Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Wee Story

 Remember I told you yesterday that when I went out of my window the wind caught me and I was flying? Well, that was a wee fib. I didn't really fly, but the wind DID blow me away a wee bit.

Well, me and my MH were talking about this and she told me that one time when she and my DH were on holiday, she went up in a parachute and she WAS flying! Wow! Respect, MH!!!

They went to Greece and my MH was watching the people up in the parachutes and she decided she wanted to try it, but there was a wee problem 'cos she has a sore back and can't run. So she told this to the parachute man and he said he would just give her a bigger parachute, so off she went. The parachute was towed on a speedboat and my DH -- who isn't as brave as my MH--- went in the boat. He said there was a great big strong rope holding the parachute onto the boat and his little knife couldn't cut it!! The doctor says he should be back to normal soon. Hee hee hee :))). Only joking, MH. I think my MH is SOME lady!! I can't wait to get outside and tell  the mouses and sheeps all about her.

I have had a good day doing all sorts of different things and generally just being a happy little pussy cat. After I had helped my MH with her exercises, I nipped under the cover on my bed and I had a snooze and when my DH went into the bedroom all he could see was a wee bump moving up and down and he knew it was me, so he just patted me and went away shaking his head and smiling.


I like when I make my humans smile and laugh and I do it lots. Today's picture is of me pretending I am an ornament and I am just waiting to be dusted. Don't you wish you had an ornament like this? Hee hee :))

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