Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Not Much News

 I have been a very lazy puss today and have not done very much at all.

My DH was away to the Cats shop in Stromness where he was working very hard. Well, that's what he was telling us a wee while ago! Me and my MH just listen  and agree with him.

My MH was out for nearly the whole day and just came back to see me for a short while, so I have been left on my own a lot today. I am OK when I am on my own 'cos I have my games that I can play with if I want, but I generally just have a snooze till one of my humans comes home and then we have a play together. That's the best kind of play for me 'cos I just love company.


The weather is still quite windy and my dear old MH told me that she nearly got blowed off her little feets when she was out today. Oh, that is a shame. I gave her a special cuddle when she told me that and I purred extra loud so she liked that.

So, because I don't have much news at all for you today, I have sent you two pictures of yours truly which I hope you will like. I think I look beautiful, but then, I am just a wee bit biased!

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