Thursday, 4 April 2013


I am a puzzled puss 'cos I was eaves dropping when my humans were talking and I heard my MH tell my DH I was full of beans today, but I haven't had any beans, so where did they come from, and what did they make me do?

Well. The first thing was that I wakened up  after a brilliant sleep filled with lots of mouse dreams and decided that I was going to have a full day outside hunting and playing and rolling and running and all the things that an adorable little pussy cat does.

But. Before I could start, I needed to fill up my little tummy, and since I can't do that all by myself, I gently wakened my MH by running over her face.------ Well, I had already tried doing it the gentle way with a little purr and a very gentle rub on her chin, and then I had tried knocking a few things over to waken her up, but it wasn't working. OK. OK. How was I to know it was only half past five in the morning? Oops!

Eventually she surfaced and so I got fed and then nipped out of the window as the poor old dear trotted back to bed. I did feel a wee bit sorry for her, but it soon passed. Hee hee.

I played outside for hours and hours until I was tired and when I went back home my MH was doing some of her housework again, so I gave her a special purr and then curled up for a snooze on my favourite chair.

However, seemingly the beans that I was full of were still working 'cos I gave my MH another big fright when she was in the big cupboard. It is one of my very favourite places so when I heard the door opening I headed straight for it. My MH was getting some towels out and she didn't hear me, but as quick as anything, I jumped up on to the ladder, flew straight over her head and landed with a lovely 'plop' on the top shelf.

Oh dear, I think she almost fainted with  fright, but eventually, when she could breath properly again, she did giggle and called me a monkey.

But I am still wondering about these beans. I think I rather like being full of them!



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