Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nosey Puss

One of my more endearing qualities (I think!) is my thirst for knowledge and my inquisitiveness. My MH thinks I am just nosey, but I try to tell her that I am learning new things every day and if I didn't look in drawers, cupboards, bins and carrier bags, then I wouldn't learn anything at all and I wouldn't be a very interesting little pussy cat.

When a drawer opens, I am into it with the speed of lightening. In fact, those of you who read about me on a regular basis know that I have been severely squashed once or twice as my humans have shut the drawer not knowing that I was at the back of it.

One time, I nearly got thrown against the wall 'cos I was inside the duvet cover when my MH was just about to shake it into position but she realised that it was a bit heavier than usual and put it down to have a look, and guess what she saw? Yep, got it in one! Me!

Today's picture is of me furthering my education by having a good look into a plastic bag that my MH's new shoes arrived in this morning. It is actually big enough for me to have a sleep in if I want but my MH explained that that might not be too safe and she keeps an eye on me to see I don't get into any trouble, so I am very careful.


I have had a good day today and have been playing and resting and generally just enjoying myself in an easy way.

I have helped my humans and I am afraid I gave my MH a bit of a fright 'cos she was lying on the floor doing her exercises with her eyes shut and I had been outside, but I came home and went looking for her and I was so pleased to see her that I licked her lug.

All I will say is I don't think I will do that again! What a noise the woman made. Did you know that a human can go from lying down to standing up in one very quick movement? 

No neither did I! Hee hee :-)))

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