Sunday, 12 May 2013

Normal Day

I have had a normal Sunday which I like. Both my humans have been at home and this morning the weather was good so we were all outside for a long time.

My DH put out all the ornaments in my garden and he brought the fountain jug out too and switched it on, so there was running water for me to play with. My humans laugh at me when I stick my adorable little paws in the water and then I lick the water off them again. It always makes them giggle.

I stayed outside with my DH nearly all afternoon until my MH's friend came over to play on the Wii so I lay on the couch and watched them for a while. My MH is getting really quite good at some of the games and I think she was showing off a bit. I cuddled up to M. to tell her not to worry that my MH was beating her and she liked that.

When she was going away we noticed that the rain was on  and so I have spent the rest of the evening lying on my couch just waiting for it to go off again so that I can get back out to play.

My little weather man friend said that we might get gales tomorrow and maybe even snow! Please, Sean, let us have some better weather. It is not time for snow! My humans are going back into Kirkwall tomorrow 'cos  my MH has to see the fizzy-o-therapist again but she says she is not going if it is too windy, so I might be tempted to do my little wind dance and keep my humans at home.

I shall have a think as I sleep.


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