Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I should have known----

I should have suspected that something was afoot when my cage arrived in my kitchen from the gym where it usually stays, but I wasn't thinking and it creept up on me. Oh, dear feline friends, and human friends too, I am still traumatised. I have been to the VET!!!

I got up bright and early today 'cos the sun was shining and as I wakened up, I had my day all planned out in my adorable little head.

1)  Have a light breakfast and take a wander round my estate

2) Find a nice warm, soft bit of grass and lie down to let said breakfast settle.

3) Look for mouses and birdies to have a chat to.

4) Wander back home and help my humans.

Sounds good, doesn't it? But it didn't work. As I went into my kitchen, my MH was putting my blanket into the cage----they call it my travelling box, I call it a cage! And before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I was lifted up and thrown inside the cage, then put in the back of my DH's car with him driving and my MH sitting beside me trying to console me, but I was so shocked that I was even meowing! Now, as you know, I rarely meow, but I did the pussy cat nation proud today. I started off with an angry one, then a pleading one, then a 'I promise I will be good for ever' one and then a sad one and this made my MH upset too.

Anyway, we arrived at the pier and I was taken out, still in the cage, and a nice lady came into the waiting room and gave me an injection and a big examination and she said I was beautiful and very well indeed and then she put me back in the cage and we went back into the car where said yowling started all over again 'cos I didn't know where I was going.

When we got back, I didn't recognise my house and my DH opened the cage in the car, but I thought I was somewhere else and I wouldn't get out. But then I saw my grass. Oh my lovely, lovely grass-- and my path and I runned up the path as fast as my little legs would take me, but I am afraid that they were still a wee bit shaky from all the upset and it took me longer than usual, but I ran into my kitchen, saw my feeding bowl and my water bowl and knew I was back in my own house again. Phew!

I have been a wee bit tired today due to all this excitement, but I did find a little birdie to talk to and told her all about my trip to the V-E-T and the little birdie was very sympathetic.


And the CAGE is back in the gym, but they won't catch me the next time. Of that I am very, very sure!

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