Sunday, 30 June 2013

Just Lazing

That's what we have all been doing today. Just taking it easy and not doing very much at all.

I have been out a lot 'cos the nice farmer next door has put some more cows in the field at the other side of my house so I have lots and lots of cows and baby cows to talk to, but we only need to give some of them a drink and me and my DH did this lots of times today and the cows were very happy.

I will go out side later on tonight and talk to them all and I might play in one of the fields, I just don't know which one yet, but whatever one I decide to go into, there will be lots of company for me and that makes me happy and I am sure that when the cows see me there that makes them happy too.

My MH was in her wee gym and when she was finished she played with me in the garden for a long time and I ran and jumped and attacked everything I could find and wriggled my adorable little bum and that made her laugh a lot. I had great fun and I am always happy when I am in the garden with my humans.

I had a wee visit to our greenhouse while my DH was there and I had a roll in the path while he was talking to my MH and she took this picture of me.


I am having my nap now, but I will be outside later on to see what is happening in my little world.

I hope everything in your world is just as it should be.


  1. Dear Squeak - I didn't think it was possible, however you look more adorable than ever before in this latest photo. It is just as well that Graemsay is so, so far away from here or I would smuggle you away to our home to snuggle and huggle up to!!!

    Michelle XXXXXX with background zzzzzzzzzzzz from Zebby

  2. Hello Michelle. Oh you did make me giggle! I have been practicing at being adorabler and I think I am succeeding!

    I'm glad you would like to cat-nap me, but what would my dear old MH do without me? She would be very, very sad so maybe it is just as well that you are far away, eh?