Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Normal Service......

.......has once more been restored in Chez Squeak and I am very happy for that. My humans have been at home all day except for a wee while when my MH had to go out, but she made sure that my DH was on hand to attend to my every whim.

I am pretending to be a wee bit traumatised still after yesterday, but really I am perfectly well, or as a friend of my MH's says, I am 'tickety-boo'!

I have slept on my couch and I played with my humans whenever I felt like it and I have been outside a lot too, but my little weatherman friend said that the winds might reach storm force tonight, so I think I might just stay indoors. I will have to think about that.

But I wanted you all to know that I am indeed very well and back to being a very happy, spoiled little puss who is adorable!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Oh woe is me. I have been a deprived puss today. In fact, I was nearly phoning the cruelty man to complain about my humans.

I will now give you a second or two to digest this and catch your breath before I tell you of my miserable day. OK? Now!

My humans had to go out today and they went away with the boat at 10:45am so they didn't leave too early and 'cos it wasn't too windy, they left the window open for me. All fine so far.

I had a wee sleep on my couch and then decided to go into my kitchen for a biscuit and lo and behold, the wind blew hard and shut my living room door leaving me in the kitchen. Misery!

What was a pussy cat to do? OK. OK. I know I had my food and my water and my litter tray and I had the choice of three rooms to lie in and the choice of two beds or a couch, but I couldn't get into my living room and I couldn't get out of my window to terrorise my neighbourhood, and that is no life for an adorable puss cat such as I. But ho hum, I just had to make do, but I was on the verge of lifting the phone, I can tell you.

I did mention this to my humans when they came home and they saw the full enormity of what had happened and I must say, they were contrite, but I haven't quite forgiven them yet.

I reckon I can get a lot more spoiling out of this one for a few days yet. Hee hee :))

Monday, 28 November 2011

A Good Puss

That's what I have been. I went out quite a lot last night and did lots of hunting, but I didn't stay out too long and was back home early so that my humans could get to bed.

To be honest, I was still a wee bit tired, but I was admitting THAT! I had a sleep today on my bed and then me and my MH played with my toys and I chased her all over the house and on top of the bed. At one point, she was sitting on the bed talking into the phone and when she finished, she couldn't see me 'cos I was under my blanket and was lying as still as I possibly could. But then I breathed and she knew where I was!

Oh we did giggle! That is my favourite game in the en-tire world! She tickles my tummy and I try and catch her and she calls me 'monster' or 'monkey' and I like that.

I have had good fun and I like it lots.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Well. What a night I had last night---or to be more exact this morning.

Remember I told you my humans were going to a party? Well, they did. Even though the wind was blowing very strong and was gale-force at some points.
They wanted to go, so oft they went and left me in the house with the window closed, so I had no option but to sleep, and by the time they came home, I was wide awake and full of beans.

It wasn't too late when they came back and my little friend the weatherman said that the speed of the wind at that time was at least 80mph and maybe more. However, you all know that I am very brave and this didn't bother me at all, so out I went. My MH told me not to be too long, and to be honest, I meant to go back in soon.

BUT!The hunting was good, and I managed to find some places where I could shelter a bit and I was having great fun. So much so, that I didn't notice the time flying past, and I didn't go home again until twenty past two this morning!

I sort of heard my humans calling to me, and although my MH had gone to bed, she was worried about me and kept getting up and calling for me. My DH was still up but he was getting tired too, and they had decided that if I wasn't in by half past two, then they would have to go to bed and leave me out all night and this worried them.

BUT! I arrived just in the nick of time and they were mightily relieved and when they told me what they had been planning, I was rather relieved too.

Needless to say, I am a wee bit tired today!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

And more worser!

But it didn't keep me in last night! Oh no. I am becoming totally fearless and I went out in the rain and thunder and lightning and I wasn't scared. Well, not that I am admitting, anyway!

I slept for most of the day and gathered up all my strength and then as soon as it got dark, I tried to get out the window, but when my MH opened it, we all nearly blew up against the wall and decided that perhaps that wasn't the bestest of ideas. So we went to the door and it was a tad better.

I sniffed for a nano second, put my ears flat against my adorable little head, wiggled my equally adorable little bottom and shot out of the door like a bullet. I cannot tell you where I went 'cos my MH didn't come with me so she doesn't know, and if she doesn't know, she can't tell you. See? So it is my secret, but when I decided to go inside again, I wasn't very wet, so my humans think I have a nice warm, dry hiding place.

I did this lots of times until it was time to go to bed and by then I was quite a tired pussy cat and ready for a good snooze.

I won't be able to go out much tonight 'cos my humans are going back to the Hall for a birthday party, and I shall be left in the house with the window closed because of the wind, but they said they wouldn't be too late coming home and maybe I can get out to play later.

We will see.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Worser and worser!

That's what it has got today, and it has been just awful. There has been wind and rain and hail and thunder and lightning----just about everything, and I have not been very happy at all!

I did manage out for a while but I just ran as quickly as I could to a place that was sheltered and I stayed there for a wee while and then I got quite a surprise when I tried to get back into my house 'cos I couldn't.

I jumped up onto my window sill as usual, but just as I did that, the wind arrived and it blowed me away again and I landed on the ground. Luckily enough, my MH saw me and she opened the window and I jumped straight into the house again, and I was very happy.

I don't think I will be going out again tonight.

Now, just in case you think I am exaggerating, I have sent you a picture of the waves that I could see from my living room this morning. My MH said that these were the white horses, but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't see any horses.

Can you?

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I have been playing a lot today but mainly inside 'cos it has been getting windier as the day has gone on and I don't want to go out in case I disappear and land somewhere I don't know. And what would be worse, people wouldn't know me and they wouldn't know how adorable I am. It all makes sense doesn't it?

So, I helped my MH 'cos she was changing the duvet covers---and you all know what is coming, don't you? Yep! I played inside them all the time she was trying to work. Oh what a giggle we had! OK. I know it probably takes her at least twice as long to get the job done, but she loves it when I help her and she laughs lots, so that can only be good for the old dear.

We had super fun and I chased round and round the bedroom and under the covers and then under my blanket until I was so tired I had to have a wee nap and my MH got some more work done ----- and a lot quicker this time!

Then we played on the floor with my toys until I was brave enough to nip outside for a wee while but it is cold too, so I didn't stay out too long. I might go out again tonight, but I shall have to ask my friend the weatherman what the wind is going to do before I make any major decisions.

I shall tell you my decision tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I should have kept quiet about the lovely weather 'cos somebody must have heard me and they have taken it away and sent me the wind again!

It has been blowy and cold and not very good for little puss cats, so I haven't been out too much at all today, and my MH said that it might be snowing on Friday and she hasn't finished making my winter boots, so I think she will need to get a wriggle on.

And talking of wriggling. When my MH came home today, we played together in the bedroom and we invented a new game which I just loved. I like diving under my blanket on the bed and she pretends she can't see me and she calls to me and I pretend I can't hear her, but today, she held onto my little tail and wagged it and then put it down and I wagged it, and we did this lots of times with me still hiding under the blanket.

It looked so funny, but I think my wagging was the best, 'cos after all, it is my tail, so it should work better for me. But I'll not tell my MH that as she might get upset. Hee hee :))

Then we played on the Wii for a while, so you can see that I am a very fit little pussy cat.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Happy, Happy

Oh I have had a good day today. For some reason, the weather has been very good and the bad wind is away so I have been outside as often as I like and as you know, I like it a lot.

Me and my MH got up quite early and as soon as I was fed, I went outside and did lots of hunting and looking and sniffing and I was a very happy little Squeak, I can tell you. I just love being outside 'cos I am a very brave pussy cat and a first class hunter.

My DH went over to Stromness this afternoon and it was just us girls left and we had a good afternoon. We went into the gym and I watched her doing her exercises and when she was finished, we played on the grass and did our chases as usual which we both liked.

Then when we went inside, I sat on her knee and she cuddled me and I purred lots 'cos I was very happy. I am now having my siesta 'cos I am going out again tonight and I will be out until it gets very late.

I need to make the most of all this good weather 'cos my little friend the weather man says we might get snow on Friday and it will be very windy, so me and my humans will be staying in my house until the wind and the snow go away again.

I have it all organised!

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Centre of the Universe

That's what I have been today. It's just a little universe, I know, but it is MINE!

Mu humans promised I would be the centre of attention today after having been left on my own and that's just what has happened. I have been cuddled and played with all day, and I have loved it.

It has been a good day for weather so I have been out playing a lot and I went into the gym with my MH and we had good fun in there too. Then we played in the garden for while and she chased me all over the place----but she never catched me, 'cos I am too fast for her!

The nice farmer from next door came in to see me and he gave me a wee cuddle too before I had a snooze on my couch 'cos it is still a lovely evening and I am going to go out hunting in a while and see if there are any more mouses left, and I need to save all my energy and strength.

I shall let you know tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

I'm Still Here

Just in case you thought I was on my way to Germany---I'm not. I am still on my wee island with my humans. I have had a re-think and I have decided to stay here. I found out that Germany was too far away for a pussy cat---even such a brave and clever pussycat like me----and that my wee boat won't be able to take me there, so I am not leaving home after all.

It has been very busy in my house over the weekend and my MH didn't put her computer on so I couldn't write to you, but we are back to normal now. Remember I told you we had visitors on Friday? Well, they thought I was adorable too, AND beautiful, so I really liked them a lot! They stayed with me for a wee while and then they went away to our island Hall for the Harvest Home and they all came back very late.

Then my humans had to go to Stromness yesterday and I was left all alone, but it was a good day so the window was left open for me and I could go out to play whenever I wanted to. Even though they were tired when they came home again, they still played with me and cuddled me lots, so I was very happy again and today has been a good day although they had to go and clean the Hall for a while. Everybody on the island gets a turn to set things up for the parties and then clean up afterwards, and this time it was the turn of my humans, but it is all finished now.

I have been assured of their undivided attention tomorrow, so it is normal service again. I shall make sure they keep their promise!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Just Normal

That's what my day has been. I had a very good sleep last night because I had been out hunting for hours and I didn't come home again until my MH was in her bed, but my DH was still up 'cos he goes to bed late, so I know I can still get into my house.

When I come in at night, I have some dinner and a wee drink and then I nip up onto the bed beside my MH and 'cos I have my own blanket on the bed, I snuggle down beside her and go to sleep. My MH says 'goodnight' to me and tells me to 'coorie doon' which means 'cuddle in' and I don't need to be told twice, and soon we are both sound asleep until I decide it is time to get up!

It was just me and my DH today as my MH was away swimming, but we had a good day and I helped him in his greenhouse 'cos it is all ready now for the winter plants and I helped him take them from the gym into our greenhouse and I had a wee 'meow' to them all and they are all very happy now.

Then it was time to wait for my MH coming home and I sat on her knee while she told me what she had done, and I told her what we had been doing and we had a good chat.

I like our girlie chats and look forward to them.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Still Hunting

I had an absolutely brilliant night last night and was out for hours and hours and hours watching mouses, chasing mouses and catching mouses. It was magic!

I only went into my house once or twice to have a wee drink and a wee rest and then I was back out again. I do feel sorry----just a wee bit--- for my MH 'cos she has to keep getting up to open the window for me in case I bring her in a wee present that she doesn't want, but then I think that I am just helping her with her exercises. So she should be grateful really, shouldn't she?

I have been having a rest today and my humans had to go out for a wee while to help get the Hall ready for the Harvest Home on Friday, but they played with me as soon as they came home, so that was OK.

I am now having a nap on my couch and gathering up all my strength so that I can go out hunting again tonight 'cos it is still a good night weather-wise and I think I will be very busy---and very happy!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Much Better

Yes, it has been a much better day today 'cos both my humans have been at home to look after me and play with me whenever I want, so it has been very fine.

We did a wee bit of housework 'cos we have visitors coming to stay on Friday and my MH wants the house to look clean and tidy for them. On Friday, the whole island meet in the Hall for the Harvest Home and they all have a meal together and then there is a speaker who blethers about something relating to the island and then there is lots of dancing, some singing and some drinking.It is usually a very good night, but again, pussycats are not invited. :(

However, my MH said she would make me a special dinner and she would sing to me too, but as long as I get fed, I'm not really bothered too much! The person who is going to speak is staying with us, so I hope he thinks I am adorable. I shall be on my bestest behaviour.

After we did the housework, me and my MH went into the gym and when we came out, my DH was lying under his car trying to fix it and I went over to see him. I think I gave him a wee bit of a fright 'cos I sniffed at his ear when he was lying on the ground.

I didn't know that my DH could move so quickly!! :))

Monday, 14 November 2011

A Funny Day

It's been a strange day today 'cos I haven't been outside at all, and I don't really know why.

My MH went away to Kirkwall today on her own and left me and my DH to do some of the housework, which we did beautifully, of course. :) The weather was quite good but for some reason I just didn't feel like going outside and spent most of the day lying on the back of my couch and resting.

When my MH came back I ran to greet her and then we showed her all the house work we had done and she was very pleased. So pleased in fact that she gave my DH some cans of beer and tickled my adorable little tummy. I just worry that some day she might get this mixed up. I don't know who would get the bigger shock!!

I shall go out hunting again tonight 'cos I really like being out when it is dark and calm and not raining. There is so much to do and I just love doing pussy cat things outside. When I am in my house, I get fussed over and tickled, but when I am outside and I am a fierce warrior with boundless energy---- until I run out of steam and have to go home for a wee rest again.

Yep! being a pussy cat is VERY good!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Surprise

That's what I got today 'cos my DH came into the gym with us and he never does that, but he's got a sore knee and he thought a wee gentle walk might help. So there we were----my MH on her bike and my DH on the treadmill while I was running around and climbing up and down the walls, so at one point there were eight little legs all working very hard! :)

Remember I told you that I was going to go in and out of my window when my MH was watching 'Strictly'? Well, I did! But just for a little while 'cos I discovered that Brendan was back and I wanted to watch him. I like Brendan 'cos he is like me----very good most of the time, but a wee bit naughty sometimes! So I sat and watched the whole programme and my MH was very happy that she didn't need to get up and down any more.

And I am sorry, Sir Brucey, but Brendan is MY favourite!!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Not Much News

I have been just doing lots of the usual pussy cat stuff today, so I don't have very much news for you at all.

I wasn't very pleased this morning however and went away outside in a bad mood. Now I know you will be aghast at this thought 'cos I am always a very happy puss and never in a mood, so I shall tell you what caused it.

I was sitting on my MH's knee having a lovely dream about all the mouses I have been catching when she suddenly put my wormer 'stuff' on the back of my adorable little neck, and wakened me up with a fright! Now, I know this is to keep me well and healthy and all that, but I don't really like it, and if I see it coming, I disappear under the bed where I know she can't get to me, but today, she did it the sneaky way, and I didn't see it coming. So I was not best pleased!

I ran outside and stayed there until I knew it was safe to go back into the house, but I stayed away from my humans for a wee while ---just in case!

It has been a good day, and I have decided that I will go out hunting tonight, and I will make sure I am up and down all during her 'Strictly Come Dancing' programme, and that will be my revenge!


Friday, 11 November 2011

A Quiet Day

I have been resting a lot today 'cos I was quite tired after all my hunting yesterday and I was out lots and lots last night, but my humans closed the window every time I went out in case I brought home any more little 'presents', but I was very good and left all the wee mouses outside.

My MH's wee legs were tired getting up and down all the time to open the window, but she thought it was safer that way, so who am I to argue?

So today I have been a wee bit sleepy and as well as that, the weather is not very nice at all 'cos it is wet and windy, so I am quite happy to be inside and I have been playing with my humans and my toys and I helped my MH when she was doing all the house work except when she took out the awful vacuum cleaner and then I disappeared and talked to my DH who doesn't like it either.

I think I might leave home and move to Germany once I find out where that is and if my little boat goes there, 'cos my MH had an email from my friends there and they said it was a shame that my DH threw out my little mouse, so maybe if I go there, I could keep all my mouses.

I shall have to give that some thought, although my humans might miss me too much, but maybe a little blackmail might make them let me keep all my deaded mouses! What do you think?

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I am in trouble with a capital T! Remember I told you that I like going out hunting when it starts to get dark? Well, that's what I did last night and as usual, my humans left the window open for me so that I could nip back in whenever I felt like it.

I came back in while my MH was in the kitchen making the dinner and my DH was in the living room reading his paper, so he didn't see me come in. I wandered very proudly into the kitchen to give my MH her present.

Yes. It was a wee deaded mouse, and oddly enough, my MH wasn't best pleased and shouted for my DH. Well, as quick as a flash, I realised I might be in trouble and I scooted into the bedroom and under the bed with the wee mouse still in my adorable little mouth. Now, they don't know if I found it deaded or if I made it dead and of course, I can't tell them, but I was not flavour of the month, I can tell you.

I am also not the brightest, 'cos when my MH rattled my dinner dish, I ran into the kitchen, still with the little mouse in my mouth, dropped it to have my favourite dinner, and as quick as a flash, my DH had picked it up and put it outside! Shame!

I don't think they appreciate how hard I had worked to bring home the bacon, so to speak. I might not do it again----but on the other paw-------!! Hee hee :))

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Me and my MH have been sleepy today and we had a wee snooze in the afternoon. We had been up and down a lot through the night and so when it was time to get up we were a wee bit tired, but my MH had to go out for a while, so I looked after my DH.

When she came home, she decided to have a wee cat nap, and of course, I was there even before she was! Oh it was so good! I purred and she snored and my DH laughed at us, but we enjoyed it.

After that, we played with my toys and I sat on the window sill and watched all the boats coming in and out. I like watching them when it is dark 'cos I can see all the lights sailing over the water and it is lovely.

I sit for hours on the window sill with my head outside and my adorable little bottom in the house and this is fine as long as it is not blowing a gale or raining a lot and these past nights have been perfect!

I was outside for a long time last night and I watched and listened and I saw little mouses and I like watching them all running about but I didn't touch any of them. My humans left the window open and I was able to nip in an out as often as I liked, so I was a very happy pussy cat indeed.

Ah yes,life is good just now,

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Well, just as I was bragging about all our lovely weather, it goes and disappears and we are back to winter again!

It has been windy and cold, so I have been in my house most of the day, although I did go out and do some hunting when my MH was in the gym, but I didn't really like it, so I didn't stay out too long.

I have had great fun in the house though, 'cos it was bed-changing time again, and you all know how much I love that! I jumped over the beds, under the beds and on top of the beds and I hid under the sheets and the duvets until I was dizzy and my MH was nearly dizzy too trying to catch me, but it was great fun.

Then we went into the living room and my MH played with me and my stick with the feather and again, we had the bestest of fun, so I am going to have a wee rest now, and I might go out later on.

I like going out when it is dark, but it will depend on what the wind is doing.

Monday, 7 November 2011


That's what today has been. Just magic, and I have loved every minute of it.

The sun has been shining and it has been warm and the wind is away blowing some place else, so it has been lovely in my garden and I have been outside ALL day.

My MH went into her wee gym and 'cos it was a good day, she left the door open and I was able to run in and out whenever I felt like it, and I felt like it a lot! By the time she was finished all her exercises, my little legs were tired too, so we both needed a rest.

Then she decided to wash all the outside of the windows and I helped with this as well and we were all round the house and while she was washing and drying and polishing, I was chasing flies and dive-bombing plants and grass and I had a BALL! At one point, I tried to climb up the wall of my house, but I didn't get very far before I fell off again, and my MH laughed 'cos she knew I was OK.

My DH was down painting our Hall so it was just us girls at my house and we had a very good day, and if the weather stays like this, then I will have a very good night too, 'cos I intend to go out hunting until it is very late.

I am SOOOOO excited!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Still Good

Yep. The weather is still lovely with no wind and a wee bit of sunshine, so me and my MH have been out in the garden again and we played on the grass for a long time. I ran around and she pretended she was chasing me, but we both know she would never catch me 'cos I am much faster than she is.

Even though she does all those exercises, I am still MILES faster that she is, but we still have good fun.

I watched my television last night and I thoroughly enjoyed a programme all about Meerkats. I sat on my MH's knee 'cos I was a wee bit perturbed----not frightened, mind you, but I don't really understand this television thing. How can I see all these things moving in my living room and yet they are not there? My humans tried to explain but my little brain didn't really understand, so I will continue to sit on a knee--just in case!

I liked the little meerkats and all the sounds they made, but there was a great big snake there as well, and I did not like that at all, so I cuddled in closer till it slithered away again. I pretended I was protecting my MH, but I think she knows the truth.

As she keeps telling everybody---she is a very clever lady! Oh bless!!!

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I have had a lovely day today. The weather has been super and I have been out playing a lot. I went into the gym with my MH and watched her while she did all her exercises and then we both played in the garden for a while and I was a very happy wee pussy cat.

My MH was away at a meeting last night so it was just me and my DH and we had a good night. Normally, I sit on my MH's knee when we are watching the television, but that had gone with her to the meeting, so I decided to sit on my DH's knee for a change, and do you know what? I quite enjoyed it.

We had a wee chat and he told me some stories and I cuddled up for a wee while before I went away out hunting, but as soon as I heard my MH coming back, I jumped in the window and raced through to the kitchen to see her and she was so happy about that, that she gave me a big cuddle and rubbed my adorable little tummy.

And we were all very happy.

Friday, 4 November 2011

More Boxes

As you can see from today's picture, I spent a lot of time playing in the boxes before my humans filled them up. My MH says I look as though I am saying my prayers, but I think I was trying to catch a wee fly! Still we'll not spoil her illusion.

I have been out hunting a lot today and I caught a wee mouse and brought it into my house and ran straight under the bed with it so that my humans couldn't catch me. The mouse was dead, so they just left me alone for a wee while and I took it into the living room where my DH took it away from me.

I was quite sad when he did that, but I know where there are lots more. Tee hee :))

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Question

I have been a very good puss today and have been helping my humans in whatever they have been doing and it has been very much appreciated.

My MH was tidying things in our spare bedroom 'cos she has lots of things gathering up and she needed to put them away, so I had to inspect all the boxes she was using and that's what today's picture is. Don't I look adorable?

Then we went into the gym but it was a bit chilly for me 'cos I wasn't doing any exercises, so I nipped back in the window and helped my DH put all the boxes away in the loft and I'm afraid I gave him a wee fright. He has to use the step ladder to get into the loft and when he was up there, I decided to climb up too and I got to the very top of it just as he decided to come down again! Oh dear, he did get a fright, but I chuckled and when I told my MH, she chuckled too 'cos it was quite funny.

Now, my question. Are all humans a bit odd or is it just my beloved MH? It was pouring with rain today when I ventured out, and when I came in the window, she gave me a cuddle and said 'Oh, dear, peedie (small) puss, you are all wet'!!

Hello!! It is raining! Rain is wet! I have no raincoat therefore I am wet! What else would I be?

Very odd, indeed!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Quiet Day

That's what I have had 'cos it has been too windy for a tiny puss like me to go out and play, so I sent my MH out instead. Hee hee :)

She has to go out on Wednesday morning any way, so I saw her to the door and then went back and curled up on my couch until she came home again. Then we played on the floor and she gave me lots of cuddles before I decided that I needed to get some fresh air, so I nipped out of the window and played in the field for a wee while but it was cold and still windy, so I didn't stay out too long.

I have lots to do in the house with all my toys so I am still getting plenty of exercise which keeps me very fit and that's what I want to be.

Adorable and fit! Perfect!! :))

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

As I thought.....

.....our visitor thought I was adorable, so I like him! He made a fuss of me and told me he had dogs and a rabbit but didn't have a puss cat, although after seeing me, he thought he should get one. I did try to tell him that he probably wouldn't get one just as adorable as me, as I am definitely one of a kind!

So as you can see, I have had a good day. I was in good form, although I have been a wee bit clingy today and wanted lots of cuddles from my MH and as usual, she managed to do this for me so I was quite content.

It has been a good day so I have been hunting and exploring and doing lots of pussy cat things which keep me busy and amused, and after I have had some more cuddles, I will go out and do some hunting 'cos it is very dark and there is no wind, so I will be able to hear all the mouses, and I might even pounce on a few, or I might just listen to them.

I like that.