Tuesday, 28 May 2013


..... you would think that having been left  all alone for two whole days and one whole night, I would be the centre of attention for a long, long time, but you would be wrong! Oh, so wrong.

 Yes, I have been cuddled and yes, I have been sitting on knees as often as I want, but I had hoped that today would be given over to making me ecstatically happy and instead of that the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower both appeared. I was not happy and I made this very clear.

My MH did play with me a lot this morning and I suppose that since it wasn't raining she had to cut the grass, but I still don't like it. At least I could sit on my new bench and watch her so it wasn't too bad really, but they are not getting away that easily! Hee hee

We all went into my greenhouse for a while and I showed my MH my tomato plant and I gave it a wee nudge with my adorable little nose and purred at it and I am sure it shooked its little leaves at me, but I was the only one that saw it.

My DH was making another contraption for putting petrol into his car. My DH is always making contraptions and some of them even work. This one might, we just don't know yet and this is me having a look at it.


Unfortunately, my MH didn't get all of my DH in the picture, but I am in it and I don't suppose you want to see my DH, do you? Hee hee :-))

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