Sunday, 5 May 2013

Not Doing Much

I have been quite happily just doing very little today and my humans have been the same.

We did a wee bit of tidying up in our greenhouse and I helped my DH water our peppers but there is still nothing for me to play with yet. I am looking forward to getting my tomatoes and mushrooms. I will tell you as soon as they arrive.

I made sure my DH was OK and then I took my MH into the gym where she did some walking on her big machine and I did a lot of sniffing. I played with my own special bit of pampas grass, but I have taken all the feathers off it, so I suppose it is now just a pampas stick! Hee hee.

 Later on, we played on the grass when she was finished her walking and I ran round my garden showing off a wee bit and then I had a wee rest and a big think. I was just wondering what mischief I could get up to without getting into too much trouble and my MH says you can almost hear my wheels turning in this picture.


Question. Where are my wheels? I have looked and looked but I can't see any. I shall have to admit defeat and ask the wise one! Hee hee :))

My friend S. came to see me again and I liked that 'cos she always lifts me up and tickles me, but I made her laugh when I sniffed at all her fingers 'cos I could smell her pussy cat. I sniffed for a long time and I wouldn't let her get her hand back until I was well and truly finished. She nearly couldn't drink her coffee or eat her cake and those of you who know my friend will know that you take your life in your hands if you come between her and cake or chocolate, so I suppose I am quite lucky to be able to tell you my story.

I am sure I will have lots more to tell you soon.

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