Saturday, 13 April 2013

Happy Happy

We are all happy in our house today and we have all been busy. My MH has finished all her cards and I have asked her to put some on my blog for you and as you all know, my MH always does what I ask her. So here they are. She did four of each one but these are my favourites and I am sure you will like them too.


I am very happy 'cos I have been out playing all day and I did stay out very late last night. In fact it was so late, that my DH had gone to bed and my MH had to get up and let me in. But I was having such a brilliant time, I wanted to stay out longer, but I know the old dears need their sleep so I was a good pussy cat and went home to go to my little bed for a lovely sleep.

My DH is very happy today 'cos he has been getting all his work done and I have been helping him, although he was working with his garden hose and he threatened to scoot water on me so I just ran away and he didn't. I like to paddle in the water but I don't like getting splashed.

My friend J. came over to see me today 'cos he was helping my DH for a wee while but he talked to me and gave me a cuddle and I liked that. I like my friend J. He is going to look after me when my humans are away their holidays in July and I know we will have great fun and my other friend A. might be there too, so I think I might get spoiled again. Oh, I do hope so!

And then my MH is SO, SO happy 'cos she managed to send a video of yours truly all over the world and she is so pleased with herself today because of that.

I am a wee bit confused 'cos I don't understand how I can be playing on my little island and half an hour later people all over the world---in England, in Germany, in Australia and in New Zealand and lots of other places too--- can see me. I am very happy about it, but just a tad confused.


 I hope you are all happy and not confused.

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