Monday, 6 May 2013

Cuddle Time

My MH was away to Kirkwall today and as usual left me and my DH a big list of things to do which we completed to perfection!

I was in and out of my house a lot today 'cos I have been looking at new hiding places for the summer so I needed to do quite a lot of research and that involved finding the right spot, lying down on it and working out if I could see everything that I wanted to see. I think this project will take a few days, but I have the time and the patience. Just part of the package that is 'Squeak'.

I was outside when the Boss arrived home, so I jumped in through my living room window and raced through to the kitchen just in time to see her come through the door. I got a great big cuddle and a tummy tickle and I gave her my special purr which she loves.

Now 'cos my MH had to be up early and 'cos she had to walk a lot today, she was tired when she came home and her wee legs were sore so she decided to have  a rest before our dinner and I went with her and cuddled right up close to her and purred till she went to sleep and she loved that.


Later on, I went out to play and I was out for a long, long time and my humans were a wee bit anxious about me especially as it was raining, so my DH was sent out to look for me and just as he was searching, my MH looked out of the window and saw me lying under my pampas grass all nice and dry and cosy.  Pity she hadn't done this before she sent the poor old soul out in the rain!

Then came one of the best bits of my day 'cos my MH went on to her computer and there was a message for me from all my paw-pals and I got really excited when she was telling me all about these pussy cats----and there are LOTS of them---- who live very, very far away, but write to me and let me know what they get up to.

I love hearing all about them and they like my stories too, so I am a very happy pussy cat tonight, and I hope you are happy too.

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