Saturday, 22 June 2013

Caught in the Act

I have a feeling that 'it wasn't me' will not get me out of trouble in this instance, what do you think?


There I was, perfectly happy playing in my soil and just getting ready to settle down and do what comes naturally, when she-who-sees-all appeared with her camera, and 'click' I was caught, and there is no way I can worm my way out of this one.

Unfortunately, my winning look and endearing purrs which work so well with my darling MH, God bless the old dear, do not work with my DH and he has yet to fall under my charms especially when I do anything which he considers naughty.

This meant that when I was found out digging holes in the bit that he had been working so hard to flatten, I did get rather a loud telling off, so I stopped what I was doing, looked at my DH, wriggled my adorable little bottom and then tore up to the other end of my garden as fast as these little legs would take me, and that DID make him smile!

I am just loving having all this lovely, soft soil to play in and lie on and sit on and I don't understand why it has to be ultra smooth, so I am helping my DH to make our garden look aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

Now, there's a big word for a pussy cat and the bestest excuse I have ever managed to come up with!

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