Saturday, 6 April 2013

Home Sweet Home

Ah. It is lovely and quiet Chez Squeak today 'cos the builder man is away and he is not playing with his drill, so we are all resting.

Both my humans are at home and I am the centre of their universe getting claps and cuddles and dinner whenever I feel like it, so I am purring with contentment.

It is still a bit cold but dry and calm, so me and my DH were working outside for a while as he had some work to do before the builder man comes back sometime next week to finish off my house and make us a new path. My MH is going to ask him if she and my DH can put their hand prints in the concrete and she wants me to put an adorable paw print in it too, so that will be exciting.

She has a wee table beside her chair where she keeps all her 'stuff' and she decided to clean it out this morning. My DH says there is so much in it, that one day she will dive into the bottom of it and never be seen again! Hee hee :))

I think that worried her a bit 'cos she decided to get rid of some of the rubbish she had been keeping, but before she started putting things back, I had to have an explore and here I am at my happiest!


I hope you have a happy weekend too.

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