Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sleepy Puss

I have had a good day today, but I have been a wee bit sleepy. I think it must be all this training that I am doing with my MH.

She still says I am a great help to her and I make it a lot easier for her to do her exercises, so that has made me a very happy puss.

I have been out for a short while but I have spent most of the day lying on my chair just watching and listening to my humans. as they have been doing all their work.

I had a wee look at this picture that my MH took last night and I am thinking I might need to go on a diet! When I was a baby puss, I could get under this table without any trouble at all, but now I have to push a wee bit. I can still get through but it is a tad more difficult, so that may be down to one of two reasons.

Not looking my best, am I?

Yours truly is either putting on a little weight, although my wee Mii tells me I am still the same weight as I always am, so maybe my DH has lowered the table! I shall have a word with him tonight, but I might just try getting under the table first.

Maybe I was just having a bad day!

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