Thursday, 23 May 2013


Another day on my own. Sigh! My humans went away this morning and I was left all alone, but before you feel too sad for me, I was really OK 'cos the weather was awful with hail, rain and lots of wind, so I was a very happy pussycat all cosied up on my little bed, and they were back again before I had finished all my dreams.

When they came home, I got a very special cuddle from my MH---I think she feels guilty, and I milk it for all it is worth hee hee :)--- and then I sat on her knee as she told me what she had been doing and I got a pleasant surprise 'cos they had been away meeting some of my blog friends and my MH said they spent a lot of the afternoon talking about ME!

They also brought the messages home with them, so after my MH had emptied the box it became my newest toy and I had great fun  with it.


I have been assured that at least one of my humans will be at home tomorrow to attend to my every whim and I have a feeling that I will have a lot of whims!!

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