Monday, 3 June 2013

What a Day

I have had one of the best pussy cat days of my en-tire little life today and it has made me a very happy pussy cat.

The weather is still very good and so all my doors and windows are open which means I can come and go just as I please and I love being outside when the weather is good.

When the dreaded vacuum cleaner came out, as it always does on a Monday, I just ignored it and walked nonchalantly outside with my tail in the air and sat on the grass until my MH was finished all her work and then she came outside to see where I was and when she found me, we played and played for a long time and I loved it.

We went into they gym for a while and I sniffed around for a bit and then went into my garden to wait until her little legs were finished and then we went inside for a wee seat and some lunch and I sat on her knee and she talked to me and I purred back.

My DH was in our greenhouse, so I went to have a wee look to see what he was doing, but I was soon outside again enjoying the sunshine and it was then that I noticed that my MH was heading out with the lawn mower to cut my grass, but I just ignored that too and sat on the bench and watched her and she liked that. I think it helps her when she sees me there giving her some encouragement.

When she finished that and put the mower away, we went down the path to put some water in the big bath 'cos I have a daddy bull and a baby cow in the field in front of my house and they like it when I give them a wee drink. I don't think I will go into the field though 'cos the bull is HUGE, so I will just watch the baby cow from a safe distance.

By this time I was feeling a wee bit tired, so I am having a nap in my peedie hoose, but I am sure I shall be outside until very late tonight and if I shall tell you all about it tomorrow, but I hope you are as happy as I am.


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