Saturday, 27 April 2013

Another New Trick

I am beside myself with excitement today and I have been a VERY energetic pussy cat and full of beans running and jumping and just being adorable, all over my garden.

My humans bought new chairs and a new bench for the garden and they arrived last night, so me and my DH got out all the spanners and screwdrivers and put them together and the Boss was very pleased.

We took them outside today to put them in place and as usual, yours truly got to sit on them first----only as it should be! I liked them and I told my humans that and they were very pleased. My MH said she will get cushions for them and we will be very comfortable.

Since we were all out anyway and since the weather was good my MH decided to play with her window machine so our windows are all sparkling now. Then it was time for me to help her with her exercises and when those were finished, we went into the gym and I watched her for a wee while, but I got a bit fed up and went to play on the grass until she was finished.


She came out soon and we played with the pampas grass and I ran and ran and ran, so by the time I went back into my house, I was bouncing and that's when I learned my new trick.

My MH was sitting on my couch and I was in the kitchen. Now. When my MH is doing her cards, she has a big cutting board on my living room table and she leaves her scissors and tapes there for the next day.

Well, for some reason, known only to my dear little self, I decided to RACE into the living room and jump right up on top of the table. I landed on the board which slid right across the table and me, the board, the scissors, all the papers and all the tapes landed on the floor with a great big CRASH!

WOW! It was just like surfing! The Boss was not best pleased with me and even my best 'would-you-believe-that-wasn't-me' look didn't stop me from getting a great big telling off.

But oh, dear readers, it was worth it. It was SO worth it. Hee hee :)))

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