Friday, 26 April 2013

Quiet Day

Me and my MH waved my DH off on the boat  as he went to Stromness for the day and then we settled down for a day spoiling ourselves.

We like Fridays 'cos it is just us girls and we always have good fun. My MH talks to me all the time no matter what she is doing. In fact, sometimes I nip into my bedroom just to get a wee bit of peace and quiet, but don't tell her that 'cos I really do like it when she chats to me.

Anyway, we started off with a seat and a cuddle on my couch and then I played in the basin while she did her ironing. I had a wee paddle and sprayed some water all over the ironing board and over my MH too which made her jump and then she giggled.

We had a wander round the garden as we fed the birdies and I had a play in the pampas grass and I chased round and round in circles till I am sure my little eyes were rolling in my adorable little head! Hee hee :))

In the afternoon, some of our friends came to see me and as they were talking to my MH I made them jump 'cos I ran along the back of my couch where the lady was sitting and then I jumped on to the back of the chair where the man was sitting and I think I made them both a wee bit nervous, but they did laugh when I was showing off.

I did my MH's exercises with her and I think she is getting better but she hasn't mentioned the circus again so I think that was just a wee joke, so I will unpack my case and put my passport away again. I didn't really fancy it anyway 'cos I just love being on my little island where everybody knows me and loves me and thinks that I am adorable.


Why would I want to move anywhere else? I am the happiest little puss in the world when I am here and my humans love it here too, so I hope we shall stay on my island for ever and ever.

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