Thursday, 20 January 2022

Happy New Year

  I know I am a teeny bit late with my seasonal wishes, but my new year’s resolution is to write to you a bit more often, so here goes.

 Me and my humans are well and we had a good Christmas with lots of presents and I got lots of cuddles and some very special dinners which I just loved millions! I got a. Christmas stocking with oodles of goodies in it and I also got this helter shelter with balls in it and although I have just started to play with it I love it MILLIONS!

My humans shake their heads at me ‘cos I ignore my new toys for a while until I decide whether I like them or not and when I have decided, then I play with them lots and lots. I think if I do that with this new toy, my MH will replace these plastic balls with rubber ones ‘cos they are just a tad noisy!

Watch this space.

Saturday, 4 December 2021

So Quiet


My life is very quiet now ‘cos me and my humans are not doing very much at all, but I will try to write to you a wee bit more often ‘cos I know you like to hear what I have been doing and it gives the old dear something else to do!

I have becomed  a indoor cat and don’t go out at all during the day but sometimes, if the weather is to my liking and if I feel so inclined, I nip out for a quick perambulation of a night time when my dear old MH is a-bed, but I don’t stay out too long.

My MH isn’t as well as she used to be, I’m afraid. She isn’t sick but her little legs don’t work like they should do and she uses the awful zimmer and a ‘lectric wheelchair when she goes outside and she has promised that one day, when the weather is gooder, me and her can have races in my garden so I think I am going to like the chair more than the zimmer!

I am getting a wee bit excited ‘cos it will soon be my twelfth birthday! Yippee! ! I have been thinking about what presents I might like and I been making my list out for Santa so I am a very happy little Squeak indeed.

I hope you are all well and that the naughty storm didn’t hurt you. We were all fine but it was a bit too noisy for me so I just snuggled up to my MH and snoozed till it went away. It is good being a cat.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Oh Dear!


 I am very sorry that I have been away for such a long, long time and I hope you haven’t been worried about me. I promise to write to you more often although I have a wee problem ‘cos I’m not having any adventures so I don’t have any exciting news for you, but I will try to do better.

Since I wrote to you my dear old MH has been in the hospital getting something done to her spine. She did tell me all about it but I am afraid I sort of got a wee bit squeamish and switched my adorable little lugs off but her little legs don’t work very well any more and she uses a zimmer to run around my house. I don’t really like this zimmer ‘cos it has nearly run over my little tail and I have to be very careful where I lie down, but if it helps my dear old MH then I will just have to get used to it.

My MH is doing fine now and me and my DH have been looking after her really, really well and she is liking it millions. So, there we are.  That is a wee bit of news for you and I will write to you maybe every other day when I might have some news.

And,  we can always talk about Strictly when me and the old dear are watching . She just loves Johannes but we’re not telling my DH that! Hee hee

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Vet Visit

 I was too upset to write to you yesterday ‘cos after the vet man had poked and prodded all over my adorable little body I had to go back to one of my beds!

To start with we had all to get up early ‘cos the vet man had a lot to do on my little island, but that wasn’t the worst of it, and I am even getting upset telling you about it. So, there I was lying under my chair minding my own business when the vet man made a lunge for me. But yours truly was much quicker and I scooted over to my MH where I thought I would be safe. But oh dear me, I was so very WRONG!

She caught me and held me while the vet man did all his poking and prodding and he had the cheek to tell me to lose a couple of pounds! But more was to come when he decided to take my temperature and tooked out this ginormous thermometer and proceeded to put it where no thermometer should be! It still brings a tear to my eye ‘cos it wasn’t in my mouth or under my oxter and to say I wasn’t best pleased is a wee bit of an understatement!

I '

I am not a happy Squeak. Not happy at all.

Vet Day

 I could not write to you yesterday 'cos I had to take to my bed after the vet man had  comed to my house.

I was not a happy Squeak, I can tell you! First of all we had to get up early 'cos the vet man had a lot to do on my little island, and then when he saw me sitting under my table minding my own business, he pounced! But yours truly was quicker and I scooted over to where my MH was sitting and thought I was safe there, but oh dear me, I was so WRONG!

She grabbed me and keeped me on her knee until the vet man poked and prodded all over my adorable little body and then he decided to take my temperature......... I shall pause to let you think about where he put the ginormous thermometer!!!

It was not in my mouth or under my oxter! Oh dear me no. It was in a place where no thermometer should be, and I am still not a happy little puss. I am off to bed again but I knew you would  want to hear of my suffering! 

Sunday, 11 July 2021


Hello everyone, I am sorry I haven’t written to you for a while and I hope you didn’t worry about me too much cos I am very well thank you.

 My poor old MH hasn’t been very well though and she hasn’t been able to help me with my stories but tonight she said she would try to be better in the future so I am a happy Squeak.. -


I have been busy looking after the old dear and I know she appreciates that and she gives me lots of cuddles. However I am not best pleased with her ‘cos I heard her telling the old boy that the VET is coming to my house tomorrow so as soon as I have finished this I am going into hiding until the vet and his great big jaggy needles are safely on the boat again.

I am not just a pretty face you know!

Sunday, 20 June 2021

It's Me Again


Hello, I really hope you haven't forgotten me, but it is Squeak the adorable little pussy cat. I know I haven't been keeping in touch like I should be, but I have been looking after my dear old MH who just isn't at her best just now.

However, with my DH doing lots and me giving her lots of cuddles and purrs, she is feeling much better now. I, on the other paw, am not just too pleased 'cos the old dear now needs a contraption to help her get around my house and I hate it. HATE it, HATE it!! It is called a zimmer and this adorable little puss has to be very careful where she leaves her equally adorable little tail or it is in grave danger of getting run over and flattened. Not a good look at all, me thinks!

 So, now that things are a bit  better with the old dear, I promise to write to you more often and tell you all the exciting things I am doing. Mind you, I will need to DO some exciting things first! Hee hee