Saturday, 15 June 2013


My MH is very pleased with herself today because she cut her grass yesterday and it is raining today, so she is a very happy MH and when she is happy we are all happy.

It's not too wet, but just wet enough to keep the mower in its shed and that makes ME happy! We all went into the greenhouse today 'cos I had to show my MH my strawberries which are coming along very nicely, thank you. I am convinced it is because I give them a wee purr every day, but my DH thinks it is because he keeps watering them, so I will let him think that 'cos I suppose he might be right, but it is my purring that makes them HAPPY strawberries, sure it is?


I went outside with my DH and watched as he was rolling the big bit of my garden that the nice farmers next door helped us with. It was all bumpy ground and my MH wanted it level so she could get the mower in easier, so the nice man came with his big digger and rotovator and helped my DH do what my MH wanted so she was -----yep! she was happy. My garden is looking nice and soon there will be brand new grass for me to lie on 'cos when he was finished rolling----well, HE wasn't rolling, he was using the roller, see?---  my DH put some grass seed on it and he told me I could help him to look after it and watch for the grass to grow and maybe if I purred at it, it will grow quicker. I shall let you know.


So I think you will have worked out by now why I called today's post 'Happy' 'cos we are all happy chez Squeak and I hope you are all happy too.

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