Friday, 19 April 2013

Busy, busy puss

I have been very busy today doing all sorts of things as well as doing a lot of thinking. I am liking my job as personal trainer to my MH, but I think I will bring a lot more to the position if I am properly attired and so I think I should ask her to make me a pussy cat sized track suit, a baseball cap, some dark glasses and a whistle! I am sure she would take me a lot more seriously then, but I will be interested to hear what you think.

We both did our exercises today and without boasting too much, I was a brilliant help to the old dear and put her through her paces and she was very grateful. She gave me a great big hug which made me very happy.

After that, I nipped in and out a lot and played in the field, but it was quite cold so I didn't stay out too long and when I went in my MH was on her Wii so I lay on my couch and watched her and then it was time to go and feed the birdies.

I like doing this 'cos my MH always plays with me when she has given the birdies their dinner and that's what we did today. We played with the pampas grass and all the little lambs and sheeps came to see me.


At one point I nipped through my fence into the field to get a closer look and one mummy sheeps thought I was her little lamb and wanted to feed me. I might have taken her up on the offer, but I didn't really like where she kept the dinner!  I think I prefer mine on a plate!

When I told this to my MH she said that when I was a tiny baby puss, my cat mummy fed me like that, but I don't remember. However, since I am all growed up now, I won't be taking any dinner from the mummy sheeps. Oh yeuk!!!

I am having a rest now, but I shall be going out later on and I am sure that I will be going through the fence to see my little lamb friends.

I will tell you tomorrow how I get on, but I have sent you a wee picture to keep you amused.


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