Monday, 13 May 2013

Oh Dear

 I nearly had visitors last night but my humans wouldn't let them in. Now, isn't that sad? Before you start thinking that my humans were being rude, I need to tell you that my visitors were sheeps!

My DH was in my kitchen looking out of the window and there in my garden was a mummy sheep and her two little babies and I am sure they were coming to see me. He told my MH and she said she didn't want them to make a mess of her new cut grass so she told him to go and shoo them away.

That made me sad 'cos I wanted them to come in to my house so that I could show them my toys, but that was met with a definite 'No way, Squeak!' ----- and I don't need to tell you who said that! So I jumped up on to my couch and had a wee sulk.


I have been on my own today as my humans were away to Kirkwall and my MH said that the fizzy-o lady was pleased with her, so my MH was pleased when she came home and I got an extra special big cuddle which I loved.

Maybe I will sit on her knee and if I give her lots of cuddles and my very special purrs, she will let the little sheeps come in tomorrow. Maybe?


  1. There are some baby coos in the field opposite my house, they look sad in the rain....shall I send them up to visit you??

  2. You know I would say 'yes' in a minute---but, you know the Boss as well as I do!

    Does that answer your question? Hee hee :-)))