Monday, 8 April 2013


Oh woe is me! What a sad pussy cat I have been today.   No.  Even sadder than that!!

And why? 'Cos I got shut in the bathroom this morning for HOURS!

 I know, I know, I KNOW I shouldn't have been there, but I was, and oh boy am I sorry I was.

I shall give you a minute to gather yourself together after that devastating news and then I shall continue.    OK?

Well, this morning my MH got up to go to the toilet about half past five and when she left the bedroom, I was still asleep at the foot of our bed, but just as she was leaving the bathroom, I nipped in and she didn't see me, so she shut the door to keep me out, but instead of that, she keept me IN!

I think she must have still been asleep 'cos although I meowed and meowed she didn't hear me, so I was well and truly stuck. Now, I can't tell you what I did in there 'cos my MH doesn't know, but after a while I started clouting the light switch and the shower switch against the wall and by some miracle, it wakened her up.

Normally when this happens, she calls my name and because I know she is wakened and will feed me, I run into the bedroom, but when she called for me this morning I couldn't run to her and that's when she began to think something was not as it should be and finally came looking for me, and this was about two hours later!

Oh I was so upset when she opened the door that I was crying and my MH was so upset she was crying too, but I cuddled in beside her for a while and we both began to feel a bit better. Mind you, all day she has been singing

'Oh dear what can the matter be?
Poor wee Squeak got locked in the lavatory'

But I am decidedly NOT amused!  However my day got a bit better and my MH has been trying to make it up to me and she took this picture of me as I was escaping from the top of the big cupboard, so I don't really think I have learnt a lesson. Do you?


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