Thursday, 18 April 2013

Even Brillianter

You know I told you that I know what green is? Well, I can count too! Yes I can, but only up to ten, but I 'spose that's good for a peedie, adorable puss, sure it is?

Now, I know you will be wondering how I learned to do that? Well. My MH has lots of exercises to do to make her sore back all better and I have decided to become her personal trainer and that involves counting.

So. When I see her wandering into our bedroom, I follow her and when she lies down on the floor, I take up my trainer's position--which is usually on top of her chest----- well, it's only her legs that are doing the work!----- and put her through her paces.

Everything that she does has to be done ten times so she counts out and I purr back at her which is Squeak talk for "come on, MH, you are doing fine" or sometimes it means "come on woman, work harder",  'cos sometimes she groans more than stretches.

So with all this training I have learned to count up to ten. See?


I am beginning to think there is no end to the talents of this adorable little pussy cat.

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