Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Busy Busy

You can see that I am a great help to my MH when she is doing her housework. I can run over all the furniture and help her hold the duster and we get the polishing done in no time at all!

Mind you, I do sometimes fight with the duster and my MH had threatened to roll me over on my back and use ME as a duster! Oh the indignity of it all! It doesn't stop me being full of mischief at all though, and my MH just laughs, so I don't think it really annoys her. And she hasn't mentioned the 'soup pot' for a while, so I think I am safe enough.

We had a play in the garden today and I ran and ran until my wee legs were tired and then I went into the gym and watched my MH on her bike until her wee legs were tired too. So now we are both resting on my couch, which is just lovely.

I hope you are resting too wherever you are.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Would You Believe It......

.....there is another Squeak in this world!! My friend from Germany told me that there was a baby pussy cat that she knows and its name is Quietschie which is German for.......Squeak! Me!!

I am sure it will be a beautiful pussy cat although not as adorable as me of course, but I am sure it will be lovely just the same. Maybe we can be friends and even pussy cat pen pals. That would be lovely and I could teach little Squeak all the things that I have learned with all my two years and two months experience! I am sure it would be invaluable to a baby puss.

Now. I know you are probably wondering what today's picture is, but I shall keep you waiting no longer. It is me having a wee rest in my MH's guitar case! She had to take her guitar out to play today and it needed to go in its box, and when she came back, she left the box on the floor, and I just had to have a look. So I looked from the outside in, and then I went inside and looked from the inside out 'cos I have to make sure I see as much as possible.

It was nice and furry and I think if it stays open, I might sleep there, but I think it will need to go away. I just hope my MH sees me and doesn't lock me up inside it.

That wouldn't be very good, would it?

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Brilliant Idea

But sadly, it isn't one of mine. Sigh. My MH took this adorable picture of yours truly when we were playing in the garden last night and she thought it looked as though I was trying to play the pipes, and we had a wee giggle.

She put the picture on Orkney Cats Protection Facebook page and one of her friends said maybe I was trying to be like the Pied Piper, and that got me thinking!

We don't have any rats on Graemsay---thank goodness---but as you know, we do have mouses. Well, I asked my MH to tell me all about the Pied Piper and when she had finished her story I decided that maybe if I DID learn to play the pipes, all the mouses would follow ME and that would make me a very happy pussy cat indeed.

So I think that my MH's friend had a BRILLIANT idea!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fun Time

I have had the bestest of fun today inside and outside and I am a very happy little pussy cat.

We started off playing in my house and my humans both played with me and I ran round and round my living room chasing my toys until we were all tired. Well, not the toys 'cos they're not real, so they can't get tired, but me and my humans were, so we had to have a rest.

In the afternoon, my MH went down to the graveyard 'cos her mummy and daddy are buried there and she takes them flowers, but when she came back, we went into the garden and we played for a long time.

I chased flies and my MH threw things for me to chase and catch and I found this sea shell which I 'killed' and then played with. I did lots of hide and seek 'cos that is my favourite game and we have lots of grasses outside my house --- some I don't know the name of and pampas grass that I do know, and they are big enough for an adorable little pussy cat like me to hide in and never be seen again. Unless, of course, I WANT to be seen!

When my MH went inside, I went into the field and talked to the sheeps for a wee while and I told them all the games I had been playing and I am sure they smiled at me.

Maybe they can play with us tomorrow. I shall ask 'The Boss'

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sooky Puss

That's what my MH calls me when I am in a cuddling mood and that's what I have been today. I was sitting on her knee when she was trying to write this and my adorable little paws kept hitting the keys---but not the ones she wanted, so I made a very funny message.

We went outside for a while to feed the birdies and have a wee play but it is still cold although not too windy now, so I have decided to save my energy for night time hunting.

My MH was cleaning out some cupboards today and of course I was helping, and if I tell you she had to stand on the small steps to reach the top of the cupboard, you will know exactly what happened! Yep! I nearly got stooded on 'cos I climbed up behind her just as she was coming down and if my DH hadn't been there, I might have got squashed and my MH would not have been at all happy. But he was there, and he shooed me away before I got shoe'd! Get it?

I am so clever, I surprise my adorable little self sometime!!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Blowing in the Wind

That's what I have been doing today. I went out of my door and it wasn't too blowy, so I played in my garden for a while and I saw some flies and some birds and some worms, so that was good.

When it was time to go inside, I decided to go in through my window, and that was a BIG mistake. Boy, is it windy at that side of my house! My little coat was all ruffled with the wind blowing through it, and even though my MH opened the window very quickly, I still nearly got blowed away over to Stromness, but she catched me just in time! She is a very good MH----I have to write that, 'cos she is watching! Hee hee :))

I went into my house and helped my MH play tennis on her Wii, but I still haven't worked out where the balls go. She was a bit better today, but she still lost---shame! We didn't go into the gym 'cos she didn't want to go out in the wind, so we stayed in and played with my toys which was just fine by me.

I had a wee snooze on the couch then, and that's what today's picture is. Don't I look cute? Sigh!

Thursday, 23 February 2012


It has been very windy and noisy outside, but nice and quiet inside. It has just been me and my DH at home today 'cos my MH was away at the dentist--but just for a check-up, so that's OK.

I can do a magic trick and I did it this morning and I don't understand why my MH wasn't more appreciative. There is a radio alarm beside my MH's bed and I have worked out that if I wriggle my adorable little paws on top of it, I can make it go off. I have also worked out that when it goes off, my MH gets up, and when she gets up, I get fed. Can you see where this is going?

I wakened up and I was hungry, so I did my little 'alarm dance' and made the radio come on and my MH was not at all happy 'cos it was only half past six in the morning and too early for her to get up. BUT, 'cos she had to get up at half past seven, she was frightened to go to sleep again in case she would oversleep and miss the boat.

I was not exactly flavour of the month!! And what makes it funnier is that my MH doesn't know what I do with the alarm and she can't do it. Hee hee :))

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I have been having a quiet day 'cos all that thinking yesterday made me tired. Some of my friends have tried to tell me why I don't like some milk and yet love some others, so I am still thinking all about it.

I played outside and I had a wee hunt for some mouses but I didn't find any and to be honest, I wasn't really in the mood 'cos it is quite wet.

My MH was away out for a while and my DH is over in Stromness all day, so I was left on my own for a wee short while and I played in my garden and sat on my window sill and then when my MH came back, we played all our favourite games and now we are waiting for my DH to come home and tell us all about his day.

I shall have lots of energy after my dinner and I will spend hours outside playing as long as it isn't too wet. I am looking forward to that.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Poser

When you look at today's picture, you may think that I am enjoying the view and idly looking out of the window, but I am not. I am thinking!

My MH and me have a problem. Not a serious problem, you understand, but a problem none the less and here it is.

Most mornings my MH has what she calls her 'power' breakfast and she has muesli with grapes and banana and mixed fruit and milk, and when she is finished, I get a tiny wee drop of milk out of her plate. Now, I don't normally drink milk 'cos I love drinking water, but I do like that last wee drop.

Now. If my MH is going to the town and she is having her lunch somewhere, then she just has some corn flakes in the morning with milk, and as usual, she offers me the last wee drop of milk. And guess what? I don't like it!

So why is that? We don't really know,but there it is.

My problem for today. I hope you don't have any problems.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Almost Normal

I have managed to get out to play quite a lot today although it is still very cold and windy, but I am a hardy little pussy cat, so out I go.

I had some brilliant fun in my house this morning 'cos my MH was changing the duvet covers. I can see you smiling already 'cos you know what that means. Yep. It was hide and seek time and I have almost perfected the art! As soon as the duvet came off, I was under the sheets as quick as lightning and I lay so, so still that no-one could see me. My DH came into the room and my MH asked him to find me---and he couldn't! Then I got so excited that I wagged my tail and gave the game away! Oops!!

BUT. I played a trick on my MH 'cos when she was talking to my DH, I nipped off the bed and hid under it, but she still thought I was in the duvet cover and she looked all over for me and then I jumped up onto the bed and gave her a fright, but then we both giggled and she tickled my adorable little tummy which always makes me happy.

After that, we went into the gym for a while and then played in the garden on our way back to the house, and now I am having a pre-dinner snooze before I go out and terrorise my neighbourhood later on!

Only joking! Hee hee :)))

Sunday, 19 February 2012


It was snowing last night and I have been out playing in it today. There wasn't very much, but there are some bits of ice and snow still lying around in my garden, so I have been having good fun.

My MH came outside with me and we played outside for a long time until it got too cold for the old dear, so she went inside and I went hunting to see if I could find any frozen mouses, but I didn't. Sigh!

I played in my bedroom with my MH and I bounced around my house for a long time 'cos I am feeling very fit and very full of beans and mischief today, so I don't know WHAT I will get up to later on. I am in a very good mood.

Today's picture is of me playing in my bedroom with my little mouse and I think it is a beautiful picture of moi. My MH has HUNDREDS of pictures of yours truly and I am only two! I wonder how many she will have when I am THREE!

Saturday, 18 February 2012


.... my little weather-man friend was spot on when he said we would have snow, 'cos we have some snow today and it is very windy.

My humans had thought about doing to Kirkwall today---again!---but the weather is too bad so they stayed home. They are both good travellers but sometimes when it is windy, it is difficult getting on and off the boat and that's the bit my MH doesn't like especially as she has only got little legs! I am always happy when they stay home.

I went into the garden for a wee while with my MH and we stayed out and got snowed on but then it was too cold so we went back inside and played in my living room. I have got a new bit of string from yesterday's messages and I was playing with that when my MH took this picture which I think is a cracker.

But then modesty is not one of my strong points, is it?


Friday, 17 February 2012

Girls Together

This is my DH's day in Stromness, so it is just us girls left in the house and we like that. After my DH went away, we had another wee snooze and I cuddled into my MH and dreamed of mouses and hunting and pussy cat stuff until it was time to get up. My DH had already given me my breakfast, so I was perfectly content.

There was no vacuum cleaner to disturb the day as all the housework had been done yesterday and my MH promised herself a day off to play with me and attend to my every whim---which, as you know, I have come to expect!

I sat on her knee for a while and we had a chat about this and that and then I went into the gym with her and watched as her wee legs pedalled on her bike. She is getting faster and I put that down to all the encouragement I give her. I love when she is finished 'cos then it is play time for me, although I know I am being a wee bit naughty. When she is exercising, my MH listens to her Ipod with her earphones and when she is finished, she wraps them up in a wee case, and when she is doing that, the end hangs down and wobbles in front of me and I have great fun trying to catch it before it gets too high for me. I love that game.

We played in the garden for a while although it was a bit chilly but I did lots of running round my grass and I liked that. My little friend the weatherman says he might give me some snow this weekend, so I might not see my grass for a while, but I like the snow, so that's OK.

I am having a rest now until my DH comes home and then I will tell him what we have been doing and then I will go out hunting as long as it is not too wet or too cold.

I hope you are not too wet or too cold too.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

This and That

I was outside for a long time again last night and as usual, I had really good fun. There are fields all round my house and in the fields there are mouses and insects and so there are lots of creatures for an adorable pussy cat like me to explore.

I made my humans laugh last night 'cos I went outside just after my dinner which is a habit of mine and I didn't come in until about an hour later. I had a wee biscuit and a wee drink and I sat on my MH's knee for five minutes and then I was off again--out of my window for another hour and then I repeated the whole thing again and they did chuckle at me 'cos they though this was funny.

I was outside with my DH today while we looked at his greenhouse so that he can decide what he needs to buy for it this year. I hope I get some more tomatoes to look after but I am sure I will 'cos I made such a good job of it last year.

I played hide and seek with my MH, but I think you will see from today's picture that she found me quite easily. My favourite hiding place is under the coffee table in my living room, so I think I may have to have a wee change so that she won't find me so quickly.

Then I lay on my couch and watched my MH as she played on her Wii. She hasn't done this for a while 'cos she has been making cards and she wasn't very good today, but fortunately she was in front of me and so she didn't see me having a wee giggle every time she missed the tennis ball. Hee hee :)))

Oh I am wicked! Adorable AND wicked!!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


.... the wind didn't go away and it is still blowing today, so I have been an inside pussy cat.

I went out to play last night and I was out for hours and hours and I had brilliant fun. I chased some mouses and I listened to all the wee birds and I saw beetles and spiders and things and I sniffed lots of places and explored lots of other places and I was the contentest wee cat in the EN-TIRE world.

When I finally went home, my MH was already in her bed, but she was reading, so I cuddled up beside her and told her all the things I had done---in pussy cat language, of course, which she understands perfectly!---and then we both had a good long sleep.

She went out this morning for a wee while and I was a bit tired, so I just had a nap until she came home and then I watched her as she made some cards---but I didn't help her this time---and then we played with my toys and she tickled me and that was fun.

I have just been fed and have had a wee trip outside but it is a tad cold for me, so I think I may save my energy for later on and go hunting when it is really dark.

I wonder what I will find tonight?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


It is windy today and I am very happy! Now, I know those of you who read all about me will know that I normally do not like the wind and so you will be wondering why I have had this ginormous change of heart.

WELL! Picture the scene. There I was last night, sitting on my MH's knee pretending to be fast asleep, but listening to every word my humans were saying just in case I got a mention, and I heard them saying that they would go to Kirkwall today.This means they have to leave my house at 8:15 in the morning and they don't get back until about 4:15 in the afternoon.

You will also know that I am a people-cat, and I like my humans to be here with me so that I can play with them when I want to, and I can sit on my MH's knee when I want to and I can make them cuddle me when I want to, so I was not best pleased.

I am OK on my own and I usually sleep until they come home, but I am happier when they are here.

WELL (again!)When they wakened up at half past seven, the man on the radio said it was going to be windy and that the sea would be rough so my DH said to my MH 'What do you think?' and my MH said 'I think we'll stay home' and I said 'Yesssss!'

So you can see that I am a very happy pussy cat and I have been helping my MH in her gym and then she played with me and cuddled me lots, so I am very happy that the wind was blowing today. But I hope it stops tomorrow.

Monday, 13 February 2012

A Pretty Picture

I hope you like today's picture. You can see me looking out of the window and the two boats on the sea.

The little boat is the MVGraemsay which is our boat and goes from Stromness to Graemsay and Hoy every day and I have been on that boat a few times, but my humans have to put me in my little basket and I don't like that a lot, so I am quite happy not to go on the boat.

The big boat is the Hamnavoe and that goes from Stromness to Scrabster and takes cars and lorries as well as people, but I have never been on that one and I don't think I ever will be.

It hasn't been a very good day today so I haven't been doing very much except running away from the vacuum cleaner! I did go into the gym with my MH but we only stayed there for a short time 'cos her little legs were tired, so we just went home and she played with me in my house, then I sat on the window sill and watched the boats.

I will probably go outside tonight until it gets very late 'cos I love being outside in the middle of the night being a big brave hunter!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Happy Birthday

....not to me, but to my MH 'cos it's her birthday today and I have been giving her lots of cuddles for her birthday and she liked that a lot.

I helped my DH make a lovely card for her and she was very pleased, so she is a happy OLD lady now! Hee hee :))

We have all had a good day and my MH's friend came to see her and of course, I was the centre of attention and got lots of tummy tickles and cuddles which I just love.

It is quite cold today, but me and my DH were outside putting in new cable for our television and we worked very hard until we got too cold and then we had to come inside. I played with my MH while my DH read his paper and got warmed up, but I don't think we will go outside again as it is starting to get dark now, so it is time for me to cuddle up on my couch and have a wee snooze until hunting time later on.

Maybe I will find a big mouse to bring home for my MH for her birthday and if she doesn't like it too much, I shall eat it all up myself!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Happy Happy Me!

Today is messages from the boat day and one of my humans has to go to the pier and collect them and then bring them home to me and then unpack the boxes and that's when I start getting excited 'cos there is always something for me to play with---and today was no exception.

Sometimes it is a big bit of string, but today my MH dropped a piece of cellophane paper on my kitchen floor and yours truly had a ball! It slided all over the floor and I slided all over the floor after it and I was under the table and nearly inside the fridge until my MH moved me. Ooops!

Then I carried it into the bedroom and played with it on top of my blanket which is on top of my bed and I went round and round in circles until I was very nearly dizzy.

But then I noticed that I had made my bed quite warm, and by this time I was quite tired, so I just lay down and had a very long afternoon sleep. I was quite sleepy anyway 'cos I didn't come home this morning until three o'clock! My MH was already in her bed and my DH was getting a wee bit annoyed 'cos he had to get up early to get the boat to go to Stromness to help in the Cats Protection shop, so I nearly got a row.

Nearly, but not quite. I am just TOO adorable!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

At Rest

Today's picture is of yours truly, taken after a hard day's hunting and sniffing and purring and thinking.

It has been a lovely day and I have been outside lots of times and have had good fun, so when I came in I needed a wee sleep on my chair and my MH though I looked so lovely that she whipped out her camera and took this picture.

You can see out of my living room window and see what I see when I sit on my window sill. It is a lovely view and I like watching the birdies and the boats, but I don't go near the water as it is a wee bit far away for a puss cat with little legs and as I can't swim, I don't really see the point.

I shall go out hunting tonight after dinner, but I was quite annoyed when I saw that my MH told somebody that I went out to PLAY! I work very hard when I go out and I HUNT.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Normality again!

I have been normal again and I haven't been in any trouble at all today, so we are all very happy.

My MH goes out for a wee while on a Wednesday and so I had to look after my DH which I did beautifully and I know he really appreciated it.

When my MH came home, we played together and we had great fun playing with all my toys until I was really tired and then I watched her making some more cards which are quite lovely. I have to say that 'cos she is watching!

It is raining today, so I won't be going out to play much at all but I may have to go hunting later on, so I hope the rain goes off 'cos I don't like when my adorable little coat gets wet, but I shall find some place to shelter and scare the mouses with a very severe look!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Silly Squeak

Yep, that's what I am. I am a silly puss and I shall now tell you why.

Every now and then I have to be de-flea-d and de-worm-ed and I do not like that at all. And yes, I know it is to keep me healthy and yes I know my humans only do it because they love me and yes I know that I don't have bother with fleas or worms because of these things, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. And guess what? I HATE IT!! :((

Well, last night was going really well and I was sitting on my MH's knee minding my own business, watching my television and purring beautifully, when I saw the horrible green thing coming out of its packet and I was OFF 'cos I knew exactly what it was.

My MH tried to catch me but even with all her hours in her gym, she isn't anywhere as fast as me and she couldn't get near me me. I ran into the kitchen and then I ran into the bedroom and under the bed and I stayed there 'cos I knew I was safe.

So, my MH gave up and went into the bathroom and started rattling things and, being such an inquisitive pussy cat, I went to see what she was doing. You know what is coming don't you? SHE SHUT THE DOOR!

I tried to make my escape, but it was no good and she was able to put the stuff on my adorable little neck after all.

Oh dear, I knew my nosey-ness would get me into trouble, and I was right!

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Great Outdoors

It has been a beautiful day today and I have spent most of it running and sniffing and hunting and exploring and generally having a brilliant time.

We started off in the gym where my MH worked very hard until her wee legs were nearly too tired to come into the garden to play with me, but with my encouragement, she managed, and we both enjoyed it. I ran all over my garden and jumped into the pampas grass and I nearly disappeared! We stayed out for a long long time and even the sheeps were busy watching us and smiling!

Later on in the afternoon, my MH was making some cards and I had to help her. She had a carrier bag full of her papers on the table and I had to have a close look inside and she took some pictures of me which I can show you tomorrow. I look very fetching in them.

But that of course goes without saying!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sleepy Squeak

I am resting today although I have been out playing quite a few times. It is a bit cold for me and even my little fur coat doesn't keep me warm, so I only stay outside for a short time and then I nip back in for a cuddle and a wee warm up.

I did go out with my MH to feed the birdies and then I sat on my window sill and watched them gobble it all up. I think they enjoyed it all. They never get any of my food 'cos I eat it all up myself 'cos I need to be a strong and healthy puss, so I need to eat all my dinners---and I do like all my food so there is never anything left!

I brought my humans a wee present in last night but they weren't overly pleased 'cos it was a dead mouse and for some reason humans don't seem to want to do anything with dead mouses, so I'll maybe not bother in future!

I have been a very well cuddled puss since my escapade with 'The Box' as I got lots of cuddles sent to me from my friends in Germany and my MY passed them on to me.

Oh, I am such a very lucky pussy cat.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Almost! I thought one of my adorable little lives had gone yesterday and I am still not over the trauma. I reckon it will take another tin of tuna and a zillion cuddles before I am back to normal. Hee hee!

I know you will all be anxious to know what happened and I shall now tell you the whole sorry story.

Picture the scene! MH arrives back with box of messages and puts said box on the chair in my kitchen so that she can empty it.Yours truly is sitting on the table watching very carefully until said box is empty so that I can inspect the inside. You know I am very curious and venture into anything that opens without any thought to my safety.

Well, I lay in the box and did a lot of sniffing and looking and then I moved and that was my downfall-----quite literally, for the box shook and then tumbled onto the floor with me inside it. Oh calamity! I thought my end had come.

OK. I may be exaggerating a wee bit 'cos the chair wasn't really that high, but it did give me a wee fright, although after a cuddle from my MH I was tickety-boo again!

Will I stop exploring? No way! I am an intrepid little character.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Super Duper

I have had a super duper day and I am a very happy wee puss. It has been a glorious day---just a wee bit cold, but brilliant for pussy cats to be out playing and that's just what I have been doing.

My DH was away to Stromness to help in the Cat Protection shop and I helped my MH to do her housework and then we went out to play in my garden and that was great fun. After a wee while, I went out of my front window and into the field where the sheeps are and today's picture is of me talking to one of my sheep friends. I had been in the field right beside her, but when she started to walk towards me in a rather 'menacing' manner, I decided to nip through my fence and into my garden and Mrs. Sheep couldn't follow me! Hee hee :))

My MH was watching me and she thought that this was very funny and it made her smile, so it has been a very good day. And it's not finished yet, 'cos we are having more visitors in tonight and they like cats, so I shall have lots of people to cuddle me, and you know that makes me a very happy peedie puss!

Thursday, 2 February 2012


.... is the day when me and my DH have to get on with all the housework while my MH goes swimming.

We didn't need to get up too early as she wasn't leaving until 10:30am so there was plenty of time for cuddles for yours truly, and then off she went with her little rucksack on her back.

I sat with my DH while he had his coffee and then we went outside for a while. It is dry and not windy, but it is very cold, so we didn't stay out too long and when we went inside, we worked through the list of jobs the Boss had left.

She came back home again at 4:30pm and as soon as I heard her coming in the door, I ran to meet her 'cos she always lifts me up and gives me a big cuddle and tickles my adorable little tummy, and that makes me purr very loudly.

When she had unpacked, I sat on her knee and she told me all about her day and told me she had swimmed 25 lengths and she said that was a lot of swimming, and I believe her 'cos she looked a wee bit tired.

She fed me and then my humans had their dinner and I am now having my after dinner snooze on my couch before I go out hunting later on, but I think my MH might be in bed early tonight.

And I might be too!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A New Toy....

.....although it really isn't a toy and it really isn't for me, but I played with it anyway.

My MH's two friends were in my house today 'cos they were looking through all their craft boxes to see what they all had, and of course I had to help them. I may have told you before that I am quite an inquisitive little pussy cat and I need to go inside EVERYTHING to see what it looks like.

My favourite places are inside boxes, bags, drawers, cupboards--anything really, so when they opened these big boxes, I was there in a flash! It made the ladies giggle as I made myself very comfortable inside it, and then my MH took this picture of me after she had taken me out of the box and put the lid back on it.

You can see that I am not best pleased!