Tuesday, 9 April 2013

All Back to Normal

I am feeling much better now after the trauma of the other morning and I am back to being a very happy pussy cat.

I was so upset when I got locked in the bathroom 'cos I thought my humans didn't love me any more and that would have broken my little heart 'cos I just love them sooooo much, but my MH told me I hadn't been naughty or anything like that. It was just an accident so I am very happy about that and I have nearly forgiven her----although I think I can still manage to get spoiled some more because of all my suffering ;))

 I have been sitting on her knee lots and lots today and she has told me nearly a million times (I counted them all--hee hee!) that she loved me and I just purred back at her.

My DH went to Kirkwall today so it was just us girls and at one point we went out to feed the birdies and I heard one of the baby black sheeps crying and I asked my MH had it got locked in the bathroom too? That made her laugh and she said it was probably just hungry and calling for its mummy.

I helped her make some of her cards today and they are looking lovely and I played outside a lot 'cos it has been quite a good day. I found something on the path just outside my gate and it smelled so good that I rolled and rolled in it for ages, but by the time I got into my house the smell had changed and my MH said I was making her eyes nip, so I had to get brushed. I think I smell a bit better now, but I am going outside soon so I shall see if the smell is still there, and guess what I might do?


Yep. I think you got it in one!!!

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