Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We have had lots of sunshine and I have been outside all day again and I am loving it. I went out very early and I found a lovely clump of grass where I could lie and hide and watch all the birdies and they couldn't see me, so that was good.

I helped my MH in her gym and then went into the greenhouse with my DH to talk to all our plants. When my MH was finished, she sat outside for a while---I think she was trying to get her breath back----and I sat with her and it was then I discovered something awesome.

In our garden we have a kind of patio and there is a wee pile of stones which make a wall. Well, I decided to have a climb today 'cos I do that lots of times, but today the stones were warm with the sun and I had great fun rolling on top of them. The only problem was, I kept sliding down on to the ground 'cos the pile of stones is on a slope, and this made my MH laugh out loud.

She went away to get her camera but by the time she came back, I had decided to stop and she never got the picture she wanted. Maybe tomorrow.

I went out hunting until late last night and I will do the same tonight. The nights don't get dark just now so it is very easy for me to see all the wee mouses. Mind you, I suppose that makes it easy for them to see me too!

I need Harry Potters invisibility cloak! Oh what fun I could have then.

Monday, 30 May 2011

A Good Day

The weather has been lovely today and my humans have both been at home so it has been a very good day Chez Squeak and I am a happy puss.

My MH said she had hardly seen me, but I have been taking advantage of the warm weather and I have been out playing ALL day and I have had great fun.

I have a new hiding place under my DH's barbeque and I can sit there and watch the birdies and I like that a lot. My MH came out to see me after she had been in her gym and we played on the grass for a long time. I jumped and ran and chased flies and she lay down on the grass and took pictures of yours truly.

I was a wee bit worried that she might not be able to get back up again, but the old dear managed quite well. The days in the gym must be working!

I am going to have a wee snooze after my dinner and then I am going out playing and hunting again until it is very, very late and then I will cuddle up beside my MH and have a long sleep.

Oh yes.Life is good!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

What a weekend!

My humans have been very busy this weekend and have been off the island on both Saturday and Sunday and when they came home yesterday, my MH was too tired to switch on her computer for me, so I couldn't write to you. I hope you didn't miss me too much.

I was left on my own for a long time yesterday, but I don't really mind 'cos there is plenty for me to do, and although the weather wasn't very good, my humans left the window open, so I could get out to play if I wanted to. I sat on my window sill for a long time and watched the birdies and I saw some starlings and some curlews and some lapwings and I even saw a couple of swallows, so my garden was very busy.

And of course, when the humans came home, I got lots of cuddles and they both played with me so that was good fun.

They were only away for a wee while today so I was OK just looking after the house and having a wee snooze when it was quiet 'cos my MH promised that she would put her computer on for me when she came home.

And you can see that she did.

Friday, 27 May 2011

A Better Day

It has been a better day today and we have all been at home so I have had plenty of company which is brilliant.

I have been out to play nearly all day and I even had a wee stroll over to the big bull to see what he was like. He is still HUGE. I asked him if he was hungry and he said no, but why did I want to know, so I told him what my MH said about him eating me up, and he just laughed and said he really didn't eat pussy cats, especially adorable ones! I don't think I will get too close though----just in case!

My MH's friend M. came over and tickled my tummy and when she went away my MH took out the lawnmower and cut the grass. It was only when she was nearly finished, that I remembered I used to be able to do a wee rain dance, so I tried it and it worked again! The rain came on just as she was finishing

It is just a pity I remembered too late. I will do it as soon as the mower appears the next time!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ho Hum

I don't have any news for you today as I have been sleeping for most of it. My MH was away swimming again so it was just me and my DH and, as usual, we had our jobs to do. The Boss doesn't want us to get bored!

It was raining a lot so I didn't feel the urge to go outside much. I nipped in and out a couple of times but I don't have any news to tell you except that my DH repaired my feather toy again 'cos I had managed to pull out most of the feathers and it was looking a tad bare.

I just love that toy and my humans play with me all the time which is good exercise for them too.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Shock!

I got up early this morning 'cos I couldn't hear the wind and I knew that I could get out to play and I wanted to do this FAST! So, I gobbled up my breakfast and decided to go out the door rather than the window. So far so good.

My MH opened the door for me and then nearly fell on the floor laughing when I ran down my path and then skidded to a very sudden halt. She said I stopped so quickly that she could see the sparks coming from my adorable little paws.

And what caused this halt, I hear you ask. And all you have to do is look at today's picture. For there, in the field opposite my house is the enormousest, giganticest, biggest mister cow I have ever seen. Dear fellow felines, HE IS HUGE!

He was chomping away at the grass and even the noise he was making, made my little legs shake. Now, as you know, I am the bravest puss cat in the en-tire world, but this is not an animal to argue with. He could eat me for dinner and still have room left for pudding!

I smiled very politely and disappeared round to the other side of my house where he couldn't see me. I think I will be going in and out of the window for quite a while now!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I'm Tired

I didn't sleep well last night 'cos the wind just blew and blew and blew and I was frightened my house was going to blow away too-----but it didn't.

My MH didn't sleep very well either 'cos she doesn't like the wind when it is being naughty, but as usual, my DH just snored. In fact, at one point, he was making more noise than the wind, which made me and my MH chuckle a wee bit.

My MH had to get up very early to get the boat to go to Stromness but she was back again at lunch-time and she told me that the boat ride was a wee bit bumpy. It is still too windy for me to go outside so I have been watching all the sheeps through my window, which suits me fine. I still don't want to get blowed away.

I hope the wind goes away soon as I want to go out to play tomorrow.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Flying Puss!

It is VERY windy today. So windy that I haven't been able to get out very much, but when I DID go out, I was nearly flying and I am sure that at one point, my adorable little paws were off the ground!

Boy is it windy! I did go out for a wee while with my DH into the greenhouse and I had a wee whisper to my tomato plant but there are no tomatoes on it yet, and my DH told me I had to be patient, so I think I shall have to be.

My MH went into her wee gym for a while but I stayed in the house 'cos it was really blowing a storm and my MH nearly got blowed off her feets, so I would have had no chance and I would probably be writing this from Stromness!

As I said---it IS windy!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nurse Squeak

I have been a very caring pussy cat today 'cos my MH wasn't feeling very well and stayed in her bed for a longer time than usual.

She got up and fed me and opened my window and then went back for a wee lie down, so I just went outside for a minute or two and then went back in to see her.

I sat down on the bed beside her and I put my adorable little chin on her neck and I purred and purred and she liked that a lot. I stayed there for a long time and I think we both had a sleep 'cos when she wakened up, she said she was feeling a lot better and that was all because of me.

I wonder if she would buy me a nurse's uniform. TRULY adorable!!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Just for You

I took my MH into our greenhouse today so that she could take some pictures of me and my tomato plants. My DH and me had been out earlier on and had watered them all and he let me choose which was going to be mine this year and I have chosen a little pot which I meowed at and I am sure the little baby plant wiggled at me.

We are all at home today and have been quite busy earlier on, but now my DH is watching the football and after I have written this, I am going to have a wee snooze.

I helped my MH change the duvet covers again and that is always good fun 'cos she plays with me and I wriggle in and out of the covers and she pretends she can't see me and then when I appear, she tickles my tummy and I love that.

Maybe after my snooze, I will go out and talk to the little lambs as I haven't done that today and I don't want to let them down as they would miss me if I didn't go to see them.

Even the mummy sheeps are happy to see me now. And who could blame them?

Friday, 20 May 2011

Another Surprise

All our tomato plants arrived today! I have been a very busy pussy cat helping my DH put all the plants into our greenhouse.

My MH was away to Kirkwall with her friends so it was just me and my DH left to look after everywhere. We were outside nearly all day 'cos it took a lot of time to put all the wee plants into their pots and the grow bags and I had to stop regularly to have a wee chat to them. And then of course, I had to play by myself for a while.

There are no pictures of me and my plants but I will take my MH into the greenhouse tomorrow and she can take some pictures. I don't know which is my special tomato yet, but maybe my DH will tell me tomorrow.

I am getting quite excited already.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


I have been indoors all day today as my humans were away out and the wind was blowing very strong, and they couldn't leave the window open for me. So I was stuck in my house until they came home.

I spent some of the day sitting on my window sill watching the birdies and the little lambs and I felt sorry for them 'cos they were getting wet in all the rain. I was really quite pleased I was inside 'cos I don't like the rain.

I had a wee sleep in the afternoon so that when my humans came home, I was ready to go out and play and I did that for a long time. The weather got better and I was able to go in and out of the window so I was back to being a very happy puss.

I wonder if I can make the wind disappear?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Squeak had a little lamb-----

-----but only to play with. My MH was going out last night and she left the big gate open and when I was looking out of the window, I saw a mummy sheep with her wee baby in my garden!

I squeaked to my DH and he came and looked and then we went outside and he picked up the little lamb and carried it out of the garden and the mummy sheep followed. What a noise the little baby sheep was making. I nearly had a headache!

Then the nice lady farmer came and took them home, so I think they were maybe just out for a walk, although maybe they came to see the adorable pussy cat who lives next door to them. Tee hee!

I asked my MH to take a picture of the lambs in the field in front of my living room and that's what today's picture is, so I hope you like it.

Maybe I will be able to play with them tomorrow. I hope so.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I got a big surprise today when two visitors came from very far away to see me. I knew something was going on 'cos my humans were tidying up my house and the table got set in the kitchen and they normally only do that at dinner time at night, so I thought there was something different about today.

And it was a lovely surprise 'cos two people had come all the way from Germany to see me 'cos they had read my blog and wanted to meet me.

I was on my best behaviour and didn't mind when they spoke to my humans as well 'cos they both played with me and told me I was adorable, so my fame is now world wide, which is only as it should be!

We all had a lovely afternoon and I showed them my greenhouse and the plants that I talk to and they saw all my toys and played with lots of them. It was lovely to meet them.

I hope we see them again sometime.

Monday, 16 May 2011

All Change

The nice lady farmer has put all the mummy sheeps and the baby sheeps in the field in front of my living room window, so now I don't even have to go outside to see them. I can just sit on my window sill and watch them all playing, but I can get right up to the fence if I want to talk to them, so that is very good.

My MH told me that baby sheeps are called lambs, so I have been having a wee squeak to all the lambs and they have a wee baa to me, so sometimes it gets quite noisy.

I don't have any outside pictures for you today 'cos it has been too wet for my MH to take her camera out, but me and my DH put out some more of the plants so I will have lots of pictures to show you when the weather gets dry again.

I hope it gets dry soon, 'cos I like being outside and I have a lot of work to do.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Squeak the gardener!

My DH went to Kirkwall yesterday and brought home lots of wee plants which we took round to his greenhouse last night.

He showed me how to put them into planters and how to give them a wee drink and he let me have a wee red plant all to myself so I can meow to that as well as to my tomatoes when we get them soon. So I am a REAL gardener now. I will ask my MH to take a picture for you and you can see me and my plants.

Me and my MH had a lazy day while my DH was away shopping and we played for a wee while with my toys and then we both had a wee seat on the couch. She tried to make some more of her friendship bracelets but had to stop 'cos I kept attacking all the threads and she couldn't get peace to do her work, so she put it down and tickled my tummy.

Mission accomplished, agent Squeak!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011


I had quite a day yesterday as the vet-man came to see me. My humans had told me about this and I was a wee bit concerned 'cos he was coming to see the cows on the island and I was worried in case he thought I was just a little cow, but when he came into my house, he called me a pussy cat, so I was quite happy.

He told me I was beautiful and so I thought I would go over beside him and give him a little nudge with my nose, but then he stretched out to me and stuck a HUGE needle into my adorable little skin! I didn't like it very much, but as my MH was holding me, I didn't struggle or cry and the vet man said I was very brave. So there! He told me that the injection was to keep away any bugs that might think I am adorable too, and I wouldn't like that, so I suppose I had to have it. Sigh! (tee hee)

He talked to me for a wee while before he went away to find his cows and my humans gave me a big cuddle for being good.

He was a very nice man but I hope he doesn't come to see me TOO often!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

In and Out

I have been doing that all day 'cos when the weather was good, me and my DH went into the garden to do some weeding while my MH was out, but then the rain came on and we had to go back inside again.

And it has been like that all day. My MH wanted to cut the grass again, but the rain made it too wet, so at least I was spared the awful lawn mower which was good for me.

There are still lots of sheeps just outside my gate and one of the cockerels is still there too, so I have had lots of company whenever I wanted a wee chat. I stayed out a long time last night, so I was very tired when I went into my bed and my MH said I was snoring, but I don't know if that is true.

When I was in the garden today I played with the pampas grass and I love jumping in it and hiding in it, and I was trying to hide today when I got this picture taken, and I thought you might like to see it.

Another rather fetching image of yours truly!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I think that's how I look in today's picture, but then I would say that, wouldn't I?

The kind lady who looked after me before I came to live with my humans said I was adorable and she was SO right! Everybody who sees me, thinks the same and my humans just love me---even when I am just a wee bit naughty. I am so adorable that they forgive me immediately.

My humans went away to Kirkwall today and I was left to entertain myself which I managed very well 'cos the window was left open and I was able to go out to play whenever I wanted to and I had a wee chat with some of the baby sheeps which I always like.

When they came home, my humans told me all about their day and then my DH took me into the greenhouse where he is getting ready for all the plants which are arriving soon and I can have my very own tomato plant to meow at, so that will be good.I will send you some pictures of my very own tomatoes when they are ready, and I have no doubt that they will be adorable too-----but not quite adorable as me!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

BIG! Trouble

That's what I am in today. Big, big, trouble and my MH is not at all happy with me. It is the biggest trouble I have been in during my adorable little life and I think I am very lucky not to be sitting in the soup pot right now!

Let me explain. As you know, my MH likes to play on her Wii nearly every day and I have great fun watching her, and sometimes I do get in the way. And today was no exception.

She was playing golf and was doing quite well and I was just sitting quietly watching what she was doing, and when she hit a really good shot, she told me she was about to hit an eagle. Well. I don't know too much about birdies, but I do know there are no eagles in my garden, so I didn't know how far she was going to hit the ball.So I decided to look out of the window, just in case there was an eagle waiting to be hit, but I could only see a starling, some gulls and an oyster catcher---but no eagles.

My MH was still telling me about the eagle and I decided to nip down behind the television to see if it was there, and I accidentally jumped on the switch of the extension plug and it switched the telly OFF!

Well! She was not at all happy at having lost her perfect shot and it is just as well she wasn't on a REAL golf course, 'cos she would have been thrown out because of all the noise she was making!

I decided to head for the garden where it was safe and then after a while my MH took this picture of me and some of the sheeps, so I think I am forgiven.

But I still haven't seen the eagle!

Sunday, 8 May 2011


It has been a wee while since my last 'oops' but I had a good one today and I nearly got into a lot of trouble.

My MH has been making friendship bracelets with embroidery thread and when she is doing this I sit on her knee and watch her and sometimes I attack the thread---just for fun, you understand, and then I get put off her knee and onto the couch beside her.

That is bad enough, but today was a wee bit worse. She has finished two of these bracelets and she had left them on the table before putting them into a wee bag. SO! I was sitting on the back of my couch when I noticed these 'things' just lying there and I decided they would be my new toys. I nipped onto the table and lifted one down onto the floor to play with it and that is what I was doing when my MH arrived back in my living room.

Boy! Can she move fast when she needs to. The bracelet was taken away from me and put away before I had time to blink! But then she came back to me and tickled my tummy and told me that the bracelets were not toys, and that I should leave them alone.

I may have other ideas about that though, so watch for news on that score later.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Wee Surprise

That's what I gave my humans last night. We had played a lot through the day and then they had to go away out at night time and they left me all alone in my house.

It was OK though, 'cos the weather was good and they left the window open for me so that I could nip in and out whenever I pleased, and the daylight is lasting a lot longer so it was light for me to play outside and I lay on my path and watched all the sheeps as they played outside my gate.

Then I heard my humans coming home and I nipped out of the window, and ran round the house to meet them and when I jumped out at them, they got a fright and a wee surprise, so we all had a wee giggle before we went back into the house where they played with me again before we went to bed.

Then this morning me and my MH played hide and seek again as she was changing the beds and I lay very, very still under the duvet and she couldn't find me until I waggled my tail. It was a good game.

My MH told me that sometimes I wag my tail when I am sleeping so I must be having really good dreams. I wish I could remember what they were!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Sheep News

The nice farmer next door has opened the gate to the field where the baby sheeps and the mummy sheeps were and they are now all round my house. My garden has two gates---a little one at the path and a big one to get the car in through, but the nice farmer made sure these gates were both closed before he opened his gate 'cos some of the sheeps might have come in to see me.

My humans would not have liked that, 'cos although they are not very big, they leave deep foot marks on my grass and sometimes that's not all they leave!! So, just in case they tried to get in, I stood guard at the big gate and the mummy sheeps kept the babies away, but I wouldn't have hurt them at all, 'cos I am very good.

After my guard duty was finished, I lay down on my path and was having a lovely stretch and a yawn when my MH took this picture of me. It is not very flattering, but it shows you how hard I have been working.

Life is not ALL fun, you know!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tired Puss

That's what I am today! I think I have tired my little self out chasing bees and flies and cockerels, so I have had a very lazy day and because it is quite cold today, I have been inside nearly all day.

My MH was away swimming again so it was just me and my DH and we worked about the house for a wee while, but he stayed indoors as well 'cos it was too cold to work outside and his greenhouse is all ready just waiting for the plants which will come next week. Then we will both be busy putting the tomatoes and strawberries in their grow bags. I like doing that and I'm looking forward to it. I watch him all the time and there is a comfy chair in the greenhouse which I can sit on and get lovely and warm, so it is really good fun.

My MH played with me when she came home and told me all about her day and said she had swum 54 lengths which is nearly a mile and is a LOT of swimming, so she is a wee bit tired tonight as well.

I think we might all have a wee sleep soon!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


That's what me and my MH had today and I will share it with you. I also got my MH to take a picture of my new feathers on my toy. The colours are lovely and I like them very much so I thought you would like to see them too and that's what today's picture is.

But back to the brainwave. My MH was cutting the grass again and as you know, I don't like the lawn mower AT ALL. I am not afraid if it any more 'cos I know to keep well away from it when it is making that awful noise, but I still don't like it.

Well, today, when my MH was cutting the grass, she put on her IPod and listened to her music, and that's when we had our BRILLIANT brainwave. My MH will get me a small cat-sized ipod and I can put it on and I won't hear the lawn mower or the hoover! Fantastic isn't it?

So with my ipod and my 3D glasses, I shall be the coolest pussy cat in the EN-TIRE world!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back Again!

The cockerels came back again today, but only for a wee while and they were quiet, so I just watched them very carefully and they toddled off after a while.

It is still sunny and we have all been outside for the whole day which I have just loved. I have chased flies all over my garden and at one point, I jumped up really high and my humans were amazed, but I was so quick, there isn't a photograph.

Me and my MH were in the gym for a while and then I went into my DH's greenhouse and helped him tidy up. One of our neighbours came in and suggested that as the gym is my MH's and the greenhouse is for my DH, then the REAL house is for me! I like that---but I would always let my humans come into my house 'cos I am a very kind puss cat.

My DH put new feathers on my toy again, so I will ask my MH to take a picture of it for you to see 'cos I know you will like it.

I just love it!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Just one cockerel left.

No. I haven't done anything too naughty. I just sent two of them home and I am still trying to persuade the other one to go away as well, but he won't move, I am afraid. I shall have to keep trying very hard.

He is very noisy and wakened us all up again at half past six in the morning. Well, when I say 'us all', I just mean me and my MH 'cos my DH sleeps through every noise you can think of, but my MH just closed the window and we had another wee sleep until it was time to get up.

My MH was very busy doing some Spring cleaning and I went into my garden for a wee play and then we went into the gym for a wee while and I sat and watched while my MH did all her walking and then cycling. I was a wee bit tired, so I was happy to sit and watch and I pretended I was keeping a really close eye on her.

After a wee while, I went outside again and I had a wee chat to one of the cows and that is what today's picture is. I don't mind them being in the field 'cos they don't waken me up too early 'cos they can't cock-a-doodle-do. They just moo but not very often, so that is just fine.

I might try to teach them to cock-a doodle! That would be awesome!

Just one cockerel left.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

What a Busy Day!

I have been on cockerel-chasing duty ALL day, and I am getting tired. One cockerel arrived in my garden this morning and wakened my MH at five o'clock with his cockle-doodle-do-ing and she was not best pleased.

Then when we got up, we discovered that he had brought two of his friends with him, so we have spent the day trying to keep them out of my garden and it has not been easy 'cos they can FLY and that's how they escape and get back into the garden, so I have been out keeping guard all day.

Mind you, it has been a lovely day and I have liked being outside and so have my humans. Today's picture shows you what it is like at the front of my house and you can see the cows that I talk to and you can also see the boat that takes us over to Scrabster in Scotland, but you can't see the cockerels 'cos I had chased them away at that point.

But they did come back again!