Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Good Day

I have had a good day as both my humans have been at home playing with me which makes me very happy.

I was a wee bit naughty 'cos I wakened my MH quite a few times through the night 'cos I just wanted a cuddle, and some biscuits and somebody to play with. Now that's not too much to ask for, is it? Apparently at half past four in the morning, it is! My MH says she is going to teach me to tell the time, but I think that's one lesson I will NOT be learning!

Anyway, eventually we all got up and that's when the fun started 'cos my humans had bought new electric blankets and today was the day for putting them on the bed, and I had brilliant fun hiding under all the bedclothes and at one point my MH wrapped me up in a sheet and cuddled me and tickled me and I just loved it. It is still my very favourite game.

Then I was a bit worried 'cos my MH did something very strange----even stranger than most of the things she does!

I went into the bedroom to see where she was and she was lying on the floor. Now. Being a very kind and considerate pussy cat, I thought there was something wrong with her and I went right beside her and rubbed my adorable little body against her face and she giggled 'cos it tickled. Then I sniffed at her cheeks and she giggled some more and so when I knew she was all right, I just sat on her chest and looked at her from there. When I asked her what she was doing she said the fizzy-o lady had given her lots of exercises to do and she was trying to do them, so would I please go and sit somewhere else?

As I am exceedingly obedient, I nipped up onto the bed and watched her as she did all the funny stretches and turns and I listened to all the creaks and groans and when she was finished, I nipped back down beside her and gave her a special cuddle and that made her feel a whole lot better.

I was so tired after all that, that I had to have a snooze and my MH took this picture of me just for you.


                                                              I hope you like it.

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