Tuesday, 14 May 2013


 My MH was right again! Oh dear,  there will be no living with the woman now.

I was sad 'cos she wouldn't let the little sheeps come in to my house and she explained that they might make a mess of my carpets and so when I told her that they could use my litter tray, she told me that they wouldn't do that. And when she told me what they DID do, I was very glad she hadn't let them in. What a mess there could have been. Oops!

I have been much happier today 'cos I have been very busy helping both my humans. Me and my DH have been outside planting all the little flowers and plants that they brought home from Kirkwall yesterday and my garden is looking really nice now.


I have sent you two pictures of the front of my house and maybe the next time I will send you some of the other side 'cos it is nice too. We put out some pansies and begonias and petunias and every time my MH came out to see us, she started to sing 'I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch', but I still can't find the onions. I might have to ask, but I'll have another look first.


When I had done all that, I helped my MH with her exercises 'cos the fizzy-o lady says she has to keep doing them and that I have been a great help to her, so I will need to keep her working hard, but she likes me helping.

After all my hard work, I think I deserved a little nap after my dinner.

I will go outside later on and talk to all my little plants and see how they are getting on. I shall keep you informed.

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