -----maybe!

There is some mackerel and a pollock, I think, but I haven't learned all the names of the fishes yet, so it might not be that. Anyway, it was put in the sink in my utility room and of course, I had to go and have a look, and boy was I surprised. It looks very different when it's not on my plate. My DH cut it all up and put some in the fridge for dinner tonight so I can't wait.

I have decided that I am staying indoors this afternoon, in case they start to eat it without me, and in order to pass the time, I am having a snooze. I keep opening one perfect little eye to look at the clock, but it is still not nearly dinner time.

What a long time to wait. I can hardly sleep for excitement!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Oh I just love being a puss cat here! I have had a brilliant day, playing outside since early morning.

I got up at about eight o'clock and after my breakfast and a wee wash I went out of my window and into the great outdoors. As you know I live on a wee island and it is mainly farming all around me so I have met sheeps and cows and bulls as well as lots and lots of mouses and other creatures which I talk to and play with and that is good fun.

All round my house there are fields and sometimes the grass gets really long and I can play hide and seek, or sometimes I just hide away where no-one can see me, and on a really warm day, I can have a wee sleep in the long grass 'cos it gets quite warm.

Today was one of those days and I went for a wander in the long grass and I found a place to hide where I could watch the farmer doing his work and the postman bringing mail for my humans, but they couldn't see me. Wherever I am on my little island, I can see, and hear the sea and I like to watch all the wee boats sailing past.

There are lots of fishing boats and some boats that take divers out to the other side of my wee island from where my house is, but they pass my window when they are coming and going, so I am getting to know them all.

So, as you can see, there is an awful lot for a wee puss to do, and I am trying my best to do it all, 'cos it is just magic.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lazy Puss

It has been a wet, miserable day today, so I haven't done much at all except do some sleeping.

I did go out this morning for a while before the rain came on and I went into the big shed belonging to the nice man next door and I played with all the wee mouses there and watched the wee spiders making their webs so that was good fun.

In wee while the rain got heavy so I decided just to go home and see what was happening and my two humans were busy working away, so I just curled up in my favourite chair in the study and had a big long nap until dinner time.

So I really don't have any news for you today but maybe I will have an exciting night and I will tell you all about it.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Soggy Puss

Well, the day started off well and I did my usual by nipping outside as soon as I had my breakfast. I love the morning time and I can catch up with all the sounds and smells and I can find out where all the birds and wee animals are.

It was lovely and warm and I played for a long time under the bench in my garden which is today's picture. It is a good bench 'cos I can sit on it or hide under it and I can practice jumping as well so I spend quite a lot of time at my bench and so do my humans. My MH always has a wee seat on it when she is half finished cutting the grass and then another wee seat when she is finished and I usually sit beside her and have a wee chat---when she gets her breath back!

Anyway, as I was playing and hunting and thinking, the rain came on and I was quite a long way away from my house, so by the time I reached my window I was a wee bit soaking wet and when my MH saw me she dived for the kitchen towel and dried me. I like when she does that, 'cos she finishes up by rubbing my tummy and as you know, I love that.

It was almost worth getting wet for!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Sleepy Puss

I think I may have overdone it a wee bit yesterday with all my exercise as I have been feeling a wee bit tired today.

So I had a long lie and went out to play at eight o'clock and it was lovely and warm, so I lay in the long grass and just listened and sniffed. There are a lot of sparrows and swallows still flying near my house and I just lie and watch them and wag my tail for them, but I was too tired today to even try to chase them. I think I have worked out that I won't be able to catch them, so I don't even bother trying.

However, I have been catching daddy-long-legs that come into my house when the window is open for me so my MH's windows have lots of adorable wee nose prints on them again. Oops! She doesn't get angry with me though, she just smiles and tickles my lugs. I think she loves me--and really who can blame her. I am adorably lovable!

I lay on my path in the sunshine for a wee while and that's what today's picture is. Maybe I will have lots more energy tomorrow. I shall let you know.

Be good, everyone.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Long Day Outside

I have been outside since eight o'clock this morning and I am only having a wee sleep now and it is five o'clock, so I have had a really long day hunting and playing and exploring.

I wakened up at eight o'clock feeling really good and decided I wanted to go outside, so I gently dive-bombed my MH who was still sleeping and wakened her up.

"What can I do for you this fine early Sunday morning" she asked. Now---those weren't the exact words she said, but I read between the lines and got the meaning! So after explaining my plan and asking if she would like to feed me and open the window, I was off!

For a while I lay in the grass and watched the birds and I slipped into the fields at the front and back of my house and sniffed all the long grass for little insects and things. My humans came out later as did the awful lawn mower and strimmer but they didn't stay out too long and we all enjoyed being in the garden.

I played with my clothes poles again and that was good fun. There are three in my garden but I only like two of them. I don't know why I don't like the third one--I just don't. I hunted in the long grass and I got my picture taken so that's the one for today.

Then I went into the house for a wee while as my friend had come to see me and it would have been rude of me not to stay in and be adored, but as soon as I got fed up with all the fuss, I was out the window and off again.

So far, a good day and there is still night time to come!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Another New Experience

I have tasted FISH! Real just-out-of-the-sea fish and I LOVED it!

My humans had fish for their dinner last night and my MH put a tiny wee drop on my plate and called me over. Well! I was in heaven. I munched away at this wonderful food and even I didn't know my purrer could be so loud! It was really fantastic and I think I am going to be a fish-loving cat.

As soon as I was finished, I went outside and told all the wee birdies that I had just tasted fish and they were all very impressed.

I have been in the gym again watching my MH and her friend on the treadmill and the bicycle and my MH even went on her rowing machine. What funny noises her knees made--I did have a wee chuckle--especially when she tried to stand up again, but I didn't let her see me in case she doesn't give me any more fish!

The sun is still shining so I am staying out lots of times and just keep nipping in to see if there is anything cooking. I don't want to miss out.

My culinary experiences must continue!

Another New Experience

Friday, 13 August 2010

More Pole-Dancing

I took my MH out into the garden today 'cos it was quite nice and I felt like some exercise, so oft we went and we had good fun.

She chased me round and round the garden but of course she couldn't catch me as I can run as fast as the wind---maybe even faster if I have to! I rolled on the grass and when she did catch up with me she tickled my wee tummy which always makes me chuckle and I just love it.

I then tried pole dancing again with the concrete clothes pole on the grass and I nearly got all the way up to the top this time, but again I was too fast for her camera and I am sorry, but I cannot do it in slow motion, so I told her she would need to try and video me doing it, so maybe she will one day and I can show you.

We had lots of fun in the garden and then my DH came back from the pier with our boxes of groceries and my Whiskas---yum,yum!---and I got to play with all the string on the boxes and that was fun too, so now I am having a wee rest as I dictate this and then I am having an afternoon siesta which I thoroughly recommend to all my feline friends.

Happy snoozing!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nothing Much to Report

I haven't very much news for you today as I haven't been doing anything different. My DH went away bag-packing today to raise funds for a charity that both my humans help, so it was just me and the Boss! She likes when I call her that, so I do try and humour the old dear every now and then.

We went into the gym 'cos she is going to Malawi soon and wants to get a bit fitter before then, so I just hunted round about to see what I could find while I was meowing encouragement at the same time.

After that, she made a fruit cake which I am looking forward to tasting at dinner time. I sometimes get a tiny wee bit of it to eat and today's picture is me sitting at the table in eager anticipation! I did tell her that if she ate all of that cake herself, she wouldn't get on the plane, but she just ignored me, so I shall have to try something else.

I do like my food!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More of the same

I have had another good day and after the rain this morning when I was sound asleep, it has been a warm dry day, so it has been an outside day for most of the time with just wee trips into my house for a little snack.
I am able to do as I like which is just magic 'cos my humans leave the door or the window open for me and I just get to do exactly as I please, so I am a very happy pussy cat. As you know I am a horticultural cat and I have been having a word with all the plants out in the garden and hope that they do as well as my little tomatoes, so we shall see.

I did have to have one trip into the house as me and my MH were on the Wii again and it was weighing day, but this time she stayed in a good mood, so the news must have been OK. My little Mii said I was still perfect and I still weigh an adorable seven pounds. I think all this exercise is keeping me fit. I shall have to keep it up.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Another bestest day

It has been a warm, even hot!, sunny day and my humans have been out playing with me all day which has been brilliant. Not even the lawn mower arrived to spoil it.

We sat in the garden and I helped as the humans picked up some weeds so that didn't take too long. My MH went into her gym for a while and after I had a wee look to make sure she was OK, I went away out again 'cos it was too nice to be inside.

After that we went into the greenhouse and I asked her to take a picture of 'my' tomatoes which she did, so that is one of today's pictures. I think I have made a really good job of them making sure that my DH gave them enough to drink and then every day I had a wee talk to them and I think they have really liked that a lot 'cos they are the bestest tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Then me and my MH washed all the outside windows 'cos she says the ones at the front are all covered with wee nose prints and I think that it is my nose 'cos I keep chasing flies and sometimes I bang my nose on the window, and leave a perfectly formed, simply adorable nose print.

When all the work was done, I found a wee bit in the shade and had a wee nap and that is the other picture today.

I hope you have all had as good a day as me.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Odds and Ends

It has not been the best of days weather-wise and my MH went away to Stromness for a swim, but she could have got just as wet if she had stood outside in the garden.

My DH was left in charge of the house with all his orders which I had to help him with, so we had quite a busy day between one thing and another, but he found lots of time to play with me. We went into the greenhouse and he showed me all the wee tomatoes which are getting quite red now and my special ones are nearly ready. I will ask my MH to take some pictures so that I can show you them.

When my MH came home, I sat on her knee for such a long time and my wee purrer worked really hard 'cos I was a happy wee puss. I like sitting on her knee and she tickles my lugs and my tummy and I love that.

Between you and me, I am a spoiled puss cat, but please don't tell my humans that I know that.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Do you remember last week that I had decided that Sundays in the Squeak household were to be days of rest? Well that only lasted one week and we were back to normal today, so I was not a happy puss.

My humans decided that the grass was getting long and since the weather was good, it should be cut--just in case it rained later. So! My MH whipped out the lawn mower and off she went for about an hour chugging away and cutting the grass and the daisies while I helped her from a safe distance. I sat up on the bench or the wall and pointed out all the wee bits she had missed and she was very grateful for this advice, as you can imagine.

There was silence for about fifteen minutes when she had finished, and then of course, himself had to get in on the act, and out came the strimmer to do all the edges, so it was quite a long time in my garden before there was any peace and quiet. I have to admit though, that it is looking really tidy again, but I am wondering if I could sabotage the lawn mower?

My MH's friend came up for a wee while and she played with me and adored me so that kind of made up for my earlier upset.
I wonder what this week will bring? I hope you have a good one.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Garden Ornament

It has been a good warm sunny day today so I took my MH out to play lots of times and we had good fun in my garden.

I chased leaves and flies and butterflies and I even chased my humans round the garden for a wee while and when I got a wee bit tired, I lay down beside my DH's mint and they said I was like a wee garden ornament, but one that could move away at anytime!

I think it is rather a fetching picture of moi and shows my good side, although I personally don't think I have a 'bad' side, but one is a tad biased!

I hope all my feline friends out there are well.

Friday, 6 August 2010

At Rest

I have shown you lots of action shots of me, so tonight I asked my MH if she would show you a picture of me having a rest, so here it is.

There are lots of places in my house where I can go for a rest. I like lying on the bed through the day or curling up on this 'mastermind' chair in the study especially if my humans are playing on the computer and I can watch what they are doing.

My favourite chair is the swivel chair in my living room under the window 'cos I can sleep on that and then just jump up onto the window sill and out of the window whenever I feel like it, so as you see I have a lot of choices.

Sometimes I sit on my MH's knee and she cuddles me and that is the very bestest of them all!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


I like water.

I drink lots of water and my dish in the house is always full for me but my favourite water is the stuff I can get outside and my DH has a fountain which pours lovely fresh water and I like drinking that. I can stick my wee paws in it too and they get nice and cool which is lovely especially when I have been running so fast that my wee feet are hot!

I sometimes drink water out of the basin if my MH has been using it and today's picture shows me testing the water that my DH is going to give his tomatoes, and it was lovely.

I know I am not supposed to do this but my humans always make sure that I am safe

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Great Outdoors

I have hardly been in at all today. I just come back into the house every once in a while to make sure that the humans are doing OK without me.

It has been a good day and so I decided it was an exploring day, and the nice man next door left his big shed open again for me, so I went for a great big long hunting expedition and found all sorts of new things which I liked.

I have discovered curlews which have been in the field in front of my house and they are lovely birdies and make a super noise when they talk to one another. I just sit and listen 'cos I don't understand curlew but I like the sound.

My DH has been outside lots of times too and I watch him and try to help him if I can and today's picture shows me helping him to tidy up the satellite dish 'cos I am a tidy wee puss cat and like to carry things around with me. Sometimes I get into a wee bit of trouble 'cos I take away things that my human's need and they get a bit cross 'cos I am much faster than them and they can't catch me! But then they start to laugh and we all have a good wee giggle.

I like to giggle and I do it a lot.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I have been to the gym! Not a REAL gym in the town that you need a membership for, but my mummy human's gym at the side of my house. She goes there a lot and I have a wee nosey every now and then, but we spent a long time in it today.

She has a treadmill and a bike that can magic itself into a rowing machine. I think that is really cool, and she works very hard when she goes there. I am still just seven pounds and my Wii Mii says that is good, but my MH says if I eat lots of prawns and tuna I might get fat and if I get fat I can go on her treadmill and get all thin again, so there.

I have had a wee walk on the treadmill but it wasn't going at the time, but I don't think cats are meant to go on bikes or rowing machines, so I didn't go near them at all.

I have had a good day 'cos my humans have been outside a lot with me today and my MH was a wee bit annoyed that she didn't take a picture of me in the gym, but maybe another day. I got some taken when I was playing outside and this one shows me fighting with a big lump of wood, and naturally, I won.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Yum yum!

My life experiences are continuing and I have discovered prawns and tuna and I just LOVE them both!

My MH loves prawns and she decided to have some last night and gave me one to try it and it was wonderful. I hope I get lots more of them as they are my favourite so far.

Today the humans both had to go off the island and I just played about my garden and then nipped in and out of the window whenever I felt like it, and I was home to meet them when they came back. It was then that my MH had some tuna and she let me try a wee bit and that too was fantastic, so I told her that I would like some more prawns and tuna in my diet and she said she would see what she could do for me.

It was even worth putting up with the dreaded lawn mower which was dragged out of the shed when she came home. I followed her round the garden as she cut the grass but I stayed a safe distance---just in case! But all went well and my garden is looking very tidy again.

I told her that I thought it was beautiful in the hope that I might get some prawns or tuna, so I will let you know.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Major Decision

I am almost at that age where I can make my own decisions, and I have decided that Sunday Chez Squeak shall be a day of rest and I shall do very little but snooze on my couch or on a vacant knee.

I reckon if I am exploring and hunting and posing for photographs all week, then I am entitled to a day off, and when I discussed this proposal with my humans, they heartily agreed, so it is now a 'Squeak law'!

It has been a wettish day which my MH calls 'dreich'----overcast and drizzling rain----so I don't really want to go out, but she is a bit annoyed 'cos the grass needs to be cut again and it is too wet, so MH is hoping for a few dry days, but we will need to wait and see.

At this moment, I am stretched out on my couch dictating this post to my MH who said she would do it for me today 'cos I really am tired, but I know you would worry if you didn't hear from me, and I cannot disappoint my adoring public!

Today's picture is a rather fetching one of me on my MH's lap being adored. Adoration I can take in bucket loads!!