Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Well, if you read my blog yesterday, you will have realised by now that I am not hibernating. I got myself all organised last night for a long snooze until the Spring arrived and I took some biscuits and my favourite toys into my bedroom and left them beside my blanket so that I wouldn't have to go too far for a wee nibble or a play if I wakened up.

I snuggled down beside my MH and had a brilliant sleep, but I wakened up about eight o'clock this morning and there was no rain and no wind and the sun was even shining a wee bit, so I decided I would leave my hibernation for another time, but I ate the biscuits anyway!

We all got up and went about our business, but it was warm enough to leave the door open so I could wander in and out as I pleased and that's the time I like best 'cos I don't miss anything that way. I can see everything that my humans are doing whether they are inside or out.

Me and my DH were in our greenhouse for a long time and it is all ready for the new baby plants to arrive and as usual, yours truly is getting a tomato plant to look after and my DH is even thinking of trying to grow some mushrooms too, so I will get some of those to talk to as well. I just love being in the greenhouse when everything is growing and so does my DH. It makes us both happy.

My MH played with her vacuum cleaner and then took me into the gym with her and we played on the grass when she was finished and I loved that too. I made her laugh a lot when I showed her my 'little lamb' jump. I jumped with all four adorable little feets off the ground and twisted round in the air before I landed again. Perfection! I had a short snooze in the afternoon and then after I had a wee feed, I went out to play for a long time.


I am really glad I didn't hibernate 'cos I have had a very good day. And to crown it all, I got weighed again and my little Wii mii is delighted with me 'cos I am still the same weight as always, so I must be getting enough exercise, 'cos I am certainly getting plenty to eat, but I am so full of energy that I must be using it all up.

Yep, just a perfect day for this adorable little pussy cat. I hope you have had a good day too.

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