Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hero Puss

That's what I am today.I am a hero. I know you are now agog, wondering what has happened, well I shall tell you.

You know I told you that my DH has been putting new vinyl on my kitchen floor? Well, he had to move the dishwasher, and when he was finished, he put everything back together again and we all had our dinner.

Then my MH put the dishes into the machine and switched it on and that's when I sprang into action. I know you have worked out what had happened. Yep, my DH hadn't tightened up the hose properly and all the water was coming over my new kitchen floor.

Now, normally, my humans switch the dishwasher on and then go into my living room with their coffee, but my MH noticed that I was staring at something on the floor and making funny noises and when she looked at me and looked at what I was looking at, she saw all the water and switched off the machine immediately. Phew!

I reckon that if I hadn't seen the water, we might all have drowned, although MH can swim so she would have saved us. So there!

That got me thinking that maybe I could be a famous hero? I could be the other SAS! Super(adorable)Squeak!

My MH could make me a cloak and a mask as my uniform, but I will NOT wear sparkly knickers! No way!! I don't mind wearing something special to make me noticeable all over the world, but I draw the line at sparkly knickers. Maybe I will leave those to my MH!! Hee hee, but don't tell her I said that, or you know where I will be heading!

Oh yes, I am looking forward to being a worldwide super hero!

Is it a bird? Is it a'plane? No it's Super Squeak!!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Surprise, surprise!

I sound like Cilla Black, but I had a big surprise yesterday which made me very happy.

You know that my DH has been putting new lino on my kitchen floor? And do you remember that years ago when I was just a baby pussy cat, I had a wee toy which had wee green balls as hands and feet, and that I pulled the hands and feet off and carried these wee green balls round with me and played with all the time and then lost them? Well, my DH has found them again! I had managed to stick them under the fridge and there they were when my DH pulled it out.

Oh I am so happy 'cos I had nearly forgotten all about them, but as soon as I saw them, I remembered how much I loved them, and I have been playing with them all afternoon. Happy, happy, happy.

It has been very wet and windy today so I have been inside nearly all day, but I have been playing with my MH and today's picture is of me hiding under my coffee table while my MH is holding my stick and ball and we have had great fun playing.

My DH likes this picture 'cos unless you were in my house, you wouldn't know it was me. So, apart from that, I don't have a lot of news for you, but I will send you a picture of me in my kitchen and you can see what my DH has been doing. I think you will like it.

Friday, 28 September 2012

It's OK....

....I am still an adorable pussycat and not a owl! Phew! My MH saw me sitting in front of the mirror looking all worried and when I told her what I was thinking, she just smiled and said I would always be her adorable beautiful pussy cat, and she didn't want a owl. So there. I am still just ME!

I was up early this morning 'cos my MH was going out and I told the sheeps and cows what had been worrying me. Have you ever seen a cow laugh? Oh, I am a silly Squeak sometimes!

I had a snooze with my MH when she came home and I like that and then we did lots of work in the afternoon. My DH put new vinyl on our kitchen floor yesterday and it is looking lovely, but me and my MH had to do lots of tidying up today while he is at the Cat Protection shop.

I had a rest then and I will have my dinner and then another wee rest before I go outside to see what is happening on my island. I was playing outside my living room and my MH caught me having a drink out of the fountain and she took this picture for you.

I hope you like it.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Confused Dot Com

That's what I have been today. Confused and waiting for something to happen. I shall explain, but first I have a question. Can pussycats change into birdies? I ask this because.....

You know I have been telling you that I like to go out late at night and very early in the morning? Well. Today when me and my MH were having our wee chat as I sat on her knee, she told me I was turning into a night owl.

That disturbed me 'cos I want to stay a pussy cat 'cos I like being a pussycat. I jumped off her knee and sat in front of the mirror watching--me.

I watched my lugs and they were still the same.

I watched my eyes to see if they were getting bigger, but they were still the same.

I tried to 'hoot' but I just 'squeaked' as usual, and then I tried to turn my head all the way round and nearly did myself an injury!

I don't think I am changing, but maybe it will take time, but I hope I can just stay an adorable pussycat and not become a owl.

And another thing. I think my MH can read my mind 'cos I was sitting beside an open drawer just wondering if I could jump into it when my MH said 'Don't even think about it!' How did she know that's what I was thinking?

Could it have been the fact that I was staring at it and wriggling my adorable little bum? I suppose that is a bit of a give-away!! Hee hee

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sleepy Squeak

I have been very sleepy today and have been curled up on my bed for a while. I went out late last night 'cos I really like the darkness and by the time I was ready to go out, the wind had gone away and it was lovely outside, so I stayed out for a long time watching the cows and the sheeps and listening for more mouses.

Then I got up very early this morning and went outside again before it was light and I stayed until the sun got up and smiled at me and then I went home. So I think it is alright if I am a wee bit tired today.

My MH went out for a while and when she came back, she cuddled me in my blanket and told me what she had been doing and I liked that a lot, so when she went away, I just stayed all curled up and had some more dreams.

She did some work and played on her Wii and then when she was using her computer, I squeezed in beside her and I put my adorable little head on her keyboard when she was writing my story for you.

So, you see, I am NEARLY writing it myself, as I am on top of all the keys and sometimes, if I lean on them, it makes funny words and my MH just smiles and rubs them out and then does them properly 'cos you wouldn't understand what I am saying.

Maybe one day I will learn to do it properly.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Funny Old Day

My humans went away on the boat at half past ten this morning after telling me they would be away all day, and since it was very windy, the window had to be closed. Ho hum!

So, I did what any self-respecting (adorable) pussycat would do---I took to my bed!I thought I would stay there until they came back, but I was just in the middle of a lovely dream when I heard my door opening. Aaargh! I crept into the kitchen, ready to attack the intruder and was just about to spring, when I realised it was my MH back early! Whew.

Because it was windy, my MH decided to come home on the early boat 'cos with her little legs, it is sometimes hard to get off the boat when it is bouncing about, but my DH went and did the shopping, so we had a girlie afternoon and I liked it a lot.

It was still wet and windy, so we just played with all my toys and I had great fun. Then we noticed this little birdie in my garden and I thought you would like to see it.

I was a wee bit peeved last night 'cos I brough my humans a present and they didn't really like it. I left them a wee mouse which was a wee bit dead, but maybe it was because I left it in the bedroom and my MH nearly stood on it when she was going to bed! I will leave my presents some place different in future and maybe my humans will like them then.

I hope so.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Nothing to Report

I don't have very much news today 'cos I haven't been doing much at all.

I did go out early and spoke to all my friends and played in the long grass, but I didn't go through the fence in to the field 'cos the cows are there and sometimes they leave steaming 'deposits' which I don't want to step in or my humans wouldn't let me back into my house. Either that, or they would put me in the bath and scrub me clean. So I avoid that at all costs!

My MH took out the vacuum cleaner again, but I have learned to accept that. I still do not like it, but I put up with it. Me and her had a wee siesta and I like that 'cos she cuddles me and tells me she loves me and that makes me the happiest puss cat in the world.

It was raining in the afternoon, so I just lay on the back of my couch and looked out at the cows and they stood in the field outside my living room window and looked in at me, but then I dozed off and had a lovely dream.

So, although I haven't been doing very much, I have had a good day and I have had plenty of cuddles and attention and so I am very happy with my lot today.

Long may it last!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Still Brilliant

My MH has kept her word and I have been very, very spoiled this weekend and very, very happy.

We were both up at five o'clock this morning to use our litter trays and I got a wee biscuit or two and then my MH noticed that it was a fine morning so she opened the window for me and I was off!

I gave the sheeps and the cows and even some of the birdies quite a shock, 'cos they were still sleeping and here was me all excited and jumping about like a three year old. Oops! I nearly AM a three year old!

When I had played enough, I nipped back to bed beside my MH and had another snooze and some brilliant dreams until it was up-time. I took my MH outside and showed her some of my tricks that made her smile, but her biggest smile was when I found a spider in the bath.

I was standing on the edge of the bath and I saw this 'thing' moving, so I leapt into the bath to see what it was and it was a big spider. I touched it gently with my adorable little paw and it scooted away from me making me jump a wee bit, but then it disappeared down the plug-hole and that's when my MH started to laugh at me 'cos I looked down the plug hole with one eye, and then I turned my whole head and looked with the other eye but I didn't see anything. I stood there for ages just doing the same thing and my MH seemed to think this was very funny, but my spider was gone! Sigh :(

In the afternoon, three of my MH's friends came into my house for a chat and I was petted and stroked and talked to which I loved, so all in all, I am very happy and it is not yet dinner time.

I hope my night time will be as good and I hope you have a good night time too.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

I have been having brilliant fun today 'cos the weather has been good, so we have all been outside and you just know how I love that. My MH did some washing and when she went to hang it out, I ran as fast as my adorable little legs would take me---which is pretty fast, I can tell you!--- and was up the clothes pole before she even got off the path! On how we did giggle.

I love trying to catch her with my paw when she is putting the pegs on the clothes and she has fun trying to avoid me. I spoke to the sheeps, and I am afraid I was showing off a wee bit with my pole dancing activities, and they were mightily impressed as I flew (not literally) from pole to pole. They were agog!

Then my DH had to be a sheeps-herd for a wee while. Now, I am going to tell you a secret and I hope I don't offend anyone, but sometimes some sheeps can be rather silly. The little lambs are beautiful---not adorable like what I am, just beautiful, but when they grow up, they are , well, NOT! And they do silly things and that's why my DH had to try and help.

One of the sheeps had managed to get out of the field and had decided that it wanted back in again, but couldn't remember how to do it, so it just stood there and baa-ed very loudly until my DH went and shoo-ed it back into the field while me and my MH watched him. Silly sheep, good DH! After that, we all played in my garden and I have had the full attention of my humans all day, so everything Chez Squeak is just perfect today.

I hope you are having a perfect day too.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Oh Happy Day!

There has not been a duster or a sponge or a bucket of water in sight all day! Even the dreaded vacuum cleaner has not made an appearance and I am beside my adorable little self with happiness and contentment!

Me and my MH were up very early this morning and I went away out to play. I had a chat to the sheeps and said that I had been promised undivided attention, but I wasn't too sure. They thought it would be OK but they weren't too sure either.

When my MH came back from wherever she had been, I was still outside and as the big boat was passing my house to go to Scrabster in Scotland, she decided to take this picture for you so you can see the boat and the sea and some of my cow and sheeps friends who were all lying on the grass quite happily 'cos it wasn't raining then.

She went inside, and I deliberatly stayed out to play for a while, just to test her. I needn't have worried 'cos when I went in my window, she was sitting on my couch, so I nipped up onto her lap and purred 'Big cuddles, please MH' and that is exactly what I got. Lots of them! And it has been like that all day. Magic.

We had a wee snooze togther and then I attacked the grass outside my house and chased flies and daisies and generally did lots of things that adorable little puss cats like me should do.

And I knew that when I went inside there would be lots of cuddles waiting for me. I told my sheeps friends and they were very happy for me, so we are all very happy now and I hope you are happy too.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

It's Over!

My MH likes Roy Orbison and she played this song for me today after she had finished cleaning my kitchen, 'cos all the cleaning work is done now, and I have, once again, become the centre of her universe!

As soon as she sat down, I took my rightful place on her lap and we had a lovely wee chat while she tickled my adorable little tummy and promised me that there would be lots more of that from now on. I am sure I can hear lots of sighs of relief from around the world. It is so good to know that so many people were concerned about me.

After our chat, me and my MH went outside to see the sheeps and I had a marvellous roll on the stones but I hope I don't offend anyone by showing too much of my nether regions here!

It is stew for my humans tonight and I got a wee bit of raw beef which I gobbled up very quickly. My MH told me it would keep me healthy and I loved it, so I went outside to tell my DH and to help him tidy up in our greenhouse and then me and him watched the sheeps 'cos he likes them too.

I played outside for a long time and I saw the birdies playing on my pampas grass and when I went inside, my MH was taking this picture of them swinging on the branches and it made her smile.

I was a very good pussy cat and didn't chase them 'cos they all looked very happy just playing there, so I just smiled to myself and had a nap on my couch.

I am looking forward to being a very spoiled pussy cat again.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Final Warning!

I have issued my MH with her final warning. If this cleaning lark doesn't stop NOW, I am reporting her to the cruelty man! I have had enough! I am frightened to stay still in case I get polished, or dusted or washed, or even worse, I might get sooked (sucked) up into the dreaded vacuum cleaner!

I sat on her knee last night and told her this and she promised me she was nearly finished. She just has the utility room to do and then my kitchen. So the plan is to keep the kitchen until tomorrow, but we did the utility room today and actually, I had a wee bit of fun at the same time.

The sink was filled with soapy water and you know how I like playing with water? Well, I sat up on the worktop and played with the bubbles and made waves in the water with my little paws and I was quite happy until it was all finished and then I had to have a sleep. I am so tired keeping out of the way of all this housework. It's just not fair!

However, the end seems to be in sight and I have been promised complete and utter undivided attention from then on. But if I don't get it, then I am straight on the phone and then on the boat!

Watch this space, dear reader, watch this space!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Just a normal day...

....except the Boss has had us ALL working! This house cleaning is definitely getting out of hand, and if happens again in my (adorable!) lifetime, I am leaving home!

We had quite a long lie as neither human was going anywhere and it was raining early on this morning when I first wakened, so I decided to stay nice and cosy all curled up beside my MH. I should have kept her there and then we would all have had peace and quiet!

However, up she got and leapt into action scrubbing our bedroom and then getting my DH to do the same in the study. Mind you, he kept nipping out for cups of coffee so I don't think he was working as hard as he said he was, but now that he is finished, the room looks lovely and the Boss is pleased, and you all know what that means!

My humans are having stovies for their dinner tonight and that meant that I got some raw mince when my MH was cooking and I really like that, so I was very happy and purred very loudly as it was going into my little tummy, and then I had to have a wee lie down.

But it wasn't for too long, 'cos my MH went into her gym and then we played on the grass for a while and I chased and killed some daisies! Oh I am ruthless, am I not? When we went back into my house, I scooted under the rocking chair in my living room and that is my sign to my humans that I want to be played with, and 'cos I have taught them SO well, my MH recognised the sign and played with me and my wee ball again, until it was time for us both to have another wee rest.

So you can see that I have had a normal day, but it has been a good normal, and I hope you have had a good normal too.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Just another Monday

But it is quite a nice Monday with just some rain and not very much wind which suits me just fine.

Me and my MH were up very early this morning and I was fed and out talking to the sheeps before seven o'clock. Mind you, I was back on my bed again before eight o'clock!

I don't know what happened to my MH while she was out, but when she came home she decided to do a 'big' clean in my living room and bathroom, so after I had a wee seat on her knee with a cuddle thrown in for good measure, she went round my house like a whirlwind! There was the vacuum cleaner screaming, the polish ponging and the duster and cloths were going so fast, I am sure I could see sparks coming out of them! Me and my DH retreated to the greenhouse VERY quickly! I do not know what she was thinking, but after a couple of hours of high-speed hoovering, dusting and polishing, she ran out of steam and we heaved a huge sigh of relief! I did hear her telling my DH that she was going to do the rest of the house later on in the week, so I don't think there will be much peace in my house for the next few days. Ho hum :(

The good bit about this, was that when she was finished, she was a wee bit tired, so me and her went for a wee snooze and I cuddled up close and purred myself to sleep and my MH liked that. A lot!

In the afternoon, we played with my ball and I had great fun and my MH took this lovely picture of me just for you.

I hope you like it.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A new name

My MH gave me a new name today. I am now a MONSTER monster!

I have been a bit of a rascal today but it's just 'cos I am full of energy and happiness. I wakened at half past five this morning and when I cocked my adorable little lug, I heard no wind, so I HAD to get outside!

I think you know the procedure by now? I position myself on my MH's radio alarm and wriggle until I set it off. If that doesn't work, I sit on her hi-fi and wriggle until I open the CD drawer which makes a noise as it opens, and if she is STILL ignoring me, I launch myself on to some part of her anatomy which generally does the trick!

So eventually, I got a wee feed and I was away out as happy as I possibly could be. The sheeps got quite a surprise when they saw me 'cos they were still sleeping and I think I gave one of them a fright. Ooops!

I had a long play before I decided to go home and snuggle up beside my MH for another snooze. Later on, after she had done all her wee chores,----'cos she takes it easy on a Sunday, we went into the gym and she cycled for a long time while I watched her and then played on the grass for a while and there was still no wind so it was really good fun. She was putting away her ear-phones when she had finished cycling, and she thought the end had got caught in ther chair 'cos they were awful heavy, but when she looked down, there was a pussycat hanging on to the end of them! Can you guess who it was? YES! It was ME- Squeak. Hee hee :))) And that's when I became the monster monster.

I want you to do something for me please. Have a look at this picture, and tell me if you think I am capable of being a monster .

I think not!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dear Sean.....

I am going to write to my little weather man friend to ask if he can turn down the wind in my garden please 'cos me and my MH are tired of getting blowed away every time we go out. I am sure he will help me if he can.

So. I did go out last night and I stayed out for a long time 'cos the nice farmer next door has put all the sheeps in the field right beside my fence, but he has put up a gate so that they can't get into my garden, but I just jump through the fence and I am right beside them. This is the ram sheep that I stay away from, although he is quite friendly to me, but can you see his big horns? I wouldn't like to be near him when he is in a bad mood, would you?

I had a good sleep with wondeful dreams and my MH was telling me that she had a dream where me and her were away a very far place and I went off hunting just as she saw a big lion starting to chase after me. I am guessing we weren't on my little island! Hee hee. Anyway, my poor old MH was worried about me and decided that I was dinner for the lion until I arrived back licking my lips! I told you I was a VERY brave pussycat!

I have been in and out a lot today although it is very windy, but I can still find plenty of sheltered spots to have a rest and just watch what is happening in my little world. I went into the gym with my MH and then we played in the garden when she was finished. I like playing on my grass and my MH likes chasing me so we were both happy.

After that, my humans were working on their computer, so I had a nap. I needed it after eating that big lion!! And then we played again with my ball, so I am a very happy pussycat indeed, but I shall be a lot happier if Sean switches off this wind!

I hope you are happy too.

Friday, 14 September 2012

What a day!

Oh deary dear. It has been so wet and windy that I have struggled to get outside at all today, but being the intrepid little pussycat that I am, I managed it a few times.

My MH got me up very early and I flew out of the door but the weather was so bad, that I turned right round and flew straight back in again! It was so awful that my DH didn't go to Stromness to the Cat shop, so we have all been in the house except for a few hours in the morning when my MH HAD to go out. It was a shame. I looked out of the window when she was leaving and she nearly got blowed off her little feets, but she is an intrepid MH, so she managed.

When she came home, she did some housework and then me and her had a wee snooze while my DH went down to the pier to get our messages off the boat, and then we were all in my house again. Me and my MH were on the Wii machine and I got weighed again and I still haven't put on any weight so my Wii Mii is very happy with me.

I then decided that as I couldn't get out to play, I would just get rid of all my energy inside, and I persuaded my MH to play with me which she did 'cos she loves me and she knows that if I don't get rid of all my energy, then she gets no peace at all. Hee hee

She tooked this picture of me as I was playing with my ball on my rocking chair and I like it a lot.

I hope you like it too.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

All alone am I

My MH likes music and it is always playing in my house and she likes Brenda Lee who sings 'All Alone Am I' and that is what I was today 'cos my humans went away on the boat at half past ten this morning and didn't come back until half past four. Sigh!

They had to go to the optician man who was looking at my DH's eyes after his cat-a-something operation, and the optician man was very pleased with him, so my humans were very happy.

They did some shopping and then came home to me with lots of cuddles that I liked. I was able to go in and out of my window when they were away, but when they came home, my MH closed the window 'cos the wind had arrived and it was nearly blowing my furniture all over my living room! That's a wee bit of a fib, but it WAS getting windy and my little weather man friend, Sean, says we might have gales tomorrow, so I don't think I will be going out to play too much and my DH might not be able to get over to the Cat Protection shop, and that would be a shame.

I will tell you all about it tomorrow, but meantime, here is a picture of what I will probably be doing all day.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Blowing in the Wind

That's what I have been doing today. I went outside early this morning and I was having great fun jumping through the long grass, when the heaviest shower of rain came on and I had to run into the big shed beside my house. The nice farmer next door has left the door open again, so I was able to stay in there until the rain went off.

Now, I haven't learned to tell the time yet, although I always know when it is feeding time, but I was in this big shed for so long that I thought my humans might have forgotten all about me, so as soon as it went off, I ran as fast as my adorable little legs could take me and jumped up onto my windowsill and then my DH let me in. And they hadn't forgotten me at all. How could they really?

Look at this picture and tell me if I will ever be forgotten? I think not!

When my MH came back from wherever she goes on a Wednesday---maybe I will follow her one day. I could stow away in her car and give her a surprise whenever she gets to wherever it is she goes. Mmmm, I shall give that some thought. Anyway, I am digressing again. When she came back, we went into her wee gym and I lay on the chair watching her doing her exercises and then we played in the garden and that's when I nearly got blowed away. I chased a big bit off my pampas grass and 'cos the wind was so strong, I had to run and run all over my garden before I could catch it, but it was the goodest fun ever.

I hope you have had some good fun too.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


We are all a bit tired today 'cos we sat up very, very late to watch Andy Murray winning his tennis match and it was magic! My humans support Andy and even I had my wee tartan scarf on, although, as I have told you before, I am Orcadian, not Scottish, but I pretended last night and we were all very happy when he won. Happy for him and happy for us that we could get to bed. Hee hee.

So, as you can imagine, it has been a kind of go-slow day today Chez Squeak. Everything still got done, but it seemed to take my humans a lot longer and there were lots of wee seats in between jobs.

My MH made spaghetti bolognese and that means that I get some raw mince and I like it a lot. Then I got a special treat 'cos my MH asked my DH to clean out one of her cupboards and as it was a low down one, I managed to have a good explore in it as he was working and I found things that I didn't know were there which was good fun. He liked it when I helped him. He didn't say anything, but I just know.

We didn't go into the gym today 'cos of the tiredness of my MH but she played golf and tennis on her Wii. I hope Andy never sees her playing or he will be rolling on the carpet laughing. It is not a pretty sight, I can tell you, but she does try!

And talking of pretty sights. Feast your eyes on today's picture. Sublime! 'Nuff said.

Monday, 10 September 2012


Now, I know that when you look at today's picture, you will find it hard to believe that my MH could possibly call me a rascal. Sometimes she even calls me 'monster'! Yes, it shocked me too, but I shall tell you why, and maybe you will understand.

My MH had to go out very early again this morning and off I went a-hunting and a-playing and generally just being a happy puss and I catched a bird and brought it home as a present for my MH when she got back. I put it neatly beside my feeding dishes 'cos I knew she would definitely see it there---and she did! Now, she doesn't know whether I made this bird be dead or whether I found it dead, and I am not telling, but even at that, she wasn't very happy with me, and she told me so. But I wasn't a rascal then.

She went for a wee sleep after she had done all her housework and I cuddled up beside her and purred for her and she liked that, so I knew I was forgiven. It doesn't really take much for her to forgive me. Just a wee squeak or a wee purr or a special look on my part and all is back to normal. But I was still not a rascal.

It was when we went into the gym that I was one. She started on her treadmill and then off she went on her bike with her little legs going really fast and I sat and watched as she walked and biked and puffed----a lot!-----and then when she was finished, I knew it was playtime. When she is doing her exercises, she listens to her i-pod with her ear plugs in. I can always tell what kind of music she is hearing by the speed of her little legs, and oh, dear reader, you should see them when she is listening to Zorba's Dance! It is quite hysterical!! Sometimes I have to go outside to roll laughing on the grass 'cos I know she would be upset if she saw me, but oh my, my, it is so funny.

Anyway, when she starts to roll up her ear plugs into their little case, I try to catch the end of them, and I climbed up so high today, I was nearly in the top pocket of her fleece! Oh we did giggle a lot and that's when she called me a rascal.

But I am an adorable rascal, without any doubt.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fun Time

You remember that I told you that Sunday chez Squeak is a quiet day? Well, today is Sunday, so I was looking forward to a lazy day and with that in mind, I stayed out very late last night.

I came home when both my humans were in bed and snoring, and I had a wee snooze too until about six o'clock this morning when I decided it was going out time again, so I wakened my MH in my own special way, had my feed and nipped out of the window for a few hours hunting and sniffing and playing.

When I went back to bed, I thought that I would have a good long sleep while my humans were taking it easy, but I was wrong! They have been busy today, and of course, being a caring, considerate (and adorable!) pussycat, I had to be with them and make sure they were OK.

My humans had decided that summer was just about over and that it was time to put away all the little ornaments in my garden, but the funny thing is, that it is warmer and calmer today than it has been for a while! However, they had decided!

I helped my DH put away all the little ornaments--the barbeque man, the meerkats and all the little birdies---and my garden looks quite bare now, but we don't want them to blow away when the big bad wind comes back.

Then my MH took out the lawn mower and gave the grass a haircut, so I lay on the path and watched her and she told me the lawn mower would soon be getting locked away for the winter too. Hurrah!!

In the afternoon, my friend M. came over to have a chat to me and my MH, so after M. had told me I was looking particularly beautiful, I left the humans to have a blether, and I finally got my sleep!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Big Disappointment

That's what I got today and I shall tell you why. Picture the scene.

Yours truly was lying on the back of my couch having my mid-morning snooze and dreaming about chasing mouses and things and generally being the bestest pussycat in the en-tire world, when I heard footsteps on my roof.

Well! I flew into action, looking for my four wee stockings 'cos I thought it was Christmas and that Santa had come and if my stockings weren't hanging up, then I wouldn't get anything, and I can tell you, dear reader, I was in a panic.

I should have known better, and probably if I had been wide awake, I would have worked it all out, but it was up to my MH to tell me what was happening.

It was my DH and my friend J. up on my roof fixing the tiles that had come loose in the bad wind! That's all it was, phew! I was a bit disappointed and a lot relieved at the same time when it was all explained, but I tell you what, I am going to start writing my Christmas wish-list tonight---just in case I sleep in again. Hee hee :)) My MH made me a lot happier when she told me that it would be my third birthday before Santa comes, so I have that to look forward to.

I took my MH into her wee gym for a while this afternoon and I played in my garden too, then I discovered that my DH hadn't put away the ladder that he used to get up on to my roof. SO!

I made sure my humans were busy, and I sneaked off round the corner, and I was just putting my adorable little paws onto the fourth step of the ladder when I felt my MH's hands on my little body and before you could say 'Squeak' I was back on terra firma!

Sometimes my humans are spoil-sports. Bah :( I wonder what else I can get up to today?

I hope you are having an exciting day and that no-body will spoil it for you.

Friday, 7 September 2012

No news

I haven't been doing very much today as I have been a wee bit sleepy. I went out late last night and just lay in the long grass having a wee think and a chat to some of the mouses that were scurrying about in the barn. It is nice and warm in the big barn, and there are lots of smells and noises to keep an adorable little pussycat amused for hours.

My DH still hasn't been up on my roof yet, but I think we are going to fix the slates tomorrow if the wind will let us. I can climb a ladder 'cos I have done it in my big cupboard where my MH keeps all her towels, so I am sure I will get up on to the roof very easily and then I can meow down to everyone and maybe I will even give the birdies a fright! That will be good.

I was a bit naughty again last night 'cos I runned away from my MH when she was putting the de-flea-ing stuff on me.I know it is good for me, and I know it keeps me safe, but I still do not like it at all, and even though she tries to trick me, I can always see it coming and I am off!

So, last night, I was lying on my MH's knee, all content and happy and when I felt her move, I opened one eye a fraction and I saw It! The bright green packet of de-flea-ing stuff that goes on my neck, and before you could utter 'adorable' I was under the coffee table and not for coming out. Until, she went and got some of my wee treats and I couldn't resist, so I stuck my head out a wee bit, but it was enough for my humans to catch me and now I am de-flea'd, but I am not happy!

I went and lay on the back of my couch in a sulk for about five minutes and then assumed my rightful position on the knee of my MH.

I think I will be left in peace now for a while---hopefully!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Another working day

This is my MH's swimming day, and you know what that means? Yep! Me and my DH had a list of jobs to do and naturally we did them to perfection, although sometimes I have to give my DH a wee extra push 'cos he forgets what the Boss can be like if things are not done right! However, they were.

My MH was tired when she came home 'cos her little legs had swimmed 50 lengths which is a lot of swimming! She sat on the couch and 'cos she was needing a cuddle, I sat on her knee and gave her my special purrs and that made her very happy.

Then she gave me a big surprise 'cos she had brought home some pussy cat treats for me and I just LOVED them. I don't usually get treats, but I must have been very good lately 'cos I have got two packets of different treats to keep me going. Yum, yum!

It has been very wet today but the bad wind has gone away, so I am quite happy and I will be going out hunting later on and I can tell all my friends that I have some treats in my house and I am sure they will be very happy for me.

I hope you get treats when you have been working hard and if you don't, I can send you one of mine, 'cos that's what adorable pussy cats like me do.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What a night

I had a brilliant night last night and I am still smiling today! I was more spoiled and pampered than usual and I just loved it. In fact I purred so much, that I think my little purrer is suffering from exhaustion today!

Now, I know you will all be wondering what has made me an exeptionally happy puss. Well, get yourself a wee cuppa and sit comfortably, and I will tell you.

My friend, and cat-sitter, A. is going away to university, so my humans wanted to say cherrio to him and invited him, his brother (and my other friend,) J. with their mummy and daddy, over to my house last night and of course, they all think I am adorable and made such a fuss of me that I was just ecstatic with happiness.

I didn't know which knee to sit on first, but I tried them all and then plumped for the most comfortable. I just hope my MH wasn't too jealous, but I did sit on her knee for a wee while just to keep her happy.

We had a good night and A. said he would miss me while he is away, but he will come and see me when he comes home for his holidays, and he will read all about me on my blog.

I shall have to start training J. now to do all the things that I need when my humans go gallivanting on their holidays, although they are not going anywhere until next year, so I should have him up to speed by then.

Oh dear, this pussycat's work is never done. Ho hum!! :))

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Intrepid Little Pussycat

That's just what I was today.

Last night, 'cos it was too windy for me to go out, I sat on my MH's knee and she told me a story about when she and my DH were on holiday in Greece before I was even a twinkle in my mummy pussy cat's eye. She went up in a big parachute tied on to the end of a speed boat and she flied through the air as high as all the birdies. She was even higher than the big lighthouse on my island! We have two lighthouses on my island---a big one and a wee one and they are called Hoy High and Hoy Low.

Anyway, I liked that story and when I was having my nap, I dreamed that I was flying as well and when I wakened up this morning and it was still blowing a gale kind of wind, I decided that I would try and fly without the parachute.

I had a good breakfast, (in case I got blowed far away!), said a wee pussy cat prayer that I would find my way home again, jumped up onto my window sill, thumped my wind chime----which you know is my signal to my humans that I need attention of some kind---and then waited for my MH to open the window.

As soon as this was done, I jumped and 'whoosh' I was gone in an instant, blowing over to the farm next door with my adorable little paws nowhere near the ground. Just as I was getting to like this, the wind took a breath and I landed on the ground again! Sigh!

Then I had to struggle round to the other side of my house where it was a bit more sheltered and when I got there, I sat on my path wondering if I should go and tell my sheeps friends what I had just done, but I decided it was too much like hard work, and when my DH opened the door, I scooted in as quick as possible and sat on my couch for a while.

It was good fun, but I think if I want to fly, I shall have to ask my MH to make me a parachute. Or maybe it will be safer just dreaming about flying 'cos if God had wanted me to fly, he would have made me a bird, wouldn't he? And I wouldn't be nearly as adorable, so I think I shall just be ME!

Monday, 3 September 2012

It's been a funny old day

The weather has been doing really odd things and I have been getting very confused which I do not like.

Me and my MH were up early and it was a wee bit blowy when she went out, but I was still able to get out to play and to have a talk to all these lovely sheeps. Then the rain came on and the wind blew very hard until suddenly it went off again! I think somebody has a weather switch and they were playing with it today 'cos a wee while later, the wind blew really hard again and I had to go inside.

I went out later on 'cos my MH went into the gym and while her wee legs were on her bike---so was the rest of her--not just her legs!, I went out and I found a deaded bird which I wanted to take home with me, but my humans wouldn't let me, so I had to leave it outside, but I know where it is, so when they go to bed and leave the window open, you know what will happen, don't you?

It might not be tonight though 'cos Sean, my little weather-man friend says there are going to be gales at my island tonight, so I think we will all be inside and the window will be shut.

I don't like the wind 'cos I am frightened it picks me up and takes me away to somewhere I don't want to be. I just want to be at my own house and in my own garden and on my MH's knee whenever I feel like a cuddle.

So maybe me and the wind should avoid one another until I get a wee bit bigger.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sleepy Sunday

We have all had a lazy day today mainly 'cos the weather still isn't very good, but we have had good fun just the same.

I have been playing with some of my toys that I haven't played with for a long time and I have had a great big snooze in my peedie hoose.

I went outside for a while and I got a big surprise 'cos the cows in the field in front of my house have magic-ed themselves into sheeps! Well, that is a wee Squeak fib, 'cos although they have changed from cows to sheeps, it was the nice farmer next door that did it, but I still got a surprise when I went outside this morning. Maybe my MH will send you a picture of them 'cos there are black sheeps and white sheeps and there is a brown and white one that I like the best. I shall have a wee chat to that one when I go outside tonight.

I have been watching all the ships passing my house 'cos I spent quite a while on my window sill and now I have assumed my favourite position in beside my MH as she types my blog for you and every time she stops writing, she pats my adorable little head and I give her one of my special purrs.

My DH has been playing on his computer and now he is watching the football, so we are all being happily lazy which is just fine by me.

I hope you can be happily lazy too if you want to.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Flying Friends

My humans were away out last night to have dinner with friends on the Mainland and so I was left alone.

I was OK though 'cos I had been busy with my MH through the day doing lots of things and playing with her lots of times, so I was quite happy to get the house to myself and for some peace and quiet.I even had a snooze in my peedie hoose and it was lovely.

It was quite a good night so the window was left open for me and that's where the flying friends come in---literally! My MH had left a light on in my living room for me so that I didn't bump into the furniture in the dark, she said. I don't think she has heard of my special eyesight! However, in came moths and flies and daddy long legs and my humans had to shoo them all out when they came home again. Silly MH!

I have a new place to sleep through the day. When my MH is using her computer, I snuggle in at her left side on the couch with my adorable little bum on thr arm of the couch and my wee head on her computer, so she can tickle my little tummy and pat my little head as she types and we are both very happy then.

I hope you are very happy too this weekend.