Friday, 31 May 2013

Fun Time

I am liking this good weather a lot. My humans have been leaving the window open for me all night but although I stay out late, I come in and go to my bed for a sleep 'cos I know my MH would miss me if I wasn't cuddled up beside her and that would never do.

It was just me and my MH today 'cos my DH was over working in the Cats shop, but we had good fun playing in my garden and I chased lots of things while my MH was tidying up outside. It rained for a wee while but not enough to keep me in although my MH was just about to play with her window machine when the rain came on again, so she said we might do that tomorrow if it is dry.

I like it the bestest when we are all outside 'cos I can play and hunt and chase and still keep an eye on the old dears and they are happy knowing I am looking after them so it all works out fine.

My friend M. came in to see me this afternoon and she gave my adorable little lugs a cuddle so I gave her a wee purr and she was very happy.

When she went away, me and the Boss did our exercises, but I stayed away from the bottom just in case I got sat upon! But I was a great help as usual and I made sure that all the exercises were done properly, and then I decided that I had worked hard enough and settled down for a little snooze in my peedie hoose, and this will give me all the energy I need to stay out for a long, long time again tonight.


Oh yes, I am liking this weather a lot, and I hope your weather is good too.

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