Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Lonely Day

My humans were both away today for a long, long time and I was all alone---although not really 'cos there were two workmen in my garden, but I didn't know them well enough to ask them to play with me.

My DH was away to the Cat's shop and my poor old MH had to go to the dentist, but she said it was fine and not sore, so I was very happy about that. I don't really mind being on my own 'cos there is always plenty for me to do and see on my little island and the window was left open for me so I could get out to play whenever I wanted to.

Remember a long time ago I told you that my DH's builder friend was making us a new path? Well he brought it with him today and he put it down and it is lovely. The old one was all breaking up with all the frost, but this one is brand new and I like it a lot.

The only thing that upset me is that I didn't get to put an adorable little paw print in it. :(  Just as it was finished and the builder man was making it all smooth with his path making iron, I asked him if I could put my paw on it, but he said he would need to ask my MH and she wasn't here. I told him it would be fine, but he wouldn't let me. Maybe he is frightened of what my MH would do to him. Hee hee

Anyway, the path is done and it is paw-less which is a shame. I just went and played on the grass while they were working and I made them smile with my funny jumps and the way I wriggled my adorable little bum before I pounced and killed the fiercest bit of grass you have ever seen!

I think they would have liked to take me home with them but I could never leave my little island or my beloved humans 'cos I love them loads and I know they love me too.

What else could I ask for?


  1. We'd all miss you, ickle wickle, if you left the island! I'm sorry you haven't got a paw print in the cement for pawsterity.... maybe next time!

  2. I have had a wee roll on my new path and I like it a lot. I will show it to you when you come to see me, but I need to talk to you about a certain lawn mower. I am not happy!!!