Monday, 10 June 2013

Giggle Time

 Me and my MH have had a brilliant day today and we have had lots of giggles.

My day started off just like all my other days with me getting my breakfast and then heading out of my living room window to see what all my little animal friends are doing. I love having a chat with them and making sure they are well.

Normally, by the time I am finished, my DH has finished his coffee and is wandering into our greenhouse, so I hop along with him and check my little plants and give them a sniff and a purr. They are all coming along fine and my DH reckons we will soon be eating our very own tomatoes. I will ask my MH to take some pictures of them for you before they eat them all.

I went off by myself for a while to do pussy cat things and then I went into my house to see what my dear MH was doing and that's when we had such a giggle. I still smile when I think of it.

I looked everywhere for her and finally found her in the bedroom where she was doing her exercises, so I lay on the floor beside her and purred lots of encouragement. At one point I decided to see if her lugs were clean, so I poked my adorable little nose in as far as it could go and that made her start to giggle and I liked that.

Her next exercise is when she uses a wobble board and this is like a rubber cushion that she has to stand on and try to keep her balance. So, in case she falls off, she does this in front of the wardrobe and every now and then she has to lean on the wardrobe to steady herself. Well, I was watching this very closely and decided that I could do this too, so I went in between my MH and the wardrobe, stood up on my adorable little back legs and put my front paws on the wardrobe door and stretched as high as I could, then I looked up at my MH as if to say 'that's how to do it'
Well, she looked down at me and she started to giggle again and she laughed so much that she nearly fell off her wobble board. Oh dear friends, it was so funny.

I wish you could have seen us.

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