Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My First Snowball

I have seen my very first snowball today!

We were all out playing in the garden in the snow and it was fantastic. The weather today has been beautiful and this morning it was quite warm, but the snow was still all over my garden, so my humans put on their wellies and off we went out to play and that's when my DH made me a snowball.

He picked up a big bundle of snow and rolled it into a ball and then he rolled it across the garden to me and it got BIGGER! I stopped it with my little paw but when I leaned on it, the snowball all broke up, so I guess I am a really strong puss cat now.

We played that game a lot and my MH took some pictures of me and I have put one on today to let you see me. Later on, I had a wee snooze and then I nipped out of the window for some more fun in the snow before coming in to play with my MH and all my toys, so it is now time for a pre-dinner nap.

I will probably go outside when it is dark tonight, so I will tell you about that tomorrow.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Not Much News

Things are very much the same today with lots more snow falling in my garden, and I have been outside lots and lots and lots. I still LOVE the snow, and even when I am in the house, I sit on the windowsill and my MH opens the window for me so that I can stick my adorable little head outside.

I was doing this yesterday and a hail shower came on and hit me on the face, and before I could get inside, it was hailing in my living room. The Boss was a tad not happy!

The snow is quite deep now and when I go out in it, my little tummy gets wet and cold, and sometimes the snowy grass tickles me and I have a wee giggle. I am having a brilliant adventure just now.

However, it is not ALL good news as I got a row today from the Boss. She likes doing pictures with sequins and she was working at the table with pins and sequins and stuff, so what is an adorable, inquisitive puss cat supposed to do? Yep, I jumped up on to the table for a wee look and all the sequins scattered. Mind you, as soon as I saw what I had done, I scattered too! But a wee purr from me to her, and all was forgiven.

She is putty in my paws!!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I am having SO much fun in all this snow. I am just LOVING it!

I have been in and out all day and my humans have been coming out with me too so that is great fun. When I went to sleep last night there was a wee drop of snow in my garden, but when I got up this morning, there was a lot more, so I gulped down my dinner, and oft I went.

I have quite a big garden so there are lots of places for me to play and I went all over the place leaving my (adorable) little footprints in the snow so that I could find my way back again.

After a while, I went back into my house and watched the starlings have a wee feed at the bird table and I stayed in so that they wouldn't get a fright and fly away, 'cos my MH told me that they would be hungry because of all the snow.

I went out to play again when it got dark 'cos the snow had started again and I wanted to get snowed upon, and because all the ground was white, it didn't look too dark and I wasn't scared and I stayed out as long as I could before my little feets got too cold, and then I nipped in the window, and had a sleep on my couch.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Out Playing

There is a lot of snow all over my garden and all the green grass has disappeared. My MH took me outside, but I was a wee bit frightened to walk on this white stuff as I didn't know how deep it was and I didn't was to be disappeared, but my MH went first and when I saw she wasn't disappeared, I followed her.

Boy! Did I have a brilliant time! I ran in it and jumped on it and I LOVED it! It is just the magicest stuff ever, although it is just a tad cold on one's little feets. Maybe Santa will bring me some boots, although it is my first birthday 0n 15th December, so maybe I will get them then.

We played in the garden for a long time and then all the snow started to come on again and for a wee while it looked as though the whole world had disappeared 'cos we couldn't see anything at all, so we ran very quickly into my house and I watched it out of the window.

My humans put food out for the birds every day so I was watching them too when they came for a wee feed. I always watch them, but I don't chase them 'cos I am a very kind puss. I also know that they are much faster than me and I wouldn't catch them anyway.

I am wise beyond my year!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Too cold

It is too cold today for me to go out for a long time, so I have been nipping in and out of the window to have a wee play in the snow.
Some of it has gone away somewhere but there is still a wee drop for me to play with and my friend the wee weatherman says there will be lots more. I wonder if my humans could make me some wee boots then my little paws wouldn't feel the cold.

My DH had to go to the pier again today to bring home the groceries, or as my MH calls them 'the messages' and he was very cold when he came home. so I gave him a wee cuddle and warmed him up and he liked that.

My MH's friend came in to see her yesterday and I sat on her knee and let her adore me for a wee while and she liked that. She is one of the ladies who used to come in and see me when my humans were away in Africa and she adored me then too so we need to keep up with all of that 'cos I was definitely born to be adored!

Thursday, 25 November 2010


I have been out in the snow and I LIKED it! I had brilliant fun and at one point, my MH thought I looked like a dalmatian pussycat! I was all speckled with white, and my wee paws were slipping all over the place, but I loved being outside.

We had some visitors to my house today and they were frightened when they were outside that they might slip, but they were laughing at me as I was trying to catch all the little snowflakes and running around my garden chasing all the snow drops.

So it is definite. I LIKE the snow!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another Experience

I have seen hail today!! I have never seen hail before and I watched it as it hit off my windows and made a loud noise. My MH told me that I shouldn't go outside when the hail was on 'cos it could hurt my little body and she didn't want that, and when I thought about it, I didn't want it either.

I have seen snow before, I think, but it was when I was just a baby pussy cat and I can't really remember much about it, but according to my friend the weather man, I am going to see plenty of snow this weekend, so I will let you know if I like it or not.

I made my humans laugh a lot today when we were playing a game. I had been bouncing around my living room and chasing my tail for a bit of light relief and then I decided to play hide and seek, and I nipped in under the cover on my couch which is there to keep my sharp wee claws off the new-ish leather sofa. Oops! Anyway, I lay very, very still and they couldn't see me, but then my wagger spoiled everything 'cos when my humans called my name, I still didn't move, but my wagger started bouncing off the couch and made such a noise it gave the game away.

I really must try and control it!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

More News

My DH had a good day yesterday when he went shopping and he got everything on his list which definitely pleased the Boss. I even got some wee biscuits which I just love.

I was out playing today with my MH and it was very cold, but we had to do it, 'cos the forecast is so bad that I don't think we will be out for a long, long time. My friend the weatherman said on my television that we are going to have gales and snow from tonight, so I ain't going nowhere! At least there is a lot of black on my coat, so my humans will see me if I get lost in the snow---but only if it is not too deep.

My MH told me that one year the snow was so deep that only the tractors could get to our pier and the tractor drivers had to bring up all the boxes for the people who didn't have a tractor, and that was very good of them.

Today's picture is of yours truly dictating my blog to my MH and pointing out a wee mistake she made. I hope you like it.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Just a Girls day

My DH went away to Kirkwall today to do some shopping 'cos if the weather forecast is right, we might not get off the island for a long, long time and my MH has been hinting about her Christmas present, so oft he went. I just hope there is enough cat food in the house!

The wee weather man on my TV said that we could be having snow and winds and blizzards at the end of the week, so me and my MH have decided we might just hibernate if that's the case. I'm not sure what it is but she says it's about curling up in bed, reading and eating chocolate, so apart from the reading bit, that sounds good to me!

We were at the gym today again. It's not a REAL gym with lots of people, you understand, it is just a wee shed with a treadmill, an exercise bike and a rowing machine and my MH plays in there lots of times, so I slipped into my diamante sweat band and went to join her. I have given up on the Lycra as it was just so NOT me. She played on the treadmill and I ran alongside her meowing encouragement and she liked that.

We are now just waiting to see what my DH has brought home for us. I shall tell you tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

More Yippee

It is still a good day so I have been out playing nearly all day and even when I have been in, I have been playing with my MH and we have had great fun again.

We have been playing my very favourite game where she hides her hand under a cover and wriggles it about like a big monster, and I POUNCE! Sometimes I land right on the spot, but sometimes she gets away from me and I have to regroup and attack again. I love playing like that and my MH goes into fits of laughter when I wriggle my adorable little bottom before leaping on the monster.

She has been taking more pictures of me and there is one for you today. She took some of the boats that have been out in the sea today and one has been dragging a great big sausage which they are using for the wind power thing which is quite near our window, so there has been lots for me to see today and I have liked that too.

So it now time for dinner and then settle down for Strictly--the results. I wonder who will go?

Saturday, 20 November 2010


The horrible wind has gone away and I have been out hunting and chasing and exploring ALL day and it has been just fantastic!

I am happy playing in my house, but I LOVE to be outside and sniff all the lovely smells and see all the wee beasties, and just do things that growed up cats do, and I have done that today.

I also helped my DH fix our satellite dish again 'cos it had moved in the wind, and me and my MH told him it had to be fixed for tonight 'cos Strictly Come Dancing is on when we are all having our dinner and we tape it and watch it later, and if the satellite dish is in the wrong place, we don't get a picture, but me and my DH have fixed it, so the Boss is happy. I am quite pleased myself, 'cos I like it too. Matt is my favourite, but I love all the colours and the glitter and I watch it every week.

I hope the wind stays away for a long time now.

Friday, 19 November 2010


The wind has nearly gone and I have been able to get outside to play for a wee while. I had to help my DH fix our satellite dish 'cos it got bent with all the gales, so that kept us both busy for quite a while, but I like being outside, especially when I am not getting blowed away.

I had good fun through the night too 'cos me and my MH had to use our litter trays (he, he) and we got up when it was very, very dark, but then we jumped straight back into bed again---well, I jumped, my MH just sort of walked 'cos she was still half asleep.

I decided I wanted a story and so I lay beside her and we had a wee chat, but we whispered so that my DH wouldn't waken up, although I think if we had been using megaphones, he wouldn't have wakened anyway!

Maybe that is something I will try later on, and I will let you know if it wakens him or not

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Oh Dear

It is still blowing a gale outside, so I have been indoors all day again. I did try to go out and my DH opened the door for me, but the wind was so strong I nearly got blowed right back into my living room!! So I just looked out of the window again.

Lots of the boats have not gone out on the sea so there wasn't even much to see, and all the wee birds must be hiding somewhere. They will come back to see me when this bad wind goes away, I hope.

I helped my MH make pancakes and scones and wee chocolate cakes, so we have had a busy day. She even gave me a wee baby pancake and she said it was her favourite 'baby puss'. Well, I had a wee tantrum for a minute and I told her that I am all growed up now, but I ate the pancake anyway!

Another good day!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More Wind!

Somebody has switched the wind on again, and it is stronger that ever! My MH went outside and nearly got blowed over to Stromness!!

I was wiser than that and stayed indoors. The nearest I got to the wind, was looking out of the window!! I still had great fun though, 'cos I played with all my toys and my humans played with me so we all had a really good day.

I don't mind not being outside 'cos it lets me keep an eye on my humans and help them with whatever they are doing, and although they don't say much, I know they really appreciate it. My MH was painting a picture and I kept going over to the table to have a wee look and I know she was happy at this 'cos she kept moving the paints out of the way so that I could get closer.

I like to be helpful!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Day of Adventure

I have had quite a day between one thing and another. I have been exploring again and I have seen things I hadn't seen before and I have had a super day.

My MH was working in the bedroom putting lots of stuff away, so I decided I would go and have a wee look and see what she was doing. She had the wardrobe door open, so I nipped in when she wasn't looking. Now, I know you will all be telling me I should know better, 'cos I have been shut in a few places doing this exact same thing, but I am a nosey puss and I need to explore. The wardrobe was easy to escape from 'cos I just pushed the door a wee bit and it opened, so I just nipped out again!

Then it was time to go to the ottoman to put more things away. Now, this is a big box that my DH made so that my MH could put all the bedding in, and I have been inside it, but my humans have to hold the lid up so that I can get out again 'cos it is very deep and the lid is heavy, and I could get stuck there FOR EVER!

The next thing we did was completely new to me and I saw ICE for the first time in my little life. My DH was defrosting the freezers and I heard lots of 'tinkling' noises and when I went to investigate, I saw bits falling off the inside of the freezer and my DH told me it was ice and he was taking it all off. He gave me a wee bit to play with, but it disappeared and I still haven't found it.

Then I got weighed again and I am still an adorable eight pounds so my wee Mii and my MH are very pleased with me.

Another VERY good day.

Monday, 15 November 2010


My MH had to go to Kirkwall today, so it was just me left to keep an eye on my DH but I managed it quite well.

I helped him to clean up my living room and I went outside with him while he was working on the car and I only left him alone when I thought I smelled some wee mouses. My humans told me that this is the time of the year when the little field mouses try to get into the houses to keep warm for the winter, so I have to be on my guard and make sure they don't get into MY house.

When my MH came back, I gave her the full "Squeak treatment"----cuddles and purrs and sitting on the knee stuff--- and I told her all the things I had been doing and she told me what she had been up to and we sat like that for ages and it was good.

I like our 'girlie' time.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday again

I like Sundays. My humans and me have a lazy day on a Sunday and we spend lots of time playing together, and today when the rain went off I took my MH into the garden and we played there for a wee while and I liked that.

I nearly got into trouble again 'cos my MH is painting a picture and she was sitting at the table doing this and she had some water in a dish to clean her brush and I nipped up onto the table for a closer look and that's when I saw the water. Well, I like water so I thought I would taste it and see if I liked THIS water, but my MH tutted in a way that tells me I am in trouble, so I just jumped down again and scooted away, but not before I saw what the picture was, and it is a DOG! I ask you, a DOG when here is me adorable as ever. Maybe I'll be next?

My MH's friend came up to see us and she played with me for a long time and then she tickled my tummy and I was a very happy pussy cat.

I like Sundays.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

This and That

It has been a mixed day for me today. Mixed in a good way 'cos I have been doing lots of things and I have been a busy puss.

My MH heard me hissing and spitting today and she laughed a lot 'cos that's the first time I have done it, and even I got a fright! I told you that my favourite toy is a wee green woolly ball, didn't I? Well, it is so wee that I get it stuck under the fridge, so my DH has to get a big ruler and poke it out for me, but today when I was sleeping, he put a big bit of foam under the fridge, so my little ball wouldn't get lost. Well, when I was playing in my kitchen, I saw this and thought it was a monster under my fridge and that's when I went into overdrive. I even managed to pull it out again, and was a wee bit annoyed when I learned that I had 'killed' a bit of foam!

My DH's friend came up to fix our Sky dish 'cos it had moved in all the wind last week and we couldn't get Sky, but it is fixed now. So I played with him for a while and watched what he was doing, in case it happens again and then maybe I can help my DH to fix it. One never knows, does one?

Then I played inside my DH's coat which he had thrown on the chair is such a hurry to get to the bathroom that it fell on the floor and I had great fun sliding in it and pulling it over the kitchen floor. I even hid in the sleeve and that was exciting.

So you can see I have had areally good day toay.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Moi Encore

Today is my MH's French lesson day so she always comes home to me and says something in French. At least, I think it is French 'cos I don't understand it but I know it's not what she usually calls me.
She has lots of names for me, but the usual ones are 'peedie monkey' or 'peedie rascal'. Peedie is the Orkney word for little and I think you might be able to guess why the other words are there! I can be a little on the mischievous side sometimes, but it is just to keep the humans amused, you understand!

When she came home, we played with my toys again and today I was playing with my feathers and bell and I like that one, and my MH took this picture of me for you to see. My DH went to Kirkwall to do some shopping, so it was just us girls for the afternoon but he is coming home on the boat soon and then he will play with me too.

He doesn't know he is going to play with me----but he is!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010


There was an awful lot of wind blowing outside my house last night and lots and lots of rain, so I snuggled up to my MH when we were sleeping. I wasn't afraid, you understand, I just thought my MH might be cold, but we were nice and cosy, and by the time we got up this morning, all the wind and rain had gone away and it was quite nice outside.

I went out to play in my garden and then I went with my DH into our greenhouse where I helped him to take away all the plants that have finished growing now. During the winter, he uses it as a workshop so I will be able to help him out there in the winter days and that will be good.

When I came in, my MH played with me and my ball and she was lying down on the floor with me while we played and that was fun too. At one point I made her laugh so much that I thought I would need to get the oxygen bottle for her. We were playing with the little ball and I was beautifully poised---one front paw in the air while I waggled my perfectly formed little bottom and I was just about to spring, when she moved her hand quickly and I got a fright and I jumped with all four paws off the ground and I did a twist in the air before I landed. My she did laugh 'cos she thought it was really funny.

I'm glad I keep my humans amused.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I Am Fine

I have had a brilliant day. It is a lovely day weather wise and I have been out in my garden nearly all day.

I saw strange birds flying over my house and my MH told me they were geese all going away South for their holidays. I wonder if I will ever go any holidays? I don't mind if I don't 'cos I just love being here among all my wee animal friends and I would miss them if I went away, and I s'pose I would need to go in my basket which I don't really like, so maybe I will just stay here anyway.

I played with my humans for a long time this afternoon and my MH was rolling on the carpet with me and she was tickling my wee tummy which, as you know, I just love 'cos it makes me giggle and we had great fun. Then she put on the Wii and I chased the tennis ball again which does make her cross----but just for a minute, then she loves me again.

The days here are getting much shorter and it is getting dark about half past four, so I don't go out in the evening or night much, but last night my MH took me into the garden in the dark and I quite liked it, so I might go out on my own sometime---maybe.

I don't know if I will like the dark, but I will try and see what it is like.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Good Good Good

I have had a super duper day today 'cos the wind has gone away again and I have been in and out of my window all day, but I nearly lost one of my nine lives and I will tell you why.

My humans were having visitors for lunch and my MH was setting the table and opened one of the drawers, and being a very normal, nosey puss cat, I nipped into the drawer to have a wee look, but my MH didn't notice that I gone down the back of the drawer and so she shut it HARD! Ouch!! I had a very loud MEOW and my MH got a big fright and let me out again. I didn't get hurt, but I got a wee bit of a fright, although I think my MH got a bigger fright than me. I might not do that again----for a wee while anyway!

The visitors came and made a fuss of me which I just loved. Lots of people come to my house and they all make a big fuss of me, so I am getting used to all the adoration. I like being adored.

I had a wee rest on the back of my couch and that's when my MH took this picture. When I lie on the couch I can look out of the window and see the sea, and I can see all the boats sailing past, so I never get bored.
I like watching the boats.

Monday, 8 November 2010


I am in need of advice. I have discovered a word that I do not know and I need to know what it means. I shall explain.

It is another very windy day so we have all been staying indoors and as my MH was doing the housework, I decided to help. I stayed away from the vacuum cleaner,---- as you know it is not my favourite thing in my house, but when the duster came out, I sprang into action and as my MH was pulling it one way, I was pulling it another way and this made her laugh.

This went on for quite a long time until she finally tickled my tummy and said I was a hindrance, and that's when I got confused 'cos I don't know if that is good or bad. I assume it is good 'cos as you know, I am a very good puss, but I looked up my cat-alogue of words and I couldn't find it.

So can you help me please? I then decided to play with some of my toys and my DH played with me too and that is what today's picture is.
Very fetching, isn't it?

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Quiet Day

It is Sunday again and I have managed to have a very lazy day of rest. It has been a good day but it is a wee bit cold for puss cats like me to be outside for a long time, so I decided to play with my toys in the house and my MH played with me too.

I like playing in my kitchen 'cos there are tiles on the floor and I can slide across the room and that is brilliant fun, especially when I am playing with my wee ball 'cos it goes really fast, so I have to run quickly to catch it, so it is keeping me very fit.

My MH's friend came up to see me this afternoon and she cuddled me and tickled my tummy before she played with me for a long time until she was tired, so it has been a good day and I am now going to watch the results of 'Strictly', so I am looking forward to the evening.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

I'm Right Again

Remember I told you that my humans went out last Sunday dressed so badly that I was sure the fashion police would be after them? Well, I must have been right 'cos they went out again last night and they looked very smart.

My MH had a long skirt on and high heels and my DH had a TIE on----he had a shirt and trousers as well, you understand, but he never wears a tie, so I guess they have been well warned.

They were out late at an island party and then they brought a visitor home to stay with us and she thought I was adorable too. I am hearing this so often, that I am now convinced it is true!

I have had a good day 'cos although it is cold, the weather has been good and I have been in my garden a lot of times and I have had good fun. Our dishwasher has been on lots of times 'cos my MY was washing all the plates from last night and there were lots of people coming to my house to deliver boxes and then take them away again, so it has been a good day.

I am now going to have my dinner, then a wee sleep, and then watch Strictly Come Dancing, so it is the end of a perfect day.

Friday, 5 November 2010

He's Home!

My daddy human is home! He came home this morning and I am a very happy puss and my MH is happy too especially as he brought home lots of tablet for her and I might be able to have a wee bit.

He had a good time and I told him all the things that my MH and me had been doing and then he tickled my tummy 'cos he knows I like that and he was happy to see me too.

They are going out again tonight so I will just stay in and have a wee snooze until they come back. This is the island's Harvest Home where everybody goes to our Hall and they all have a meal together and then there is music that they dance to and they all have a wee dram---or two,--- so I think we might all be having a long lie tomorrow!

I'll tell you how they get on.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

More of the same

Me and my MH have been on our own today again and we have had quite a busy day doing some housework and playing with my toys.

Somebody has finally switched the wind off and I was able to go out into my garden for a wee play before the rain came on. I like being in the garden 'cos I can watch the birds and sometimes I see a wee mouse, but I don't catch them anymore 'cos my humans won't let me bring them into the house, so there's no point, is there?

I have been making sure that my MH doesn't get lonely and keep her playing with me, then when I get tired, I curl up on her knee and she likes this.

My DH comes home tomorrow so we will all be back to normal again.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

More of the same

It is still just us girls in my house as my DH won't be home till Friday, but we are having a good time.

I have been helping my MH with our evening's viewing and today's picture is of me reading the paper so that I can tell her what we are watching after Coronation Street. She likes The Apprentice so I guess we will be watching that.

We were playing with the Wii again today and as usual, I got in the way at a critical time. Oh, she does get annoyed when I try to chase the wee hand which is the pointer, but I like doing it and then running away when she tries to catch me.

She had to go out for a wee while and I rearranged all my toys all over the living room, so I got a gold star when she came home!

I have been having lots of cuddles and me wee purrer is working overtime just now, but it will be good to see my DH when he come home--especially if he brings me a present!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Just Girls

My DH left on the big boat today to go to Edinburgh for a few days, so it is just me and my MH in the house and we have been doing 'girlie' things all day and it has been really good.

We did some housework and then fed the birds outside my living room window, but it is so windy today, that all the birds are staying inside I think. It has been a bad weather day and I haven't been out very much at all.

In the afternoon we played with all my toys and I ran round and round my house chasing my wee ball and my MH ran round and round my house chasing me, so we had brilliant fun and then we both sat down for a wee rest.

Tonight we are going to settle down to watch the television and I will probably curl up on her knee and go to sleep. That's where I like to sleep the best as she tickles my tummy at the same time and that is magic.

I don't know what we will do tomorrow but I will tell you later.

Monday, 1 November 2010


You may have noticed that I did not write to you yesterday and this is because I am not sure what was going on in my house but I had to have a lie down and I don't think I have recovered yet.

My humans decided for some strange reason to get dressed up, and the Boss looked like a witch with green bits on her face, a long black cape, a raggedy skirt, black and white striped tights and she made her hair stand on end. Definitely not a pretty sight.

Then my DH appeared and he was all dressed in black with a large pointed hat, a black cape with gold moons and stars on it and he put on false black eyebrows and made his beard all sparkly. To be honest, I don't know which human was more scary, but I stayed out of the road, thinking that the mood would pass.
But oh no! They went OUT like that! Well, I was sure the fashion police would lock the pair of them up, but they arrived home a good few hours later and I still do not know where they went---but I am glad I wasn't there!

However, I am delighted to tell you that normal service has been resumed today and they both look a bit more repectable!