Thursday, 16 May 2013

Paw Pals and Boats

Now, you all know that I am unique pussy cat, but what you might not know that me, my MH and my friend J. started a paw pal club and lots and LOTS of pussy cats write to me and I write back and I just love it.

I now know lots of things that I didn't know before about other pussy cats who don't live on a little island like me and I tell them about all the things I do, so we all have learned a lot.

One of my paw pal friends asked me about the boats that I can see and I thought I would tell you all about them too. So, I have asked my dear old MH to polish her camera and start taking lots of pictures of all the boats we can see and then I can show them to you. I know you will like that.

But today's pictures are of me---naturally! :-)-- and my garden outside the kitchen. It's got lots of flowers and ornaments for me to have a sniff at and it also has a bench and two chairs and a table that I can sit on when I need a wee rest. And I let my humans use them too when they need to!


When I was outside today I noticed that some of the swallows had come back to my little island and they make a nest in a shed beside my house which is fine, but when they get bigger, they dive-bomb me when I am in my garden minding my own business, and I do not like this at all, so I hope they won't do it this year.

When I told my MH that I had seen one, she took out her camera and guess what she saw? Yes, a swallow and I think it stayed still enough in the air to get its picture taken so I thought you might like to see that too.

I hope you like it.


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