Saturday, 1 June 2013


Almost! I was nearly done-for today, and it was all my own fault for being nosey. It was nearly my last bout of nosiness!

I shall explain. My MH was putting away some of my DH's T-shirts in his drawer and I was wandering about the bedroom when I noticed that the drawer was open. SO! As my MH turned away, I nipped in the back of the open drawer and she didn't see me, so she tried to shut the drawer, but oddly enough, it wouldn't close properly!! And we all know why, don't we? She pulled it right out to see what had fallen down the back and there was ME! Not very happy and rather sheepish, but I got a big cuddle when I finally managed to wriggle my way out and my humans called me a silly sausage. And I don't suppose I can argue with them, can I?

After that the day just got a lot better. We were all in the greenhouse as you can see from today's picture, although this is me looking in at them for a change. Then me and my MH played with her window machine and now all my windows are sparkling and after that we sat outside for a while and I played on the grass and then sat on the bench with my MH and we had a rest which we both liked.


It is still warm and there is no wind and no rain so I am hoping it stays like that so that I can get out to play for a long time later on.

And I shall have to tell all the little mouses about my very narrow escape although I shall change the story a bit so that it wasn't my fault at all.

I can't have them thinking I am a silly puss, can I? Definitely not good for the image!

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