Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I know what green looks like. I can recognise green, so I think that makes me even extra special clever.

How do I know what green looks like? Well. When my MH decides it is time to get me de-flea'd, she has this wee packet of 'stuff' that I do not like at all and it is green.

She has lots of things beside her chair for herself like handcream and stuff and they are not green so when she lifts them I don't bother at all, but when it is time for THE treatment, she sneaks this green packet into her pocket and waits till I am sitting snoozing on her knee and then she brings it out and tries to put it on me, but it is green and I know I don't like this green thing, so as soon as I see it, I am off. Usually under the bed where my humans can't get to me.

I am not happy at all when she puts it on me and I keep telling her I don't have fleas and she keeps telling me it's 'cos she puts this stuff on me, so I don't think I am ever going to win this argument, but as long as it stays in a green packet, she will have to catch me!

Sometimes I am so clever, I surprise even my adorable little self! :))


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