Monday, 15 April 2013


It was just me and my DH today in my house 'cos my MH had to go away on the early boat to go to Kirkwall and meet her friends.

She had a good time and then she went to see the fizzy-o lady who gave her lots of exercises to do and told her that should help her sore back, so I am very happy. I will help her with her exercises and make sure she does them every day.

Me and my DH stayed inside today 'cos it was too windy for us to go out, but we did lots of housework for the Boss and she was very happy when she came home. She was tired when she came back so me and her had a wee snooze until dinner time and I have spent most of the night sitting on her knee which is my favourite place.

I love my DH but I miss my MH when she is not here 'cos she talks to me all the time and tells me what she is doing and she plays with me lots and lots so sometimes I am a bit lonely when she is not here.

I like it best when they are both here. Then I can keep an eye on them! OH! I nearly forgot to tell you. My MH told me there are seals on my beach and she is going to take some pictures of them to show you. I have never seen them 'cos they would run away if they saw me, so I will just watch the photographs too. Maybe she will get some tomorrow.


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