Monday, 28 February 2011

Out To Play

It is another good day and I have been nipping in and out of my window all day and I have loved it.

I watched the lady farmer coming to see the sheeps and as she had her doggies with her, I kept out of the way, but after they had all gone away, I went into the field and had a chat with some of the sheeps which cheered them up a wee bit.

My DH was in his greenhouse so I went in there with him too and we did a wee bit of work before I went away to play again. I had a wee nap while my humans were busy and then my MH took me out into the garden to play for a while and she took this picture of me stalking this great big birdie. Now, I know it is not a real birdie, but I thought I would practice anyway and my MH thought it was quite funny.

There is something going on in my house which I do not understand and I am a bit confused. All my pictures and ornaments have been put in boxes and the word decorating has been mentioned and I do not know what that is but I think my humans are going to be busy, so I might not be able to write to you for a day or two.

I will let you know all about it when I find out.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Happy, happy, happy!

It is a lovely day today and I have been out playing all by myself for hours and hours.

I nipped across to my jungle and I had great fun sniffing out all the wee mouses and smelling all different kinds of things. I found a really warm spot in the long grass and I lay down and just listened to all the sounds in my little island. It was just lovely and I had a great time. I love exploring.

I heard my MH calling for me and I saw that she was in the garden, so I ran towards her as fast as my adorable little legs would take me. This made my MH laugh 'cos I had to jump through all the long grass and she thought it looked funny.

We have a fence all round my garden and I can slip quite easily through the squares, but I shall have to watch that i don't put any weight on or I might get stuck and that would never do.

But if I keep exploring and hunting and exercising, then I shall stay just as perfect as I am!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spring...... nearly here and that makes me very happy. It is a lovely bright day today but there is still a cold wind, but if I go round the corner to where there is a wee bit of shelter, then it is warmer, so that is what I have done.

I have been out and had a chat with the sheeps, but I had to come in very quickly as the farmer's wife arrived with some feed for the sheeps and she had two doggies with her and as I didn't want to frighten them, I came inside for a wee while and watched them out of the window.

My MH came over to talk to me while I was sitting on the window sill and she noticed that the windows were dirty with lots of salt on them, so we went outside to clean them. My MH had to take the step ladder with her, 'cos the windows are quite high and she is quite little, so I had great fun climbing up the steps before her and then jumping off when she came on. Mind you, she was not best pleased when I rubbed my adorable little body up against the window that she had just cleaned 'cos I left lots of black and white hairs on the nice clean window. Oops!

It was OK though 'cos she just wiped them off again and chased me away.It was good fun and maybe we will do it again sometime

Friday, 25 February 2011


Here is the picture I promised you of my new toy. My DH took the new feathers and some of the old feathers that I hadn't torn to shreds and he made me a new toy which we played with last night and today. It has a bell on it too, so I have great fun with it.

All is well chez Squeak and we have all been working and playing lots of times, so it is good. My DH has started doing a HUGE jigsaw and I have been warned not to jump up to see what he is doing in case I scatter some of the pieces, and so far I have been a good pussy cat, but I am not too sure how long it will last.

My DH likes doing jigsaws and when they are finished, he makes them into a picture so we can hang them up, so when it is finished, my MH will take a photograph and you can see what he has been doing, although it might take him a long time.

I was out playing a lot last night and I saw quite a lot of mouses which I just chased for a wee while but I didn't kill them 'cos they were just little and I am a good puss.

But I LOVE chasing them!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Well, my MH was away all day swimming and me and my DH did some housework and some tidying up for her, so she was happy when she came home.

I played outside for a while 'cos it was quite warm and I liked being out, but I made sure I was in my house when the Boss came home so that I could run to meet her 'cos she likes that and she lifts me up and gives me a great big cuddle.

She brought us some presents home. My DH got his can of beers and I got new feathers for my toy! They are lovely purple feathers so me and my MH are both happy 'cos I can get my favourite toy fixed up and my MH's favourite colour in the entire world is purple, so she will like my feathers too.

As soon as my DH has fixed it for me, I will ask my MH to take a picture of it so that I can show it to you, and he is fixing it even as you read this.

So watch this space.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ho Hum

We have been quite tired today and we think it is because of all the inventing we have been doing, so we have had a lazy day although me and my humans have done wee bits and pieces.

My DH has put wee lights in my garden and they light up at night so we can see the path nice and clearly. I liked these lights 'cos they help me to see the mouses and as you know, I like seeing mouses!

My MH has finished all her cards so she has plenty of time for me now and my tummy gets lots of tickles which I just love. She is going swimming again tomorrow so I guess me and my DH will get our orders as usual, so we had better be on our best behaviour.

I always am VERY good, but I can't say the same about my DH! Tee hee!!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Me and my MH have had an invention idea which could make us VERY rich!

The other night I nipped into bed and me and my MH had a wee girlie chat and she let me go to sleep lying on her tummy, but she said she couldn't get to sleep 'cos I was purring so loudly, so we came up with the idea of a 'Cat Remote Control'.

When my purrer gets too loud, my MH could just press the button and turn me down a wee bit. Brilliant eh? And then we thought what else we could do with it. She didn't think we would need the fast forward button as I go fast forward any way, but the rewind button would be very good 'cos then she could watch all the funny things I do over and over again, and that way she might get some really good photographs.

We decided that the pause button would be very handy 'cos then my humans could stop me when I am having my mad half hour and I could be suspended in mid leap which would look really brilliant, I think!

There are lots of things we could do with a Cat Remote Control and I think if we can get it made, then lots of humans would buy it.

I have decided my MH gets her brilliance from me, just as I got my modesty from her!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Full of Beans

That's me today---full of beans and loving it! I have lots of energy today and I have been in and out of my window lots and lots of times. I have had a wee word with the sheeps and a wee drink out of the fountain in the garden and then I nip back in again.

My MH always knows when I have been at the water 'cos my paws are all wet 'cos I stick them in the water when I am having a wee drink. I don't know why I do that and my humans don't know either, but I do!

The vacuum cleaner was out today again, but it didn't bother me too much as I had a wee nap in the bedroom while it was doing all the cleaning in the living room and then when my MH was finished, she played with me and that is what today's picture is.

My DH hasn't fixed my feather toy yet but he will 'cos me and the Boss will keep reminding him until he does! I think it will be done tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


It is still wet and windy so I have been in the house all day today and have just watched the sheeps through the window which has been very fine. I am happy and the sheeps seem happy too.

My MH has been doing some more of her cards so I have been watching her and then she plays with me for a wee while when she is finished. All my feathers have come off one of my toys so my DH will need to put new ones on for me. I shall ask my MH to take a picture so you can see what he has done.

Tonight is our Dancing on Ice night and I like that. When it was snowy and icy here in the winter, I was nearly dancing a few times 'cos it is very hard to control four adorable little feets when it is very slippy but as usual I managed beautifully!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Not Much to Report

It is a dreadful day today with strong winds and lots of rain, so I am afraid I have left the little sheeps in the field and I have stayed in my house.

I am a wee bit tired today 'cos I was out in the middle of the night---all by my adorable little self! My DH got up to have a wee cup of coffee about half past five in the morning, and I got up to see what he was doing and I asked him to let me out, which he did.

The only problem was that I didn't have my paw-kit watch on and I forgot the time and so when I decided to go home, my DH had gone back to bed and I was locked out! Oops!

I played for another wee while and I keept warm in among the long grass and then a while later, I saw my living room light on and my MH had got up this time and she saw the note my DH had left telling her I was outside, and so she let me in and gave me a big cuddle.

I gave her my best purr and rubbed against her ankle---really to get me warmed up again, but she liked it too so that's OK.

I shall have to be a bit more careful in future!

Friday, 18 February 2011

More Sheeps

The mummy sheeps are still in my field, but I have been leaving them in peace. Well, that is not exactly true, 'cos I have been out in my front garden a lot today and when the sheeps come up to my fence, I just whisper 'mint sauce' and they all run away again. He, he, he!!

I have had a good day and it was just me and my MH in the house 'cos my DH was over in Stromness but he had to come home early 'cos the wind got up and the boatman said he didn't want to come out late, so he was home at teatime instead of after 6:00pm which was a nice we surprise for us girls! He brought us lots of goodies and something nice for our dinner, so that was good.

If it is not too windy tomorrow I will go out and talk to the sheeps again.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I have sheeps in the front of my house and I can watch them out of the window of my living room and I am a very happy little puss.

The nice farmer who leaves his shed door open for me to play with the mouses, put some of his sheeps in the field and I have been out playing with them today. The picture on today's post shows us just setting out s few ground rules, like I can come into your field if I want, but you can't come into my garden. A few hisses from me and a swish or two of my adorable little tail, got everything sorted out, and my personal photographer was on the spot, as usual, to record it all for posterity and for my blog!

I am hoping that these are going to be mummy sheeps and I can play with the little lambs when they are made, 'cos I did that last summer and I liked it a lot.

I will let you know.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


As I promised, I am much bouncier today and full of beans! In fact, according to the Boss, I am TOO full of beans!!

I had a good long rest last night and a good sleep, so I was rarin' to go today. I played outside and then when nobody was looking, I would nip back in and jump out at my humans when they passed where I was hiding. Oh dear, I nearly had to bring them round a couple of times!!

It is a good job we have lots of First Responders on the island!

I LIKE being full of beans! I also like exclamation marks!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I have been adored again all afternoon and I am very tired now, but I shall tell you about my day before I have a wee sleep.

My MH had invited a friend of hers to come to the island for lunch and that friend had never seen me at all and naturally she was besotted by me and adored me all afternoon which I just loved! I got cuddled and played with and made a fuss over, so I have had a very good day.
The humans sat and nattered and I had a wee snooze and I am going to have another napette before I go hunting tonight.

I shall be a lot brighter tomorrow.

Monday, 14 February 2011


I told you yesterday that my humans were going to be out all day today. Well, the weather was good so they left the window open for me and I HAD A BALL!!

As soon as the coast was clear, I nipped out and rounded up a few of my cat friends and invited them into my house for a wee celebration and we had a great time. There were about six of us---my counting isn't very good yet,---and we played races round the living room and up the curtains and in and out of the windows chasing one another.

Then I found where my humans had hidden the cat treats and we demolished them, and one cheeky tom even ate my MH's chocolate. Ooops!

My humans had left some biscuits in my dish and we all finished those too, before I chased all the pussy cats out of the window again. I was just about to start to put all the furniture back in place again, when I heard the door open and my humans came in.

And that's when I woke up!!! Tee hee! That had you going didn't it?!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

No News

It has been a VERY quiet day, chez Squeak and I must admit that I have slept for most of it. It has been raining, so I didn't really want to go out so me and my humans just played together and then I had a wee run round my garden before landing up on my couch again for a wee sleep.

My DH has been working in his greenhouse so I have a wee look in there every now and then and my MH has been making some more cards, so I keep jumping up on the table for a closer look and it frightens the life out of her----giggle!

I have the house to myself tomorrow as my humans are doing First Aid training with lots of the islanders and they will be down in our Hall for most of the day, so maybe I will have the dinner ready for them when they come home------on the other paw, I may just sleep!

Saturday, 12 February 2011


It is the Boss's birthday today and there have been lots of people coming to my house to tell her 'happy burfday' so she is a happy Boss! It isn't a VERY special day, but she says she is now a bingo call---clickety click!!

I gave her a special cuddle and lots of purrs and my DH made a special card for her and made the dinner, so all is well.

There isn't very much news but it has been a busy house today and I have been getting adored, as usual! One lady brought a big black dog to my house but he stayed outside and I stayed inside 'cos I didn't want to frighten him. My MH's friend S. came up and sang the burfday song to my MH but after we had all recovered from the shock---and the singing! (only joking, tee hee!) we played together and had good fun and then the humans had some chocolate and I had a wee cat treat.

It is a shame humans only have one birthday a year 'cos it has ben a VERY good day!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Just a normal day

We have all been at home today and my MH didn't go to her French lesson 'cos some people are still on holiday so they all decided to wait until everyone was back before they started again which I think is very sensible!

So me and my MH had a wee natter and she talked to her friend in French and we all had a wee giggle, but I think a giggle is the same in any language.

My humans are a wee bit sad tonight, but I am very happy 'cos they were going over to Stromness tonight for a birthday treat for the Boss, but the boatman said that it might get very windy and so they decided to stay home and that is why I am happy, and I am sure my MH will get a birthday treat later on.

I will give her a very special cuddle and purr tomorrow on her birthday day and I know that will make up for all her disappointment, or I am I being too modest again!!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

In and Out

I have had lots of fun nipping in and out today 'cos the weather has been quite good and my humans have been able to leave the window open for me to come and go as I please, which, as you know, I do regularly!!

Wednesday is a funny day chez Squeak, as my MY goes out for a wee while in the morning and then she doesn't go into the gym when she comes back, so we sometimes play together or I sit in the utility room and talk to her as she does her ironing, but today was a play day and we had fun, so it has been good.

Tomorrow is her exercise day and she does her shopping and swimming. BUT--I overheard her on the phone to her friend and she said she was going to have sticky toffee pudding, so I think she will have to swim miles and miles to get rid of that!

When the ladies go swimming, they do challenges in the pool and when my MH was going to Malawi the first time, she needed to raise lots of money to take out with her for the people there, so she and her friends did a sponsored swim and swam 30 miles in two months.

Last year just for fun, they swam the lochs on Orkney (in the swimming pool) and got a certificate for that and P. and my MH swam the distance between Graemsay and Stromness--about 2.5 miles and got a certificate for that too. And this year they are swimming the Scottish lochs so I hope she will get another certificate.

I like to encourage the old dear.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I couldn't have you going two days without seeing an adorable picture of yours truly, so here I am back again.
We have had a girls day today as my DH was in the town shopping for the Boss's birthday present and I got some cat chocolates and a new dinner spoon, so I am sure I will be allowed to sit at the table any day soon!

My MH's friend came over and we all went into the gym and while M. was on the treadmill and my MH was on her bike, I counted all the breathing.......'one and in, two and out!!.......' and they really appreciated it.Then I would have a wee run around my garden, then back into the gym and up the door frightening the life out of both of them!!

I do like doing that!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Not Me

I have decided to show you what I can see when I stand on my living room window sill.

My house looks over to Stromness which was a small fishing village but over the year's it has grown. It used to be the sailing ship's last stop to take on water before heading to Canada and many of the men living here belonged to the Hudson's bay company and there are lots of Canadian/Orcadian people still there today.

The boat you see in the foreground is the MVGraemsay and it brings me to my little island from Stromness. It also goes to Hoy but everybody on my little island has to use this boat as it is the only one we have, while Hoy has boats at the South of the island. I was on this boat when I was a tiny baby puss and I liked it.

The big boat in Stromness Harbour is the Hamnavoe and 'Hamnavoe' means 'safe haven' and this is the boat my humans get on if they are going South to Scotland or further away. I haven't been on this one yet and I don't think I will be on it 'cos I just like staying on my little island.

I hoped you liked this little lesson!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday, Sunday

My DH likes the 'Mamas and the Papas' and they have a song called 'Monday, Monday', so me and my MH were thinking of writing another one about Sunday.

Here is the first verse: Sunday Sunday my day of rest
The day is magic, the very best
I lie around on my mummy's knee
And purr aloud when she tickles me. Brilliant eh?

I think I might be very famous one day and everybody will be singing my songs.

Anyway I have a very lazy day and my DH has been watching the football on my 3D TV so he is a very happy DH, but it was only a draw so that had kind of tempered his good mood a wee bit.

At one point today, my garden was full of people and THREE dogs! It is just a good job that I was in my house at that time, or I would have chased those pesky dogs away!!! I had had my Weetabix and was fit for anything!! However, I was asleep at the time, so I just could not be bothered sorting them out!

So far so good and I am having a very restful day, and today's picture shows me in my very favourite position---asleep on the job!

Have a lazy Sunday everyone.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


The wind is much quieter now and I have been out playing lots and I am quite a happy pussy cat today especially as I got real fish for my dinner last night and I just loved it. My humans had fish and chips for their dinner and I had some of their fish but I didn't have any chips 'cos I just like the fish and it was scrummy!

Then this afternoon I had a big surprise visit for my MH's friend who usually comes up on a Sunday but she decided to come today and we had good fun. We played for a while and she tickled my tummy and I love that too, and she told me she could feel the fish in it, but I think that was a wee fib---wasn't it?

I like when she comes up 'cos she calls me her 'ickle wickle' but when I do something funny, she calls me a 'muppet' and I am not sure I like that just as much, but I don't really care what she calls me as long as she makes a fuss of me and tickles my adorable little tum tum.

Friday, 4 February 2011


Boy was it windy! It was VERY windy. I heard my humans saying that it had been blowing at about 120mph, so it goes without saying that I was kept indoors, I wasn't very happy, but I was safe!

I am still not very happy today even though I have been able to get out to play 'cos the wind has gone away for a wee while, but my MH put my wormer STUFF on me and I do not like it at all.

I know you will all tell me it is for my own good, but I still do not like it.

I got out to play a lot today and we haven't had any damage except some of the guttering has blown away, but my DH can fix that tomorrow.

I hope that awful wind doesn't come back again soon

Thursday, 3 February 2011


I managed out once today 'cos it is very windy, but according to my friendly weatherman, it has to get a lot worse, and it has to be a storm force wind, so I might not be out for a long time.

I don't like the wind 'cos it can knock me off my little feets and blow me away and I do not want to get blowed away thank you very much.

Do you know there are white horses in the sea? My MH told me that I could see white horses of I looked out of the window at the sea and I have to admit that when I did look I was a wee bit disappointed 'cos I wanted to see REAL horses but then when my MH explained, it was OK.

There were lots and lots of waves which just looked like horses galloping in the water and I had a wee happy purr at them and hopefully you will see some of them in today's picture.

Here in Orkney, when it is VERY windy, people say that the sea is 'smoking' and I think that is good 'cos I understand that. I shall let you know what it does over the next couple of days.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I have had a lovely afternoon! My MH had to have a wee lie down and I went with her and we had a wee cuddle and she told me she loved me and I was a VERY happy pussy cat. In fact she had to ask me to stop being so happy, 'cos she couldn't sleep for my purring!

My MH tells me lots of things and sometimes she tells me I am a monster or a monkey or even a CHEEKY monkey, but I don't believe her when she says that 'cos how could a puss as adorable as me, be any of these things?

BUT! I do believe her when she tells me she loves me 'cos that IS the truth. My DH loves me too but I am more my MH's pussy cat although I help my DH lots and play with him too.

I am a very lucky and a very happy little pussy cat!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I got a row from my MH last night! She was a bit cross with me and I shall now tell you why.

As you know, I have been hunting a lot these nights and last night was no exception, but as it was a bit windy, my humans closed the window after me. Well, I did some chasing and running and then I nipped up to the window to be let in for a wee feed and then I went straight to the window to be let out again. I did this quite a few times and I guess my humans were getting a wee bit tired having to keep getting up to open and then shut the window, 'cos on one of my trips in, I got THE ROW!

When I went back in for another wee feed she said I was using the house like a hotel, coming in for something to eat and out again. She said it's a good job I am not a children 'cos I would be
changing my clothes as well.

Well, that got me thinking. If we puss cats could change our fur what would we be? My humans are Scottish, but I am an Orcadian puss, but I could wear tartan fur and when there was snow on the ground, I could wear white fur, and in the summer I could be covered in green fur and then the mouses would never know where I was! Maybe I should tell this to the pussy cat maker.

I wonder what other puss cats would wear?